Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas

Mermaid Birthday Party IdeasMy niece recently turned four, and I was ecstatic to hear that she and my sister-in-law were looking for mermaid birthday party ideas. I had recently seen this Mermaid Birthday post from The Tomkat Studio, and being the mother of two boys, I was drooling over all the girliness.

When I’m involved in a party, it starts with the invitation. Pear Tree has a pool party invitation that tied in perfectly with our mermaid birthday party ideas. Continue reading

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Trends in Baby Announcements, Showers & Birthday Invitations

We have so many fun new products in our Baby and Kids’ Collections, we can’t wait to show you! Our new baby shower invitations, for example, give classic themes a modern makeover–and include the latest trend in baby showers, gender-reveal parties.

Trends in baby announcements include heart-melting designs with ribbon embellishments, postcard formats, fun folds and cut-out shapes. And if your baby is having a birthday, kids birthday invitations that share his or her growth in photos are first choice with Moms. Need a theme for an older child’s birthday? Comic book superhero parties are a huge hit. It’s all here, in our Baby & Kids trends lineup.

Modern twists on timeless themes
Modern twists on timeless themesModern twists on timeless themes

Typography as artwork
Typography as artworkTypography as artwork Continue reading

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Rainbow First Birthday Party

Ring Around the RibbonBright primary colors are perfect for your baby’s first birthday, and one of the easiest kids birthday party ideas to plan because bright colors are everywhere! featured a Rainbow 1st Birthday Party inspired by our Ring Around the Ribbon kids birthday invitations, and from the bright outdoor banners to the colorful cake, there was a rainbow of color everywhere you looked.

Rainbow Party Continue reading

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Kid’s Monster Birthday Party

Kid's Monster Birthday Party
I started thinking about kids’ birthday party ideas shortly after I discovered Pinterest — so, essentially, last Fall. My two sons’ birthdays are relatively close, March 15th and April 10th, so I thought I’d do everyone a favor, myself included, and throw a joint party. I knew our product design team was going to be creating a Monster Birthday Party Invitation and after some initial searches for monster party ideas, the theme was set. One would think that since I had the theme picked out nearly six months in advance, I’d have plenty of time to scrap, craft, create, make, etc., right? When did I actually start? That crazy lady running around on lunch break the day before the party starting to purchase supplies? Yep, that was me. 🙂
Kid's Monster Birthday Party
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10 Ways to Save on Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Every single year, your child has a birthday and every single year it seems like it gets more expensive, right? Well after years of practice and research, we’ve found there are 10 definite ways to cut back on the spending without cutting back on the fun for your kid’s birthday party. Try a few, or all of these party planning ideas, and see if you can’t cut your costs nearly in half.

1. Birthday Invitations
Pear Tree has low-cost invites with fun themes like the Cowgirl kids birthday invitations, Superhero photo birthday invitations or Art Party kids birthday invitations, that you can order in quantities of 8 or more.
10 ways to save money on your kids birthday party! #peartreegreetings #kids #birthday #save 10 ways to save money on your kids birthday party! #peartreegreetings #kids #birthday #save

2. Birthday Cake
Besides the flavor, you may already have what you need, or at least part of what you need, to bake a cake from scratch. Box cakes are inexpensive as well, but there’s no need to spend between $20-50 on a cake that you can easily make for $10 or less. Cupcakes work too. You can even make different color frostings and put them in Ziploc bags with a small hole cut into the corner so the kids can decorate their own cupcake.
10 ways to save money on your kids birthday party! #peartreegreetings #kids #birthday #save

3. Homemade Party Favors
Bake sugar cookies and decorate them for party favors, or do a craft for your activity and have the kids take those crafts home as party favors.
10 ways to save money on your kids birthday party! #peartreegreetings #kids #birthday #save

4. Home Venue
There’s no need to rent out a party room at a skating rink to throw a great birthday party. If your house doesn’t work or you live in an apartment, ask a friend if you can have it at their place or go to a park. A local park is perfect. The kids can run around and play on the equipment. Bring a soccer ball and a basketball for them to play with and they’ll have a great time.
10 ways to save money on your kids birthday party! #peartreegreetings #kids #birthday #save

5. Game Time
You want the kids to stay active and engaged in semi- or mostly structured playtime so they stay out of mischief. There are new games on the market, but a good old-fashioned game of Twister or hide-and-seek is inexpensive and will never be outdated.

6. Scavenger Hunt Activity
For an activity you can design a treasure or scavenger hunt for the kids. Use clues or random items for everything but the big surprise at the end, and then have the prize be a pot full of candy, which shouldn’t run you over $10 or so.

7. Decorations
If you look online or in the sale section of a party decorations store, you should be able to find some discounted things. In the end, if you really want to cut back, call it an environmentally friendly party and don’t use decorations at all.
10 ways to save money on your kids birthday party! #peartreegreetings #kids #birthday #save

8. Food
You can grill up some hot dogs, get some pizza dough and have the kids top their own individual pizzas, or whip up some simple tacos all for under $30.

9. Beverages
Rather than buying canned soda, you can make punch or juice and put it in pitchers.
10 ways to save money on your kids birthday party! #peartreegreetings #kids #birthday #save

10. Entertainment
It may not be entirely necessary to hire entertainment for your kid’s party, but you can always ask around and price shop for clowns and magicians to see if there are reasonable options. Ask your child what they would like to do at their party and you might be surprised to find that a t-shirt painting party is the ticket. Have each kid bring their own t-shirt to paint, so that they can pick out the size and color, and you provide the paints.

Well there you have it, 10 ways to cut back on the budget without cutting back on the fun! Give one or more of these birthday party planning ideas a try next time you throw a birthday party, and see if it doesn’t help your wallet out a little. Look for more kids birthday party ideas on Pear Tree’s blog, or shop their kids birthday invitations for theme ideas.

Shop kids birthday invitations today!

Lisa is a guest blogger who writes about throwing children’s parties and themed parties like a Super Mario birthday party or a Princess party. After Lisa attended dozens of fun, but chaotic birthday celebrations, she was inspired to start professionally planning parties. She believes that the most effective ingredient for happy kids is water, and is therefore looking forward to the summertime party season.

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One is a Hoot

I have several creative outlets that I like to lose myself in. On any given day they include photography, sewing, scrapbooking and blogging. When an opportunity presents itself to mesh all of my talents into one, my brain starts spinning and the ideas come pouring out of me. My son’s first birthday party was no exception to the creative madness. He wasn’t even born yet, and I found myself mentally planning his party. I knew I wanted an owl theme, as I had discovered my love for them when I began decorating his nursery. In my mind, an owl sort of became a symbol for my baby boy, and to have it the focus of his first birthday party just brought it back around full circle for me.

As his big day neared and it was actually time to put my thoughts and 1st birthday party ideas into fruition, I began looking for owl-themed party invitations. I have found it best to start here, and let the ideas branch out around it. After all, the invitation is the first clue to your guests as to what your party is going to be about. (Other than the baby of course!)

One quick search for “owls” on Pear Tree Greetings’ website led me to many fun options. A personalization of the wording quickly made it my own. I ordered the Whooose Birthday Is It Anyways Kids Birthday Invitations.
Owl themed 1st birthday party ideas #peartreegreetings #owl #birthday #kids

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Balloon Birthday Party Theme

Balloon Birthday Party Theme #birthday #peartreegreetings #kids #balloons
If you’re looking for simple but fabulous kids party ideas, what could be simpler than a colorful balloon birthday party theme? Our Balloon Craze kids birthday invitations, in pink, aqua and orange, were the inspiration for this bright and bold girl’s birthday party planned by, and this party is all about color! (For boys, the invitations are also available in a royal blue, lime green and yellow color combination.)

Balloon Birthday Party Theme #birthday #peartreegreetings #kids #balloonsBalloon Birthday Party Theme #birthday #peartreegreetings #kids #balloons Continue reading

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It’s Birthday Party Time!

Have a little one with a birthday party coming up? Whether it’s their first, fifth or even their sweet 16th…we have the perfect kids birthday invitation ideas!

Let’s start with our kid birthday invitations. With over 160 designs to choose from, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one for your little one! I did. Okay, the designers just happen to sit in the same building as me so I had a little influence on Connor’s…you see, the only construction invitation we had was one with a big crane on the card…my husband works in construction but doesn’t have any cranes in his crew, so i begged them to create this card with a backhoe and dump truck instead. Trust me, boys know the difference. 🙂 So this one, Hard Hat Required Photo Birthday Party Invitation is perfect for your little construction themed birthday party.
We have the perfect kids birthday invitation ideas! #construction #peartreegreetings #birthday

Continue reading

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1st Birthday Party Ideas

My son turns 1 in exactly one month! I can’t believe how fast this first year has gone! As sad as I am that he’s getting so big, I am THRILLED to start thinking about first birthday party ideas! No joke. My husband owns an excavation company so it is no surprise that our party will be ‘construction’ themed.

1st Birthday Invitations

SO adorable. I’ve already found construction ‘cone’ hats, construction ‘cone’ cups, work zone streamers and found some pretty amazing pictures of construction cakes.

Check out this Hard Hat Required Kids Birthday Invitation along with many, many other adorable kids birthday invitations. Each one comes with matching kids thank you cards and kids address labels, too! Keep reading our blog for more first birthday party ideas.

Kids birthday invitations

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