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Our baby announcement ideas offer inspiration and tips to help you create the most beautiful birth announcements to share your new bundle of joy!

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Dutch Baby Traditions

Christmas is such an exciting time of year to welcome a new addition to the family. The season is already full of magic and family togetherness, and adding a new little bundle is the perfect present. (It doesn’t hurt that winter is undoubtedly the most comfortable time to rock a nine-month belly.)

At Pear Tree, we are inspired by all the fun ways different cultures around the world celebrate the arrival of new babies. One of our favorites is the Netherlands — the Dutch know how to announce a new arrival! My sister, my best friend of almost 20 years is Dutch and we met while she was studying abroad in the United States. She recently had a baby boy and I had the wonderful opportunity to go meet my nephew!

Dutch Baby Traditions

Dutch families love to send Geboortekaartje, or birth cards, to let everyone know how their family is growing. I love, love, love this tradition and do it in my own house as well.  It’s just a way to bring out the happiness and joy, but it doesn’t require a mantel!

For winter babies, Christmas cards are a great way to announce the birth of a new family member. Pear Tree offers a fun array of Christmas card ideas to help you spread the good news! Our beautiful Christmas birth announcements have room for all the details you want everyone to know, just like the traditional Dutch cards.

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Featured Favorite

Cards you created. Ideas we love.

Birth Announcement Ideas
Awww how sweet is Addisyn? She is so unbelievably sweet and she just happens to be the daughter of my very best friend, Brooke. When I received Addisyn’s Monogram Dots Trifold birth announcement in the mail, I was in love. The photographs from Images by Drea are beautiful and the colors match her outfit with the card perfectly. So, I asked my best friend if she would share a little about her birth announcement ideas and be our Featured Favorite this month.

Baby Announcement Ideas, Photography Tips

Photo tips for creating your birth announcements

I have to say, I have completely enjoyed becoming a mother of three! Of course there are moments where life is complete chaos, but I’ve found it to be a good chaos. I think the main reason is not so much the new baby, but the realization that this is okay. I can now accept that there will always be toys on the floor, five more loads of laundry, and dishes in the sink. As a mom of three now, I’m cool with that!Photo Tips

Of course, the transition wasn’t easy….I remember the day my 3-year-old pulled frozen peas from the freezer and stomped each one into the floor. I also remember the day my 5-year-old got so mad, she put a hole in the wall from slamming the door. Ha! We definitely had a “transition” but hey, what family doesn’t? Imperfections and all, I’m loving this life.

When Justin was born, I was pretty excited to be able to send birth announcements, but you’d think I would’ve been all prepared with my favorite designs well before the baby was born…not so much. That’s the problem with working for a company like Pear Tree – there are ALWAYS new designs, and it was nearly impossible for me to narrow it down.

The most important step for me, besides choosing the design, is choosing the right photos, so I thought I’d share my process and a few photo tips for organizing and editing them with you.

First, I copy all the photos that I might use to their own folder – this keeps everything separated and easy to navigate. Then I start the editing process. I use Picasa, a free service that is really simple to use. There are tons of free systems online – I like this one because it helps to organize and identify the people in the photos. For each of the 10 or so photos that I really like, I do the following:

  1. Brighten with Fill Light. I love to do this because it removes the imperfections easily and adds a glow to the photo.
    Creating your birth announcements from photo tips to birth announcement designs #peartreegreetings
  2. Contrast with Shadows. Depending on how dark or light I want my photos, I’ll play with this until it looks right. With the original photo here on the left, you can see that adding a bit of Fill Light and Shadows really enhanced the image. I don’t do any Cropping at this stage because I may need some of the outer edges of the image for the card.
    Creating your birth announcements from photo tips to birth announcement designs #peartreegreetings
  3. Next I might try making it a Black and White photo, which is as simple as a single button. Sometimes there I’ll play with the Fill Light and Shadows again to make sure the photo looks perfect.
    Creating your birth announcements from photo tips to birth announcement designs #peartreegreetings
  4. And last, I add a Blur photos to really draw the eye to the moment of the photo rather than the patterns and textures around the edges.
    Creating your birth announcements from photo tips to birth announcement designs #peartreegreetings
    Creating your birth announcements from photo tips to birth announcement designs #peartreegreetings