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Our baby announcement ideas offer inspiration and tips to help you create the most beautiful birth announcements to share your new bundle of joy!

Your child’s baptism or christening marks such a special day in their lives. Sending a formal invitation to loved ones is a gesture that will be appreciated and the invitation itself will become a treasured keepsake.  We’re so happy to show off our newest Baptism Invitations, each featuring unique details you’ll only find at Pear Tree.


  1. Gleaming Cross

    We love elements that glow and this foil-stamped baptism invitation delivers.

    Make it personal:

    • Choose a gold, silver or rose-gold foil cross.
    • Update the pink background to one of over 80 colors.
    • Write custom text in the fonts of your choice.
    • Add your baby’s sweet photograph to the backside.

  1. Greenery Wreath

    Faith and nature come together on this unique folding baptism invitation.

    Make it personal:

    • Add 3 photographs of your child.
    • Write custom celebration details in the fonts and colors of your choice.


  1. Garden Grace

    Florals and painted greenery are blooming with spring-inspired beauty!

    Make it personal:

    • Play around with fonts to create a custom look
    • Update the wording to suit your celebration


  1. Blessed Script

    Simple but oh-so-elegant, this foil-stamped christening invitation feels so fresh and modern.

    Make it personal:

    • Choose gold, silver or rose gold metallic stamping.
    • Update the background colors to match your style.
    • Change up the fonts and wording till you love it.
    • Add one cute photograph.


  1. Child of God

    We’ve saved our favorite for last! This beauty pairs watercolor and foil for a look that feels as special as their upcoming day.

    Make it personal:

    • Update the watercolor background to one of over 80 colors.
    • Add 2 photos of your child.
    • Change the wording to suit your celebration.
    • Choose from gold, rose gold or silver foil stamping.

Our Hearts
Your child is finally home and your hearts are FULL! This folding adoption announcement will make your loved ones own hearts swell with joy. With room for nine photos and foil-pressed detailing, this announcement is truly a stunner.

Make It Yours:
-Change the background color one of over 80 colors
-Choose from gold, rose gold or aqua foil-stamping
-Update the wording to include the details you wish to share
-Pick the fonts you love most

Love Makes a Family
Were truer words ever spoken? The phrase “love makes a family” is sweetly scrawled across your photo on this heartfelt adoption announcement. The beauty of this design is the simplicity.

Make It Yours:
-Update the colors to best complement your photos
-Change the wording to include all the information you’d like
-Choose fonts you love

These folding announcements will capture your heart almost as quickly as your new child has. The phrase “Wanted. Chosen. Loved. Adopted” introduces your little one sketched hearts and three family photos.

Make It Yours:
-Change the background color one of over 80 colors
-Update the wording to any of your choice
-Choose any combination of fonts

Worth the Wait
A journey to adoption can be a long road, but you’d do it all over again, right? This glowing foil-stamped adoption announcement features the phrase “worth the wait” in metallic foil over soft watercolor detail.

Make It Yours:
-Change the watercolor one of over 80 colors
-Choose from gold, rose gold or aqua foil-stamping
-Update the wording to any of your choice
-Choose any combination of fonts

Heaven Sent
You’ve hoped, you’ve prayed and now they’re home. Introduce your child with this religious-based adoption announcement. The phrase “for this child we prayed” and creamy shiplap lend a farmhouse feel to this folding announcement.

Make It Yours:
-Choose colors that complement your photos
-Update the wording to any of your choice
-Choose any combination of fonts

This is Love
This design is one part announcement, one part forever keepsake! The unique design is folding then tied with a bow. It holds twelve photos, has fun printed gold details and can be customized to your heart’s desire!

Make It Yours:
-Change the color to fit your style
-Update the wording to share your news
-Choose fonts you love

Baby boy birth announcements are fun to personalize and a joy to send! Check out a few of our favorite styles and an example of each. We hope this helps make your choice a breeze.

Real Foil Birth Announcements

What we love! The shimmer and shine of real foil is unlike any other specialty print process and it gets attention. The Gilded Frame Birth Announcement uses the beauty of real foil to bring all attention to your favorite baby photo.

The sweetest detail! The bold foil frame wraps around the photo on the front and is available in three vibrant foil colors so you can create a beautifully coordinated piece of stationery.

Religious Birth Announcements

What we love! Religious birth announcements combine your greatest loves into one piece of beautiful stationery, which fills family and friends with joy. The Heaven Sent Trifold Birth Announcement is one of our favorites!

The sweetest detail! The sentiment featured in lovely script font on the front of this baby announcement captures faith so perfectly, and the large photo of Baby next to it captures your love. What a wonderful combination to introduce your bundle of joy to the world.

Unique Birth Announcements

What we love! Photo cubes are one of our absolute favorite types of stationery here at Pear Tree. They are stylish and unique with space for your favorite photos. The Naturally Sweet Photo Cube Birth Announcements are a wonderful choice.

The sweetest detail! The thing we love most about photo cubes is that they are free standing, which means they can be placed/displayed anywhere! They mail flat for convenience and affordability, and they’re assembled by the recipient. The interactive element is fun and new for friends and family.

Simple Birth Announcements

What we love! Sometimes simple is the best way to go. Two-sided announcements with with photo and wording on the front and a coordinating design on the back will keep all focus on your newest addition to the family.

The sweetest detail! The Hello Baby Birth Announcements are a fun throwback to those name labels we’re all so familiar with from our school days, and here they’re reimagined as a proper introduction for your handsome little boy!

Photo Birth Announcements

What we love! If getting as many of those adorable baby photos as you can on the birth announcement is the goal, we’re on board! Photo collages are hot right now and when it comes to babies, there’s no question why. Everyone wants to see as much of that little cutie as possible and these With Joy Ribbon Booklet Birth Announcements do a great job of just that.

The sweetest detail! It’s tempting to say the photo collage is the sweetest detail but we actually think the gate-fold design with ribbon closure is what makes this announcement really stand out from the rest.


Baby girl birth announcements are so sweet and lovable, it’s hard to narrow down what you really want to even just a few designs let alone one. So we’re giving a rundown of a few types of birth announcements really like as well as some examples of each.

Photo Birth Announcements

What we love! We are pretty smitten with photo collage designs. The Gilded Frame Announcement is a great example of a super cute layout. You add your favorite photos and baby’s details in a neatly arranged collage with a clean, minimalist style.

The sweetest detail! The real foil border is a real showstopper. You get to choose from three vibrant foil colors to coordinate beautifully, and contrast perfectly, for an unforgettable introduction to baby.


Trifold Birth Announcements

What we love! The birth of your baby girl is BIG news so we created trifolds to give you more space for photos and wording. Hang them up or place them on a counter as a stand-alone piece.  The Over the Moon Announcement is such a charming example of how beautiful and unique trifolds can be.

The sweetest detail! The oversized image on the front of this trifold is perfect for your favorite newborn photograph. You get to showcase your little bundle of joy front and center.


Unique Birth Announcements

What we love! You may have seen that one of our taglines is “Pear Tree combines paper engineering with stationery designs” and we mean it. As you shop the entire collection of birth announcement, or any other type of stationery, you’ll find a few select designs that are truly unique. The It’s a Girl Birth Announcement is one created to be a banner you send in the mail and recipients can hang in their homes.

The sweetest detail! The banner design isn’t just cute and different; it’s simple. You get all the pieces, stuff them in the envelope and send them to friends and family. You can choose to string the banner before sending or leave it for guests to do as a fun, interactive announcement.


Simple, 2-Sided Birth Announcements

What we love! The 2-sided flat card is a classic and it’s just enough room for a cute design, some photos and all the important details. Plus, it’s great for your budget! We even offer some affordable yet glamorous girl birth announcements like the First Sight Birth Announcement and First Hello Birth Announcement.

The sweetest detail! These two announcements feature faux gold foil and faux gold glitter, which look fabulous while remaining very affordable. You get the glitz and glam you love for a price that feels right.

At a time when life gets a bit more complicated, Christmas birth announcements combine two awesome things into one simple card. Now you can create a beautiful holiday message that shares your most precious gift with the world. Here are five different ways to tackle choosing your announcement.

You wantsomething simple and no fuss that you can whip together tomorrow because maybe you’re a procrastinator or maybe you just decided to send something on a whim.

We recommendcards with multi-choice layouts. The Best Gift Christmas Card Announcement is a great option because you can make it as simple or as elaborate as you want with four different word/photo combinations on the back.

You wantsomething unique but not over the top. Maybe a little more room than the usual card but not so much that you’re struggling to come up with photos and holiday wishes.

We recommendthe Joyful Holiday Birth Announcements. The very popular tri-fold design includes four photos and a panel for your personalization, which make this a card a fabulous choice for any family.

You wantsomething that’s beyond cute. You want to knock the stockings off of friends and family with something that’s truly unique.

We recommendthe Wrapped Holiday Collage in Plaid Birth Announcement. It’s cleverly designed to look like a gift and opens like one too. The design is finished with a sweet satin ribbon and gift tag you personalize.

You wantplenty of space for photos and something that’s just as elegant as it is festive to please absolutely everybody on your holiday list.

We recommendour ribbon booklets! They’re a huge hit with customers because they have lots of space and they’re beautiful. The Candy Cane Striped Ribbon Booklet is a great example.

You wantjust as much room to talk as to share photos. You’ve had a big year and you need holiday cards that have plenty of room for you to share everything that’s happened, plus some extra cute snapshots of your newest family member!

We recommendthe Folded Just Right Christmas Cards designed to let you give everyone the down-low on your year. A full photo on the front with four photos inside and several spots for wording make these a great choice.

Congratulations, your teeny tiny bundle of love has arrived! You’ve introduced them on Facebook and posted a million pics on Instagram. Their newborn photos are done and probably the most darling images you’ve ever laid eyes on. Are we right? Time to show off those sweet snaps and introduce your babe to those you love most with a birth announcement. You know it’ll be the centerpiece of refrigerators doors until your baby enters kindergarten, so choose wisely.

Let’s talk the boldest, brightest and prettiest trend in stationery: Rose gold. This beautiful hue is trending everywhere from wedding to home décor and we adore it as a choice for birth announcements. It’s soft and sweet, just like your newborn baby. Let us highlight a few of our faves.

Gilded Frame Birth Announcement: This beauty is available in 4 gorgeous foil colors but we’re partial to rose gold. The clever layout lets you show off six photos and share those important baby stats.

Shining Hello Birth Announcement: We’re suckers for a sweet and simple intro and this rose gold birth announcement fits the bill. A rose gold “hello” and heart-shaped frame on the backside make this design a total charmer.

Foil Heart Sprinkles Birth Announcement: Your heart is bursting with love which is why we adore this heart confetti design. Tiny rose gold hearts surrounding that perfect little mug? Adorable.

Foil Flower Bed Birth Announcement: Can you say boho baby? Choose rose gold for the floral-sketched frame oh this beauty and you won’t be disappointed.

Delicate Foil Frame Birth Announcement: Sometimes, simplicity is best. A thin rose gold foil frame plus your new little? Birth announcement perfection.

Foil Hello Birth Announcement: Take one cute photo + a rose gold foil-stamped “hello” + a linen pattern. What do you have? A birth announcement that will have your loved ones saying “awwwww” from the moment they lay eyes on it.

Christmas is such an exciting time of year to welcome a new addition to the family. The season is already full of magic and family togetherness, and adding a new little bundle is the perfect present. (It doesn’t hurt that winter is undoubtedly the most comfortable time to rock a nine-month belly.)

At Pear Tree, we are inspired by all the fun ways different cultures around the world celebrate the arrival of new babies. One of our favorites is the Netherlands — the Dutch know how to announce a new arrival! My sister, my best friend of almost 20 years is Dutch and we met while she was studying abroad in the United States. She recently had a baby boy and I had the wonderful opportunity to go meet my nephew!

Dutch Baby Traditions

Dutch families love to send Geboortekaartje, or birth cards, to let everyone know how their family is growing. I love, love, love this tradition and do it in my own house as well.  It’s just a way to bring out the happiness and joy, but it doesn’t require a mantel!

For winter babies, Christmas cards are a great way to announce the birth of a new family member. Pear Tree offers a fun array of Christmas card ideas to help you spread the good news! Our beautiful Christmas birth announcements have room for all the details you want everyone to know, just like the traditional Dutch cards.

Cards you created. Ideas we love.

Birth Announcement Ideas
Awww how sweet is Addisyn? She is so unbelievably sweet and she just happens to be the daughter of my very best friend, Brooke. When I received Addisyn’s Monogram Dots Trifold birth announcement in the mail, I was in love. The photographs from Images by Drea are beautiful and the colors match her outfit with the card perfectly. So, I asked my best friend if she would share a little about her birth announcement ideas and be our Featured Favorite this month.

I have to say, I have completely enjoyed becoming a mother of three! Of course there are moments where life is complete chaos, but I’ve found it to be a good chaos. I think the main reason is not so much the new baby, but the realization that this is okay. I can now accept that there will always be toys on the floor, five more loads of laundry, and dishes in the sink. As a mom of three now, I’m cool with that!Photo Tips

Of course, the transition wasn’t easy….I remember the day my 3-year-old pulled frozen peas from the freezer and stomped each one into the floor. I also remember the day my 5-year-old got so mad, she put a hole in the wall from slamming the door. Ha! We definitely had a “transition” but hey, what family doesn’t? Imperfections and all, I’m loving this life.

When Justin was born, I was pretty excited to be able to send birth announcements, but you’d think I would’ve been all prepared with my favorite designs well before the baby was born…not so much. That’s the problem with working for a company like Pear Tree – there are ALWAYS new designs, and it was nearly impossible for me to narrow it down.

The most important step for me, besides choosing the design, is choosing the right photos, so I thought I’d share my process and a few photo tips for organizing and editing them with you.

First, I copy all the photos that I might use to their own folder – this keeps everything separated and easy to navigate. Then I start the editing process. I use Picasa, a free service that is really simple to use. There are tons of free systems online – I like this one because it helps to organize and identify the people in the photos. For each of the 10 or so photos that I really like, I do the following:

  1. Brighten with Fill Light. I love to do this because it removes the imperfections easily and adds a glow to the photo.
    Creating your birth announcements from photo tips to birth announcement designs #peartreegreetings
  2. Contrast with Shadows. Depending on how dark or light I want my photos, I’ll play with this until it looks right. With the original photo here on the left, you can see that adding a bit of Fill Light and Shadows really enhanced the image. I don’t do any Cropping at this stage because I may need some of the outer edges of the image for the card.
    Creating your birth announcements from photo tips to birth announcement designs #peartreegreetings
  3. Next I might try making it a Black and White photo, which is as simple as a single button. Sometimes there I’ll play with the Fill Light and Shadows again to make sure the photo looks perfect.
    Creating your birth announcements from photo tips to birth announcement designs #peartreegreetings
  4. And last, I add a Blur photos to really draw the eye to the moment of the photo rather than the patterns and textures around the edges.
    Creating your birth announcements from photo tips to birth announcement designs #peartreegreetings
    Creating your birth announcements from photo tips to birth announcement designs #peartreegreetings