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These inspirational baby shower ideas will help you plan the perfect shower for mom-to-be with baby shower invitations, decorations, food and more!

A new baby is on the way…but mom-to-be is far away. What to do if you can’t celebrate in person? Throw a long-distance baby shower! Whether it’s a global pandemic that’s keeping you apart or loved ones who live from coast-to-coast, you can still throw a baby shower. You just need to get a little creative.

A Real Virtual Shower Invitation

If you’re throwing a virtual baby shower, send a real invitation. It might feel counterintuitive, but receiving a paper baby shower invite in the mail will make the guests take notice and mark their calendars. This new Virtual Shower invitation features the cutest phrase and can be personalized in any color palette or with any wording.

Be sure the add baby registry information and remind guests to have gifts delivered before the celebration.

Set a Color Palette

Even if most of the shower guests are calling into Zoom, set a color palette! Enlist any in-town guests that will be with the guest-of-honor in person (or mom’s partner) to add a few decorations.

We love this monochromatic navy and robin’s egg blue color combination. It’s the perfect gender neutral choice. Don’t skimp on the treats either! Have a mini dessert, this like this cute ombre cake, delivered to the mama’s house just before the celebration begins.

Let’s Zoom

Because of the 2020 pandemic, we’re all Zoom pros, right? To throw a virtual shower, set a time for guests to log into Zoom (don’t forget to send the link a day before!).

If you’re hosting the shower, put together a shower agenda to follow to keep things moving along. It might include:

  • Introductions: Even if everyone knows each other, give each guest a minute to introduce themselves and say hello. You can even ask them to answer a set series of questions like:
    • Tell us your name, how you know mom-to-be and where you’re calling in from.
    • Share the story of the first time you met the mom-to-be.
    • Tell us your guess for birthday, weight and length (the host can keep track of this and share the “winner” out after baby’s birth).
  • Games: Think you can’t do game via Zoom? Think again! This cute virtual baby shower games bundle is absolutely adorable! If you want to send prizes, consider sending small gift cards to coffee shops that can be purchased and sent online.
  • Gifts: Have mama open her gifts toward the end of the shower. Everyone will adore seeing all the cute little things


Photo Credits: Banner: Mommy Slay! , Booties: Etsy , CAKE: For Your Party, Virtual Shower Games: Etsy, Mama Sash: John Lewis, Decor:  Renee Hollingshead Photography via Kara’s Party Ideas.

Ooh, baby – autumn is approaching! If you have some special parents-to-be who are expecting a little one this Fall, it’s time to begin planning the celebration. Get inspired with this little pumpkin themed baby shower – it’s about the cutest theme of them all.

The Golden Pumpkin

The theme for this baby shower is unmistakably seasonal – set the tone for the celebration from the start with this sweet little pumpkin-themed invitation. The woodgrain background, watercolor leaves and that cute golden pumpkin feel a little rustic, a little glam and all-together adorable!

An Autumn Pastel Palette

Ditch the traditional fall jewel tones and think pastels instead. This palette is gender-neutral and includes melon, pink, cream and a pop of gorgeous gold. To make those hues feel like fall, scatter an earthy brown tone in as well. Using kraft-touches and woodgrain pulls off this look with ease.

Whimsy Galore

To create a baby shower that the parents-to-be will remember forever, create a day filled with special details. Using pumpkins in a must and these décor ideas will pull the look together in snap…

  • Pumpkin Card Holder: check out this sweet detail in our mood board. All you need to create this DIY is a craft-store pumpkin, metallic pen, x-acto knife and a steady hand.
  • Balloons: Cheap and chic! Balloons have seen a huge resurgence recently. Our best tip is to order balloons in your custom palette on Amazon, then take them to the dollar store to have them filled with helium. Step up the glam factor by adding gold confetti first!
  • Favors: paint mini pumpkins to create inexpensive and sweet favors for guests.
  • Heirloom Pumpkins: scattering pumpkins around your party space is a must. But…don’t choose just any old bright orange pumpkin. Hunt for heirloom pumpkins instead. These pumpkins are perfectly plump and are available in colors like soft melon, cream and even baby blue. They’ll add instant charm!

Photo Credits:  Card Box: Something Turquoise, Mama to Be: Parties 365, Pumpkin Highchair: Anya Kernes Photography via 100 Layer Cake, Cake Topper: Etsy


What’s the secret to writing heartfelt thank yous for your next baby shower?


That sounds ultra nerdy, doesn’t it. It’s true though, and here are five ways you can prep to make writing thank yous seem as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

PREP TIP 1. Purchase baby shower thank you cards early because you’ll probably start getting gifts in the mail sooner than you expect. Plus, you’ll find that it’s really helpful to get those thank you notes out as soon as gifts come in so you’re not bogged down later on when showers are in full swing or after baby arrives. Writing thank you messages will take twice as long with baby in one arm and pen in the other.

PREP TIP 2. Get a few different designs of thank you notes so you can change things up if you have multiple baby showers. You may find that family showers call for a more classic design while friend showers can be more fun and cheeky. Not to mention, the more excited you are about the thank you cards you’ve chosen, the more excited you will be to write them out and get them in the mail.

PREP TIP 3. Make sure a friend or family member is designated as the record keeper at each shower. Whoever is planning the shower will probably take care of this but don’t be shy in choosing someone if needed. They will create a list of who gave what as you’re opening gifts, which is essential for writing thank you notes afterward.

PREP TIP 4. Know what to write! A simple formula for writing baby shower thank you notes is: always give thanks for the specific gift from that person + share a memory with the person from the shower or why you’re grateful they could attend + mention how you plan to use the gift or why you’re excited about it.

PREP TIP 5. A recent momma on the Pear Tree team says to save the records of who gave what because you will probably want to send a few photos via text, email, social media, etc., of just how adorable your baby looks in/with the gift. However, remembering who gave what feels pretty impossible some days when you’re sleep deprived and giving all of your attention to the baby!

ETIQUETTE TIP: Etiquette says to send your thank you notes 2-3 weeks after the shower. Writing your thank you notes within this timeframe means you’ll remember more details about the shower, which is helpful. However, life gets busy and prepping for baby makes it even more chaotic, so you can take up to 3 months after the shower to send your thank yous.




A rainbow baby is cause for a very special celebration. For any readers who may not know, a rainbow baby is one born after the loss of a baby due to miscarriage or natural causes after birth. The rainbow symbolizes hope after tragedy and it is the subject of today’s inspiration board.

Up First: Invite

Introduce this very special celebration with an equally special baby shower invitation. We started this inspiration board with a rainbow themed baby shower invite. These invites feature the shimmer and shine of real foil—a unique design element that takes these invites to a new level of bright and beautiful.

This beautiful design has all the color you want for a rainbow baby shower plus some customization options to make it unique.

Next: Decorations

Bright and bold is perfect for a rainbow baby shower. We love the idea of choosing a show-stopping display somewhere at the shower. We’ve gathered a few ideas here like the rainbow of balloons acting as the table centerpiece or the balloon rainbow in the lower right corner that’s perfect for some photo ops with family and friends.

And, Of Course: Dessert

The rainbow sugar cookies shown here with bibs and onesie are oh-so-charming! The dessert is a great place to tie in this theme, especially if you’re planning a more subtle approach the rainbow baby shower. Any type of cake or size of cake can easily be decorated with a rainbow design, and if you’re at all crafty as a baker, you can probably handle making it yourself.

A Special Note – We suggest tying in the meaning of “rainbow baby” because not everyone is going to know. The onesie shown here offers a beautiful saying, which is a great start to the conversation.


Photo Credits: Table Centerpiece: Paul Ferney via Oh Happy Day, Cookies: Etsy, Mother-to-Be Rainbow Dress: Sarah Jansson via 100 Layer Cake-let, Popcorn Favors: Catch My Party, Balloon Rainbow: Studio DIY, Outfit: Josie & James

What a charming theme for a baby shower! The couple’s love for sailing and seafaring adventures will translate beautifully into a baby shower welcoming the newest addition to their crew. Here are some fun ideas for getting the nautical look they’ll love.

Up First: Invite
Make waves with the perfect invitation for your nautical baby shower! The Set Sail Baby Shower Invitation features waves at the top with a ship wheel and “AHOY! IT’S A BOY” above your wording (as if the invite wasn’t cute enough). The backside is covered in waves for a charming finishing touch but if this isn’t quite your style, take a look at the entire collection of baby shower invitations to find your favorite.

Next: Decorations
A great baby shower theme needs the right combination of decorations—enough to make the theme clear but not so much that it looks crowded. The “AHOY” with anchors banner is super cute and the coordinating chalkboard sign welcoming everyone to the party is just as adorable. Find some authentic nautical items to use as decorations like the lifesaver flotation device shown for a charming touch.

And Finally: Dessert!
Dessert is a fun way to incorporate the theme. The impeccably decorated cookies shown here are an awesome choice for dessert. Perhaps you have a friend who’s great at decorating cookies or cupcakes who can help out. Make sure the dessert is displayed front and center at the shower! Consider creating a separate dessert table with red, white and blue flowers and/or blue and white striped tablecloth.

Photo Credits: Welcome Sign: via Scaiff Baby, Tablescape: Melody Melikian Photography via Style Me Pretty, Banner: Etsy, Cookies: Cookie Obsessions, Baby Shoes: Little Bean Footwear, Mom and Dad: via Keg Design

Woodland-themed baby showers are sweet, whimsical and filled with possibilities! Who doesn’t love furry little forest creatures and nature-inspired details? We’ve gathered a few of our favorite ideas to show you in this Woodland Inspiration Board.

Up First: Invite
Start the celebration with an invitation as sweet as your shower theme! Take your time shopping baby shower invitations to find just the right style for the mommy-to-be and your party. Our favorite for a Woodland Baby Shower is the Fox Fun Baby Shower Invitation. The fox and baby illustration is simply the CUTEST and the crest brings a trendy element of greenery. Plus, you can use both sides of this invitation — shower details on the front and registry info on the back.

Next: Decorations
Incorporating some woodgrain details is kind of a given, right? Simple touches like the woodgrain drink tags and bottle labels are perfect for adding color and cuteness. The wood cutting board shown is a great example of repurposing some kitchen items for the party. We also loved the idea of bringing some forest friends into the mix. You could do this with adorable cutouts like shown or gather stuffed animals for decoration. You can buy new, borrow from people or purchase used at thrift stores.

And Finally: Food for Foraging!
We really liked the idea of tying food into the woodland baby shower theme with some clever sayings or quotes. The tin pales shown with writing in chalk are perfect for setting food out so guests can graze. The fox cupcakes shown would be fairly simple to make and it’s always fun to carry a design element from the invitation into the actual shower.

Photo Credits
Diaper Cake: Etsy; Cupcakes: Wilton, Drinks: Krown Kreations, Snacks: The DIY Lighthouse

For the couple who wants a real-life baby shower. You know what we mean! You want a baby shower that everyone can attend, guys and gals. You want a baby shower where the food and beverages are meant to be consumed, not admired. And you want a baby shower where the best gift of all is a great turnout of friends and family.

A Baby Is Brewing is the perfect baby shower theme for you! Offer a sampling of beer, a few tasty appetizers and some desserts for everyone to enjoy. Sending Baby Brewing Invitations is a great start to an awesome party in honor of your little one.

Featured: Baby’s Breath in Beer Bottles: of Spring and Summer, Snack Table: Love Jordan, Mini Beer & Burgers: Viral Nova, Coasters: Etsy

There’s no occasion more joyful than a baby shower. It’s a special time to celebrate the mom or parents-to-be and their new little bundle of love. If you’re the one throwing the celebration, get ready – this is going to be fun. Start by choosing a theme. The choices are never-ending (and overwhelming!) so let us help as we narrow it down to our top 5 favorite baby shower themes.

Hot Air Balloon

A hot air balloon themed baby shower is the sweetest! It’s whimsical and dreamy and just plain adorable. Colors are key when setting the tone for this theme. We suggest sticking to pastels and shy away from bright hues. Think baby blue, soft pink, butter cream and pistachio. We invite you to use our Up, Up, and Away Baby Shower Invitation to invite and inspire!

Baby and Brew

Craft beer is ice cold (as in, super hot!), and while it may seem like an unusual theme for a baby shower, trust us, a babies and brews baby shower is such a fun choice. If you’re celebrating dad-to-be, this man-shower theme is absolutely perfect. Kick it off with our Baby Brewing Baby Shower Invitation, add some burgers and brews, then sprinkle in some funny baby shower games and you’re all set!

Build a Baby’s Library

All parents know, you receive more onsies, bibs and blankies than you know what to do with but there’s one gift that never gets old: books! That’s why we adore a build baby’s library themed baby shower. Each guest brings a book and viola, baby’s library has begun! Use our Learning Letters Baby Shower Invitation as a springboard to get your planning started!


Rustic has been a trending theme for years and woodland is a sweet and whimsical niche style that works wonderfully for a baby shower. Think cute little critters, moss adorned décor and woodland-themed treats. Our favorite woodland creature is a fox and this Fox Fun baby shower invite will leave your guests enchanted.

Ready to Pop

Balloons are wildly popular and make for one delightful baby shower theme. Perhaps the best part about this theme is that the décor is crazy affordable. Just look at all the great ideas for making decorations out of balloons. The phrase “ready to pop” is a perfect fit for this theme and is captured in swoon-worthy style on this Pop! Baby Shower Invitation.

A gender reveal party is a fun way to let friends and family in on whether it’s a boy or a girl–and a great excuse to get your friends together. Everything about these gender reveal party ideas will keep them guessing, from the food, to the beverages, to the invitations and decor.


Pear Tree’s Round Reveal baby shower invitations get the party started by setting the gender-reveal theme right from the start. Guests will look forward to finding out the big news. And our matching table decor continues the theme once they arrive. This can be sprinkled on tables, strung on ribbon to make garland, or poked into food or centerpieces.

What’s a Sip & See, you ask? It’s a party that the new parents host after the baby is born to introduce him or her to all their friends. Unlike a traditional baby shower, gifts and games are not the main attraction at a Sip & See — instead, it’s all about the baby!
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Advantages to a Sip & See
The biggest advantage to a Sip & See is that everyone gets to meet the new baby. But there are plenty of other reasons that you, as new parents, might find this an attractive baby shower idea. At a Sip & See, you get to make all the decisions. You can decide what to serve, whom to invite, when to have it, and whether or not there will be any embarrassing shower games. And you can avoid the awkward, one-by-one opening of gifts that can so easily drag down a baby shower.