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These inspirational baby shower ideas will help you plan the perfect shower for mom-to-be with baby shower invitations, decorations, food and more!

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Nautical Invitations Show Their Stripes

What’s better than having all your friends with you, at a party, near the water? Whether you’re planning a dinner party, bridal or baby shower, wedding or rehearsal dinner, we’ve got nautical invitations to fit the event perfectly. See each unique collection for more ideas, including tropical looks and destination themes.
Lobster_Platter_Party_Invitations Lobster_Boil_Party_Invitations
Dinner Party Invitations

Seafood is the main course and these party invitations will let everyone know that bibs are required.

With_This_Ring_Buoy_Bridal_Shower_Invitations Setting_Sail_Bridal_Shower_Invitations
Bridal Shower Invitations

Send the new couple off with a nautical bridal shower they’ll always remember.

Baby Shower Ideas

Gender Reveal Party Ideas

A gender reveal party is a fun way to let friends and family in on whether it’s a boy or a girl–and a great excuse to get your friends together. Everything about these gender reveal party ideas will keep them guessing, from the food, to the beverages, to the invitations and decor.


Pear Tree’s Round Reveal baby shower invitations get the party started by setting the gender-reveal theme right from the start. Guests will look forward to finding out the big news. And our matching table decor continues the theme once they arrive. This can be sprinkled on tables, strung on ribbon to make garland, or poked into food or centerpieces.

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Ideas
Baby Shower Ideas

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Ideas

Quack-quack. The little rubber ducky has long been a popular theme for baby showers, for lots of reasons: it’s gender-neutral, so they can be used even if mom-and-dad-to-be don’t know the baby’s gender; rubber ducky decorations are easy to find; and, most importantly, ducks are cute! To get you inspired, we are sharing our favorite rubber ducky baby shower ideas from baby shower invitations to baby shower decorations to baby shower food ideas.

The invitation is always the best way to establish your party theme for guests. Pear Tree has lots of cute baby shower invitations, but this Baby Duck Baby Shower Invitation takes the cake. Guests will love the unique cut out of the duck and will instantly get excited to celebrate the coming baby!
Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Ideas

For rubber ducky baby shower decoration ideas, personalize our Baby Duckling Table Decor. You can sprinkle it on the dessert table, food table, tape to the wall, or use to decorate your gift to the guest of honor. For 5 ways to use our table decor, click here. And, our Baby Duckling Baby Shower Favor Tags are the perfect accessory for your party favors.
Rubber Duck Baby Shower Ideas Decorations Rubber duck baby shower ideas gift tag

For rubber ducky baby shower food ideas, we scoured Pinterest and found lots of cute ideas. Here are our favorites that continue with this darling theme:
Rubber duck baby shower ideas punch
Rubber Duck Punch from Cutting Back Kitchen.
Rubber duck baby shower ideas drinks
Lemonade from Kara’s Party Ideas

Baby shower ideas
Baby Shower Ideas, Party Ideas

Little Critters Baby Shower Ideas

Baby shower ideas

My favorite thing about a party is planning it, so I had a lot of fun coming up with some baby shower ideas to share. As always, I started with the invite. I knew right away I wanted to base the party off of Pear Tree’s Little Critters baby shower invitation. Since the invite was rather simple with the colors, I decided to keep the party simple as well. White, gold and little critters were my theme! This invitation is great because you can choose from over 70 colors if you want something a little more colorful.
Baby shower ideas

I have always wanted to create a “donut tower” so I decided to make this baby shower a brunch. It was filled with powdered sugar donuts, Rice Krispy treats, build your own fruit pizzas, mimosas (non-alcoholic), and adorable critters. I used Pear Tree’s Little Critter Table Décor to scatter across the table and attached them to skewers for a topper on the donut tower. We also worked with Build a Balloon, who created adorable custom fringed balloons for our party. Three foot balloons are definitely a must have! 

Gender reveal ideas
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5 Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender reveal ideas
Gender reveals are a fun new trend for moms- and dads-to-be. There are lots of great ways to get your loved ones in on the big surprise and let them know if you will be welcoming a girl or a boy. We wanted to share our top 5 gender reveal ideas to get your creative mind inspired. We know there are many more out there, but this list should get you started.

1. Balloon Popping. For this idea, fill dark-colored balloons with pink or blue confetti and inflate to medium size. You can give each person at the gender reveal party their own balloon to pop or the soon-to-be mom and dad can pop it in front of guests. If you choose to not have a party, but want to share on Facebook and Instagram, take photos of the balloon before it’s popped and then an action shot of popping it. This is such a fun idea – friends and family will love liking it!
Gender reveal ideas
Gender reveal ideas

2. Pink & Blue Dips. This gender reveal party idea will get your guests interacting and guessing the gender. Simply set out marshmallows, pink & blue frosting and pink & blue striped straws for guests to dip their marshmallow in the color they think is the gender of your baby! At the end of the party, when all the guesses are in, mom-to-be can hold the straws revealing the correct gender.
Gender reveal ideas dips
Gender reveal ideas dips
Gender reveal ideas Gender reveal ideas

Baby Shower Ideas

Top 3 Baby Shower Ideas

Baby shower ideas
Planning a baby shower for a new mom-to-be is such an exciting honor! We love seeing the new products our design team creates because the invitation always sets the tone for the entire shower. There are lots of different ideas you could do for a baby shower:  make it baby-themed, like our Safari Baby Shower; keep it modern like our Yellow & Gray Baby Shower; or use a favorite hobby from the parents-to-be like our Bicycle Theme Baby Shower. These 3 baby shower ideas offer inspiration in different and unique ways that make for a personal and memorable party.

1. Safari Baby Shower. This is one of our classic baby shower themes. It is gender-neutral and there are lots of decorations you can find to fit the theme, from plates to napkins to games, that will make the planning much easier! This popular theme features our Wild Jungle Baby Shower Invitations.
Baby shower ideas

Baby Shower Ideas

What’s a Sip & See? The latest in baby shower ideas!

What’s a Sip & See, you ask? It’s a party that the new parents host after the baby is born to introduce him or her to all their friends. Unlike a traditional baby shower, gifts and games are not the main attraction at a Sip & See — instead, it’s all about the baby!
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Advantages to a Sip & See
The biggest advantage to a Sip & See is that everyone gets to meet the new baby. But there are plenty of other reasons that you, as new parents, might find this an attractive baby shower idea. At a Sip & See, you get to make all the decisions. You can decide what to serve, whom to invite, when to have it, and whether or not there will be any embarrassing shower games. And you can avoid the awkward, one-by-one opening of gifts that can so easily drag down a baby shower.