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These Christmas card wording ideas help you create a personal and unique Christmas card to share with loved ones.

Christmas Card Ideas, Christmas card wording ideas

Christmas Letter Do’s and Don’ts

Almost as iconic as the Christmas card is the time-honored tradition of the Christmas letter. These wordy accounts detail all the milestones of the year, letting the holidays be a time to catch up with friends near and far.

Christmas Letter Do’s and Don’ts

The Christmas letter, as informative as it can be, is usually a long format heavy on substance but light on style.

This year, ditch the tired template and try something new. We have some different ideas to spice up your holiday update into something your loved ones will adore. Pair these suggestions with one of our Christmas card ideas for a killer combo. Choose one of the text-heavy background layouts on our multi-choice Christmas cards to send your story.

Christmas Card Ideas, Christmas card wording ideas

Honoring Those We’ve Lost

The holidays can be a very difficult time of year for those of us who have lost someone we love. When we’re surrounded by smiling faces in advertisements and calls for good cheer, an already hard experience can feel devastating.

Honoring Those We’ve Lost

But there are some moving ways to make our departed loved ones a part of our Christmas celebrations. An article from the Chicago Tribune offers 10 ideas for honoring those we’ve lost during the holiday season, including:

  1. Hang a special ornament on the holiday tree to commemorate your loved one. This ornament can be something from the past which holds sentimental value or it can be a new ornament which best represents your loved one’s life.
  2. Cook your loved one’s favorite dish and serve it during the holiday dinner.
  3. During dinner, take turns sharing favorite memories and telling stories about your loved one. Reminiscence can be therapeutic.
  4. Donate to your loved one’s favorite charity in lieu of a holiday gift.
Christmas Card Ideas, Christmas card wording ideas

Amor, Familia y Navidad

Amor, Familia y Navidad

There’s just something special and different about Christmas with your Latino family. Is it the fragrance of freshly cooked tamales steaming in their soft corn husks? Or the happy giggles of little ones gently rearranging Abuela’s nativity scene? Or that groggy but satisfied feeling you have the morning after Noche Buena and midnight mass?

It’s something more essential than any of those things. For you, the ultimate joy is the simple delight of being surrounded by your whole family as you come together once again to glorify the birth of Christ. It’s in those familiar sayings, that easy laughter, and that homey warmth that can only mean one thing: La Navidad is here again.

Holiday Hello
Christmas Card Ideas, Christmas card wording ideas

Top 10 Christmas Card Wording Ideas

There are so many beautiful ways to say Merry Christmas! At Pear Tree, we believe that your Christmas greeting is as much about the design as it is about the wording. Here are some of our favorite Christmas card wording ideas and designs that will help you put a fresh twist on your Christmas cards this year.

Season’s Greetings is a traditional message that takes on a modern vintage look with ornate detailing and a beautiful holly print. Personalize this card.Seasons_Greetings.jpg

Holiday Hello comes to life in your choice of 5 foil colors and a handwritten style. Personalize this card.

Be Filled With Joy has a joyous look, using playful red and white text on a kraft paper background. The red stripes in the word “joy” are foil stamped. Personalize this trifold card. See this design in our new swatch book format.Be_Filled_With_Joy.jpg

Christmas Card Ideas, Christmas card wording ideas, Christmas Family Traditions, New Years Ideas

Ready or Not… The Holidays are Here!

Holiday card wording ideas
We know the holidays are a busy time of year with baking, cleaning, shopping, wrapping, cooking… and the list goes on. Sending your Christmas cards can get lost on the long list of to-dos, but we know you still think it is important to send a greeting to your loved ones. We wanted to help by sharing wording ideas that we think could be fun to put on your card, even if it is late. And don’t forget to have fun with your photos, too! Below are 10 holiday card wording ideas plus 10 cards with editable text for you to write whatever you wish! 
Christmas card wording ideas
Christmas Card Ideas, Christmas card wording ideas, Christmas Family Traditions

What to Write on Your Christmas Cards

Figuring out what to write on your Christmas cards every year can be difficult. The blank box with the blinking cursor grows larger and larger, in direct proportion to the pressure you’re feeling to make your message sincere, inspiring and funny all at the same time. Our advice to you? Just relax and write the way you talk to your friends. Here are five examples of Christmas letters that are long and newsy, but not obnoxious. Maybe you can use one of these approaches to get started on your own Christmas letter.
Christmas card wording ideas Christmas card wording ideas

1. Kids growing up
The Williams family is chalking up 2014 as yet another memorable one for the books! Let’s start with little Miss Paige. With two older brothers, not much gets past her. She started dance class this pas fall and loves the dresses and social interaction. Onto two of the “men” of our family, Joseph is our wild child and has proven this with his dare devil ways. An off-road bike tour of the neighborhood brought him home with a broken arm this summer. Eli is still calm, cool and collected. A second-grader, he excels in math and is growing his love for basketball this winter. He’s definitely the ring leader around the house, making sure his busy brother and diva sister are staying in line with what Mom and Dad say. We were blessed with our 4th child, Andrew on April 23rd. We hope this holiday greeting finds all our family and friends doing well.

2. Family adventures/trips
After two months of traveling, we are now able to correspond and connect with loved ones to share our wonderful experiences. We revisited France during September and October, traveling the Ligurian Coast. Our first stop was Alassio, a charming town with picturesque beaches. From there we traveled by train to Genoa. On our past trips, we never took the time to visit this brilliant city, so it was a real gem as we discovered stunning architecture. One of the largest cities in Europe, it brought about many historic excursions. Following the week stop in Genoa, we met with friends for a few days at a villa in the South of France. Great views with even better friends! We closed out the trip by spending a couple days in beautiful Paris. As we reflect on our travels, we are reminded of the many blessings among our family and throughout the world. We hope this letter finds you, a blessing to us, happy and healthy.