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Here are our ideas for Christmas family traditions.

Another year, gone in a blink and once again, it’s time to celebrate Hanukkah. This year, delight your friends and family by sharing family photos on a Hanukkah card that’s perfectly personalized just for you.

Our newest Hanukkah cards are beautifully modern, full of custom details and star the cutest family around – yours!

Shine Bright (Literally!)

You’ll notice a theme of light, love and peace on so many of our newest card designs. Our foil Hanukkah cards are stunningly gorgeous and available in traditional metallic colors like gold and silver, but also can be customized in three different shades of blue. Cobalt, cerulean or teal – it’s impossible to go wrong when choosing one of these foil colors.


Pure Simplicity

If simple (and easy!) appeals to you, you’ll love this simple Hanukkah card. Add your photo, write a message to your loved ones and you’ve created a one-of-a-kind card that’s simple, but bursting with style.


Happy Chrismukkah

We’ve had so many requests for Chrismukkah cards! Whether your family celebrates Hanukkah and Christmas, or you’re looking for an inclusive (and funny!) cards, this Chrismukkah card is the one for you!


Packed with Photos

Everyone loves receiving a Hanukkah card that’s packed with photographs. Share snapshots off your camera roll, or create a picture-perfect card by using images from your family photoshoot. Our folding Hanukkah cards are perfect for packing in a million photos.


Modern Tradition

If you’re looking to honor tradition, but want modern style, this menorah Hanukkah card is our top choice. The menorah illustration, sweet message and your photos come together in perfect harmony.



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Holiday Light – Foil Hanukkah Card

Hanukkah Greeting – Hanukkah Card

Happy Chrismukkah – Christmas Card

Hanukkah Wishes – Hanukkah Card

Menorah – Hanukkah Card



The holiday season is soooo busy. The hustle and bustle is r-e-a-l.

From gift giving to office holiday parties to school Christmas programs…sigh. The list goes on and on. Don’t get me wrong, I love it all! But, it does often feel like this – the season of love, joy and togetherness – is also the season of total disconnection.

I want to see all my loved ones and really connect with each and every family member and friend. But, it’s often hard to find the time. That’s why during this busy season of life, I make it a point to create a family Christmas card that’s personal, unique and lets me share my family in a genuine and heartfelt way.

After all, who doesn’t love getting a beautiful Christmas card in the mail? It’s so much more personal than a social media post or text message. My holiday motto: long live the Christmas card!

There is, however, an art to creating a unique and personal Christmas card. Here are my best tips making a holiday greeting that makes each recipient feel the love…

1. Include Photos From Your Year

I often hear from friends that creating a picture-perfect Christmas card is overwhelming. They don’t have time for a family photoshoot and the thought of getting all the kids dressed and smiling for the camera sounds impossible.

The answer to this dilemma lies on your camera roll. Don’t take special photos just for your Christmas card. Instead, choose candid pictures from throughout the year and upload them to a collage-style card. I adore these cards because they’re basically a scrapbook of your year.

2. Share a Joyful Message

Kind words can make even the biggest holiday Grinch feeling the Christmas spirit. A lot of our cards have room for you to type a custom message of your own, but if you’re not feeling creative, we’ve got your back.

Our collection of Christmas cards with quotes and heartfelt sayings are absolutely beautiful. With phrases like “believe in the magic of Christmas” and “treasure the moments”, you’re sure to find a card that fits your family.

3. Send a Christmas Card That Can be Displayed

Fact: I love displaying Christmas cards. And I LOVE creating a Christmas card that’s unique and lets my friends and family display it in a fun way.

My favorite types of unique formats to give and receive are:

Trifold Christmas Cards

These fun cards have three panels that fold and stand up on their own for easy, adorable displaying.

Ornament Christmas Cards

Paper ornaments cards can be displayed year after year. I love the idea of making these cards an annual tradition to create an entire collection for your family.

Hanging Christmas Cards

These are similar to ornament cards, but a bit larger. They are so cute hanging from doorknobs or coat hooks!


4. Share Your Family Photoshoot

Okay, yes…I know I sang the praises of candid photos in my #1 tip, however I do LOVE a beautifully styled family photoshoot. If you spent the time and money (and tears, I’m a mom too and know there were tears), then show off those gorgeous photos!


5. Write a Christmas Letter

There’s nothing quite like getting a Christmas card that includes a thoughtful letter. If you want to write your own, but feel overwhelmed, we have lots of examples of what to include in your Christmas letter.

My best tips to writing a genuine letter is to touch on:

  • Life Changes: If you’ve moved, had a job change or welcomed a new family member, share it!
  • The Little Things: Everyone will love hearing about life’s small moments too. Did you learn to make the world’s best chocolate cake from scratch? Tell everyone! Did your child give themselves a home haircut? Include that too; you’ll get bonus points for keeping it real.
  • Even the Hard Things: Understatement of the year: life isn’t easy. Don’t feel like you have to bright-side your holiday letter. Sharing struggles – job loss, illness and even the death of a family member – is appropriate if it feels right for you.

We have examples of how to write about big life events, good and not-so-good, as well.


6. Share Your News (Big and Small!)

If writing an entire holiday letter seems daunting, no worries. Instead of penning a whole recap, add in small snippets of your year. Choosing a Christmas card that has room for quick updates is fun and easy to customize.

Newsletter Christmas cards have room for photos and room for a sentence or two spread throughout the design. So cute, right?!

Here are my favorite ideas of things to include in your family newsletter:

  • School Recap: Include the grades your children are in and mention their favorite (and even least-favorite!) subjects.
  • Sports: Have a family full of little athletes? This is the place to brag about it.
  • Milestones: From baby’s first steps to your teenager’s first time behind the wheel.
  • Birthdays & Ages: It’s up to you if you want to include the adults too!
  • Vacations: Share your vacation photos and any tidbits about your adventure.
  • Future Plans: Have anything big planned in the New Year? Tell everyone about it!

Merry Christmas, all!


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The holidays deserve to be celebrated and this gorgeous party theme lets you do it in sparkling style! This Jingle and Mingle Holiday Party shows you just how simple it is to achieve an ultra-chic Christmas party look.

Invite: In Style
A perfect soirée starts with the invitation and we’re huge fans of this new Let’s Jingle Holiday Party Invitation. Forget traditional red and green; this glam palette combines snow white with glitzy gold to create a look that will set the tone for your snazzy celebration. The “Jingle and Mingle” and whimsical star artwork is printed faux gold foil, giving you the look of popular foil-stamping for a way lower price. Pro tip: Order this beauty in our Signature Shimmer paper stock to amp up the glam-factor.

Decorate: Simply
We love a party that’s decorated to a tee but seriously, who has time for that during the holiday season?! The key to this look is so simple to execute and budget-friendly – lighting! First, turn down the lights and turn on twinkling Christmas string lights for a soft glow that sets the mood. Then, scatter white candles in various sizes all about. Our favorite way to pull off this look on a shoestring budget is to hit up the thrift store. Gather up candle holders in various metallic hues and mix and match for an eclectic look you can re-use year after year.

Serve: Scrumptiously
No one likes to be in the kitchen during their own party which is why we love the idea of keeping things simple with holiday drinks and desserts. First, start with an easy but impressive gold Christmas cocktail. This vanilla champagne cocktail is so simple your guests can mix them on their own. The rock candy garnish is perfect for a winter party and a great conversation starter. For desserts, keep it light and white with frosted sugar cookies, white chocolate tiramisu and pecan meltaways.

Not sure an elegant gold and white holiday party is the look for you? Be sure to check out our post on a Plaid Themed Christmas Party to see a holiday celebration that’s based on festive dress code! Happy holiday party season, all!

Photo Credits: Party People: INSPIRED BY THIS, Cocktails: Valerie Busque via STYLE ME PRETTY, Candles: KELLEY NAN GRACIOUS LIVING, Cookies: LARK & LINEN

  1. So easy!

Ornament Christmas cards are simple. They’re two-sided cards with room for one photo (sometimes more) and your holiday message. Personalizing these cards is a breeze! Not to mention they’re incredibly easy for friends and family to display. All they have to do is hang it on the tree (or wherever) and voila. A charming display with no fuss and no clutter.

  1. Unique and fun!

How many Christmas cards shaped like ornaments do you receive in the mail during the holidays? Exactly! Ornament cards are an affordable way to do something really unique that recipients will remember forever, and we’ve got such a great collection of designs that you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your style.

  1. Keepsake worthy.

Because these hanging cards are so darned cute and they’re easy to store, they will more than likely turn into a keepsake for many recipients. Year after year, your friends and family can put these out with their annual Christmas decorations or hang it in the house all year until they get a new one the following Christmas!


Featured Cards: Beyond Measure Christmas Ornament Card, Merry Minimalist Holiday Ornament Card, Wonderful Life Christmas Ornament Card, Our Greatest Gift Birth Announcement Ornament Card

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The season full of peace, joy and cheer and mailboxes overflowing with CHRISTMAS CARDS from those you love most.

We’ve been as busy as Santa’s elves designing holiday cards with classic style and festive messages. But let’s be honest. Holly, berries and sentimental Christmas wishes aren’t right for every family. If you’re on the hunt for funny Christmas cards ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Funny Christmas Card Message vs. Funny Christmas Card Photo

There are two different approaches to creating a FUNNY CHRISTMAS CARD that’s sure to snag a primo spot on refrigerator doors from coast to coast.

Include a Hilarious Message

Our first suggestion is to send a card with a funny message. There are plenty of funny Christmas card sayings out there but we prefer the ones that mix humor with an underlying message of love. Think cards that poke a little fun at the chaos that is family life.

Pair any of these designs with a fun family snapshot and you have the perfect funny Christmas card.

Take a Fun, Candid Photo

Another way to create a funny holiday card takes a little creativity on your part and we promise, it’s gonna be fun.

Browse through our HOLIDAY PHOTO CARD designs and find some favorites that feature classic holiday sayings. Next, take a photo of your family that is less than picture perfect. If the card you love features the phrase “It’s a Wonderful Life”, choose a photo of your kids being…well, kids. Crazy, crying, fighting or just being goofy!

One of the funniest family Christmas cards I’ve ever received was a “Peace on Earth” design that had a photo of my friend’s kids dog-piled on top of each other. It was absolutely hilarious! Have fun with this one; the possibilities are endless!

Have fun making this year’s card holly, jolly and hilarious!


Featured cards:
Warm and Fuzzy – Christmas Card
Nice is Overrated – Christmas Card
Wishing for Peace – Christmas Card

O Come All Ye Shameful

Let’s be honest. As fun and joyful as the holidays can be, they are also a very busy and sometimes stressful time of year. Expectations are so high that things sometimes don’t go according to plan. And being surrounded by family means there is ample opportunity for embarrassment in front of your nearest and dearest.

Have you ever done anything foolish in front of your loved ones? These women sure have! Below are five funny stories about mishaps and a little mayhem at Christmas time.

Here’s one of the things I love about working at Pear Tree: I know what every single one of us is doing for Christmas.

As a customer I’ve always loved the boutique shopping experience. Don’t get me wrong—I wouldn’t be able to function without Target and Trader Joe’s to keep us provisioned, and if there wasn’t a Home Depot nearby, our house would still be quite the fixer-upper.Pear Tree team picture 2014

But boutique shopping is different, as anyone who’s browsed our site or bought a wedding dress or splurged on that expensive baby crib (Hey, safety and comfort matter!) knows. The employee walking through the kids’ section at Target while I’m Christmas shopping may be friendly, but he’s got the contents of an entire store to memorize and dozens of customers to help. How’s he supposed to know what my particular four year old might like? How can I expect him to listen for ten (or even two) minutes to a description of my son and the toys he likes playing with?

Boutiques are great because we do have the time, or, at any rate, are committed to making the time. For us, whether or not our customers are satisfied is the central question. Regardless of whether the site is effective and easy to use (it is) or whether or not we get the product to our customers on time (trust me, we will), if they’re not satisfied with what we give them, we’ve failed. And we take that seriously.

Real cards created by real people like you!

Christmas card ideas
These proud grandparents had a lot to share, and their Christmas card shows it. So many beautiful grandkids! And they managed to get them all together in one great photo, which we know isn’t easy to do. Kudos to them, both for the photos and for finding the perfect card to show them off. Janice, the industrious grandmother, explains how they managed to get everybody together.

“We scheduled a photographer to meet us during a family reunion in Park City, Utah. She photographed us in two nearby locations, first, using an old barn as a backdrop and second, in a horse pasture with the mountains as a backdrop. The hardest part has been keeping the photos “under wraps” until the Christmas cards were mailed, so it’s exciting to finally be able to unveil our wonderful family pictures.

Christmas Cookie recipe
Snowflake Christmas cookies
Need something quick and easy? These snowflake Christmas cookies are just what you need! They are dainty and adorable, but only require a semi-steady hand! See my favorite sugar cookie recipe below.

These cookies are only about 3 inches in diameter, but you could easily make them any size. Also, no need to color any frosting, a simple white frosting is perfect. All you need is a piping bag and a small circle tip. I used Wilton’s #3.

Tip: Keep it simple and use a circle cookie cutter. Don’t have one handy? Use a glass!

I’m getting ready for Thanksgiving.  It’s my husband Andrew’s favorite holiday and he’s agreed to give me all the others if I give him carte blanche for that weekend.  It’s a steep price, but I’m pretty sure I come out ahead in the end.

I have a love-hate with the holiday.  First, the good part: Andrew’s brother arrives.  Morgan is an amazing chef (and conversationalist. Ladies, if you haven’t found a keeper yet…).

That’s not to say that Andrew isn’t.  He’s a fantastic cook, and I’m lucky to come home to a warm dinner most nights (and on the others I usually enjoy the leftovers).  But there’s really good food, and then there’s…well, Morgan’s food.  He probably should have been a chef.

Around Monday I start skipping lunch, hoping that come Thursday I’ll have saved up enough calories to justify participating in the upcoming meal.  By Tuesday I’ll doubt that it will happen, and by Wednesday I don’t really care anymore.  All I can think about are Morgan’s brined turkey, the stuffing (from a recipe that’s four hundred years old, if you believe the family lore) and Andrew’s indescribable apple pie.

Okay, I know the tradition, but he won’t hold with pumpkin.  If you want his reasons be prepared for an earful.