Family Christmas Ideas: 10 ways to make the most of the season

Make the most of the moment and create new traditions this season. Here are 10 of our favorite family Christmas ideas to help make the most of the holidays.

1.  Lift your spirits by being active. Family Christmas ideas usually involve delicious (but not-always-healthy) treats. Stay active with your entire family by having a classic snowball fight, visiting you local ice rink, or doing a little cross country skiing. You’re kids will love trying something new this season!
Family Christmas Ideas

2.  Send a holiday card (or New Year’s card, if you prefer). Not only will you spread cheer to friends and family, but your kids will love helping you stuff & stamp them!

3.  Put your Christmas cards on display. There’s no better way to decorate your house for the holidays than with your friends and family’s seasonal photos. Check out some of our Christmas card display ideas on Pinterest and have your family help create a unique card display.
Family Christmas Ideas

4.  Find the best Christmas lights ever. Hop in the car and hunt for the best Christmas light display. Your child’s face will light up when you find the most decked-out house in town!

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6 Perfectly Imperfect Christmas Cards 2

Celebrate the season with perfectly imperfect Christmas Cards! These #HolidayOuttakes will instantly put a smile on your face and make you laugh out loud!

Christmas Cards - Modern Messages Vertical

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Holly Jolly Holiday Party Ideas

Holiday Party Ideas

Fa la la la la! It’s our favorite time of the year! One filled with hot cocoa, crisp weather, gift giving and yummy treats. And of course, lots of holiday party ideas!

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6 Easy Holiday Food Ideas

Holiday Food Ideas

Happy Holidays! You know what that means? It’s time to adorn the tree, decorate the house, hang up the lights, shop for gifts, order your Christmas cards and feed 20 guests for Christmas dinner. Eeek! We’ve put our heads together and found 6 easy holiday sweets & snacks that will make your to-do list a little easier.

Rudolph’s Rice Krispie Treats
Simply dip pre-made or homemade Rice Krispie bars in melted chocolate. We used chocolate flavored candy melts in red and cocoa colors. Just melt them in a small bowl and start dipping! To finish them off, add sprinkles or peppermint candies to give your treats a more festive look. This treat is one of the easiest holiday food ideas for kids (or Rudolph) because they’re easy to grab.

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6 Perfectly Imperfect Christmas Cards

Forget perfect family photos. Celebrate the holiday with perfectly imperfect Christmas Cards! Here are  just a few of our #HolidayOuttakes that will instantly put a smile on your face.

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Commemorate Christmas 2014 with a Personalized Ornament

As you pack up the Christmas ornaments and put away stockings and garland, think about how much fun it would be to have a keepsake from Christmas 2014 to hang for Christmas 2015. Our two-sided metal ornaments make fabulous mementos to commemorate a special year.
Personalized ornament Personalized ornament

Whether you are newlyweds or new parents, grandparents or the proud parents of a high school grad, you most likely took a few photos over the holidays to remember it by. New babies, kids, pets and family photos all would make a fun ornament to hang next year. It’s a fun gift idea for newlyweds or new babies, too! Pear Tree makes personalized ornaments easy to order, and you’ll have them in just a few days to pack and keep for next year.

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Working at the Pear Tree “Boutique”

Here’s one of the things I love about working at Pear Tree: I know what every single one of us is doing for Christmas.

As a customer I’ve always loved the boutique shopping experience. Don’t get me wrong—I wouldn’t be able to function without Target and Trader Joe’s to keep us provisioned, and if there wasn’t a Home Depot nearby, our house would still be quite the fixer-upper.Pear Tree team picture 2014

But boutique shopping is different, as anyone who’s browsed our site or bought a wedding dress or splurged on that expensive baby crib (Hey, safety and comfort matter!) knows. The employee walking through the kids’ section at Target while I’m Christmas shopping may be friendly, but he’s got the contents of an entire store to memorize and dozens of customers to help. How’s he supposed to know what my particular four year old might like? How can I expect him to listen for ten (or even two) minutes to a description of my son and the toys he likes playing with?

Boutiques are great because we do have the time, or, at any rate, are committed to making the time. For us, whether or not our customers are satisfied is the central question. Regardless of whether the site is effective and easy to use (it is) or whether or not we get the product to our customers on time (trust me, we will), if they’re not satisfied with what we give them, we’ve failed. And we take that seriously.

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Featured Favorite

Real cards created by real people like you!

Christmas card ideas
These proud grandparents had a lot to share, and their Christmas card shows it. So many beautiful grandkids! And they managed to get them all together in one great photo, which we know isn’t easy to do. Kudos to them, both for the photos and for finding the perfect card to show them off. Janice, the industrious grandmother, explains how they managed to get everybody together.

“We scheduled a photographer to meet us during a family reunion in Park City, Utah. She photographed us in two nearby locations, first, using an old barn as a backdrop and second, in a horse pasture with the mountains as a backdrop. The hardest part has been keeping the photos “under wraps” until the Christmas cards were mailed, so it’s exciting to finally be able to unveil our wonderful family pictures.

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Ready or Not… The Holidays are Here!

Holiday card wording ideas
We know the holidays are a busy time of year with baking, cleaning, shopping, wrapping, cooking… and the list goes on. Sending your Christmas cards can get lost on the long list of to-dos, but we know you still think it is important to send a greeting to your loved ones. We wanted to help by sharing wording ideas that we think could be fun to put on your card, even if it is late. And don’t forget to have fun with your photos, too! Below are 10 holiday card wording ideas plus 10 cards with editable text for you to write whatever you wish!  Continue reading

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Ideas for Displaying Christmas Cards

‘Tis the season for your mailbox to be filled with beautiful Christmas cards from loved ones – it truly is our favorite time of the year! With all these beautiful cards, we love coming up with ideas for displaying your Christmas cards to add to the holiday decor in your home. Here are 3 ideas for displaying Christmas cards in your home.

1. DIY Inspired created this idea using chicken wire and clothes pins. She uses an old frame, chicken wire, and some cute ornaments as added decor. The bigger the frame, the more cards you can fit! Visit her blog for the full tutorial.
Ideas for Displaying Christmas Cards

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