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Christmas card wording ideas
Christmas Card Ideas, Christmas card wording ideas, Christmas Family Traditions

10 New Ways to Say “Merry Christmas”

At Pear Tree Greetings, we dare to stand out not only with our unique Christmas card formats (which we fondly call our Golden Pears), but also with the Christmas card wording ideas we use in each of our designs. We love to give you options for saying “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” and doing it with a fresh twist. Here are 10 new ways for you to say “Merry Christmas” on this year’s Christmas card.

1. String of Sequins Ornament Christmas Cards: Oh Joy
Christmas card wording ideas

2. Shining Bright Foil Christmas Cards: Be Merry, Be Bright
Christmas card wording ideas

3. Colorful Cheer Christmas Cards: Cheer
Christmas card wording ideas

Christmas card ideas
Christmas Card Ideas, Christmas Family Traditions, Family photo ideas, Featured Favorite

Featured Favorite

Real cards created by real people like you!

Christmas card ideas
We love the choice of gold foil to accent the beautiful photos on this simple, two-sided Shining Bright Christmas card. This family was excited to introduce their new puppy, Pearl, to friends and family, and chose this card because it had “the perfect sparkle for a Christmas card.” But more than the card choice, we love what mom, Heather, says about the tradition of sending Christmas cards and the meaning they hold for her family.

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Holiday Checklist: What You Can Be Doing Now

Have you started planning for the holidays? You’ve made travel arrangements, decided who’s hosting Thanksgiving dinner and your Holiday photo cards are ready to mail? Well, consider yourself a superhero because most of us don’t even want to think about the holidays yet. But if you get started on your holiday checklist now, you can eliminate some of the last-minute craziness and stress of the holiday season.

Holiday Planning Checklist
Talk to your relatives.
This may seem obvious, but rather than assuming plans will be the same as last year and that Aunt Susie will be hosting Thanksgiving as usual, you should ask the question and make plans accordingly. And if you are hosting (or can’t this year) let people know now, so they can make plans.

Keep your eyes peeled for deals. Whether you’re setting the Thanksgiving table, trimming the tree or decking the halls, decorating for the holidays takes time, money and planning, especially if you’re young and just starting out. You can be collecting ideas all year long, and keeping a lookout for sale items you can turn into something beautiful.

Christmas Card Ideas, Christmas Family Traditions

Make reading Christmas Cards a family tradition

Taped Up Memories Christmas cardsIn our family, it’s a race to the mailbox to be the one who gets to open the Christmas cards each day, a practice that really isn’t fair when some of us regularly get home later than others. That’s why I was interested to hear some of the wonderful family Christmas traditions our customers have come up with to involve the whole family in opening photo Christmas cards.

One family has a son in college, and they wait for him to come home for the holidays before opening any of the cards they have received. It sends a message that he is still an important part of the family and that their family Christmas traditions wouldn’t be the same without him.