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Each post shares a real story from real customers like you on how Pear Tree helped celebrate an exciting milestone.

There comes a time in life when birthdays just aren’t what they once were. Gone are the days of inviting your buddies over for cake, ice cream and party games. No more slumber parties. No more gathering your besties for a night out on the town. Depressing, right?! We say, enough! Who cares if you’re turning 32. Or 46. Or 73. Let’s celebrate it!

Surprise Party – Birthday Party Invitation
We all have that friend who is selfless. They always say yes. Always help others. Always comes to the rescue when you’re double-booked and your children are stranded at their after-school practice without a ride in sight (not that this has ever happened to any of us…). There’s one fabulous way to recognize that friend and make them feel incredibly loved and appreciated. Throw them a surprise birthday party! We love this new surprise party invitation featuring a photo of the guest of honor. Change the colors to fit your vision, update the text and it’ll be printed zipped out to you in no time flat.

Forever Twenty-Nine – Birthday Party Invitation
We promise we’re pro-aging. We embrace our wrinkles, gray hair and our mom-bods. However…this invitation is Just. Too. Fun. We all have that girlfriend who declares that she’s turning 29 this year for like, the twelfth time. Throw her a party and invite in style that’ll bring a smile to each guests’ face the moment they open the invitation. Choose a photo, switch up the colors, fonts and text until its perfect for your friend who will forever be 29.

Perfectly Aged – Birthday Party Invitation
Do you have someone in your life with a milestone birthday approaching? Whether they’re turning 30 or 90, honor them with a birthday party that brings together those who love them most. We adore this new birthday party invitation that lets you invite and show off the birthday guy or gal through the years. Personalize the look with any color, font and text for a design that’s as one-of-a-kind as the guest of honor.

This Is It – Birthday Party Invitation
When those milestone birthdays approach, it’s natural to have “OMG” moments. As in, “OMG, there’s no way I’m turning 40 because I swear I just graduated from high school last year”. We know the feeling all too well. Take a moment to accept it and then, OWN IT. Throw yourself a bash and invite in your own signature style. This new adult birthday party invitation features the phrase “This Is Forty” (or whatever age you’re about to embrace) over the top of your photo. It’s also available in a horizontal format. You can even update the background on the backside to designs like elegant marble or farmhouse wood grain. The options are endless and the result is marvelous!

We love sharing stories. Especially those that come with a happy ending. Lindsay Joly is a “mom blogger” based out of Florida who has to two beautiful children; Ethan, 5 and Carmen, 9 months. Lindsay writes from personal experience about motherhood, raising her kids and her family’s journey of adoption.

We talk about our passion for design a lot, but we have a secret for you: Pear Tree’s designs aren’t just beautiful — they’re award-winning!

We are so proud of being both a LOUIE Award finalist and a winner. These awards are all about, in their words, “celebrating the art, editorial, and design of greeting cards and invitations.” Creating exceptional design is one of our flagship principles, so being recognized for our work is an incredible honor.

Truly Award-Winning Design

But we don’t do what we do for the glory. For us, it’s all about the love of the work and the excitement of seeing you love it, too. Our joy is bringing unique Christmas cards from our design team’s creative minds to your hands. Outside recognition is just the icing on the cake!

We’ve always said that great photos make great Christmas cards, and this Featured Favorite is proof. We love the way the tropical colors and gold foil pop off the black chalkboard background. Our Minnesota team couldn’t help being drawn in by the warm-location photos and reached out to ask where these photos were taken.

Ho Ho Ho Trifold - Christmas Cards

Girls birthday party ideas: Unicorn themed
Cards you created. Ideas we love.

Girls birthday party ideas
We couldn’t believe it when we saw our Magic Unicorn Mask Birthday Invitations tagged on Instagram as part of this amazing unicorn party. We contacted the creative mom, Adrea, to see more of her fabulous girls’ birthday party ideas and ask how the party turned out. She told us all about it.

“We first found your gorgeous invitations at Pear Tree Greetings and became very excited about our theme!  My mother ordered Hadley, the adorable unicorn set from The Land of Nod, that quickly became our color inspiration for her birthday party. We made unicorn-shaped sugar cookies and I hand-cut tissue paper tassels to create a tassel balloon and tassel honeycomb tissue balls (honeycomb balls from Shop Sweet Lulu).
Girls birthday party ideas
Girls birthday party ideasGirls birthday party ideas

“I gathered so many fabulous ideas from The Alison Show. Alison threw a unicorn fourth birthday party for her daughter, and every detail was perfect. I shamelessly incorporated so many of her ideas for Hadley’s party. 🙂

“Tables that were originally planned for outside dining were moved inside our garage due to a downpour. My sister purchased craft paper to use as tablecloths and wrote each child’s name in gold paint. We then set the table with Shop Sweet Lulu silver star plates and unicorn napkins. Each child received a special glass of Magical Unicorn Dust (glitter), which was a big hit! Unicorn horns were made with cotton candy holders and dipped in glitter.
Girls birthday party ideas
Girls birthday party ideas

Graduation announcements
Cards you created. Ideas we love.

Graduation announcement ideas
As any high school grad will admit, planning your grad party is one of the first tests you will face in your new status as a young adult. From the invitation to the decisions about what to serve, where to have it, who to invite and what activities to include, the planning can put a lot of stress on the grad and her family. Hali, a 2015 grad, took her duties in stride and created her own graduation invitations.

Cards you created. Ideas we love.

Birth Announcement Ideas
Awww how sweet is Addisyn? She is so unbelievably sweet and she just happens to be the daughter of my very best friend, Brooke. When I received Addisyn’s Monogram Dots Trifold birth announcement in the mail, I was in love. The photographs from Images by Drea are beautiful and the colors match her outfit with the card perfectly. So, I asked my best friend if she would share a little about her birth announcement ideas and be our Featured Favorite this month.

New Year's Card Idea
Cards you created. Ideas we love.

New Year's Card Idea
We love this New Year’s card idea! The details of the photo shoot come together so perfectly and the Amazing Year New Year’s Card adds the right amount of sparkle and shine. It’s beautiful, from the white and gold poms and paper chain links in the background, to the matching tie on the young boy and the matching gold headband and shoes for the little girl. Ironically, the photo wasn’t intended for a card at all.

Real cards created by real people like you!

Christmas card ideas
These proud grandparents had a lot to share, and their Christmas card shows it. So many beautiful grandkids! And they managed to get them all together in one great photo, which we know isn’t easy to do. Kudos to them, both for the photos and for finding the perfect card to show them off. Janice, the industrious grandmother, explains how they managed to get everybody together.

“We scheduled a photographer to meet us during a family reunion in Park City, Utah. She photographed us in two nearby locations, first, using an old barn as a backdrop and second, in a horse pasture with the mountains as a backdrop. The hardest part has been keeping the photos “under wraps” until the Christmas cards were mailed, so it’s exciting to finally be able to unveil our wonderful family pictures.

Real cards created by real people like you!

Christmas card ideas
The Modern Storytelling Photo Christmas Cards appealed to this mom because she had a lot of news to share, from a new home and new schools for the kids, to future travel plans, to her wonderful news of a cancer-free prognosis in 2014–all summed up in one card. “I saw this newspaper format and knew it would be perfect,” she says. “I send a photo holiday card every year. Friends and family are always commenting on how creative our cards are and how great the photos are. This year I used AGriff Photography and LOVED the photos. I can’t wait to send these cards to our family and friends. We’ve been through a lot in the past 2 years and I want to share our joy and how well we are doing. This card was the perfect fit for us.”