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These graduation ideas help you plan a memorable graduation party from the graduation announcements to the graduation party decorations!

Your senior is graduating and it’s time to PARTY! Throwing a graduation party is a rite of passage for grads from coast-to-coast.

Now, I don’t know about you, but my graduation party (back in the 90s, baby), was kind of a snooze-fest. We used my school colors, a whole lotta streamers and served up the standard hot-beef sandwiches in a sea of crockpots.

Today’s high school seniors have it soooo much better! If your kid wants to create a grad party with their personalized style-stamp on it, start with a theme that doesn’t involve their school mascot.

This bright and colorful tie-dye party theme is gonna leave you inspired to throw one groovy grad party.

Mail a Tie-Dye Party Invitation

First, set the tone for their out-of-the-box grad party with this absolutely fun tie-dye themed grad party invite. Pair it with their senior photos to create a look that shows off their carefree style and sweet personality.

We love this this invite in purple, but the tie-dye color can be changed to anything you’d like! From blush to blue to cheerful yellow, personalizing this cutie is as easy as a click of a button.

Decorate in Cheerful Style

When you use tie-dye to inspire your graduation party, it means one thing – COLOR! Decorate with eye-popping touches like:

Balloons: Order balloons that match their chosen colors (we totally dig those swirl balloons!) and scatter them everywhere! Quick tip – staking balloons in your yard is a really fun way to color and fun on the cheap.

DIY Tablecloths: You can purchase tie-dyed tablecloths, or you can put your grad and their friends to work. DIY’ing tie-dyed tablecloths is fun, easy and will add soooo much cute color to the party. Plus, they’re perfect for covering boring dorm room walls in the fall!

Dress Code: Now this is fun: request that guests come dressed in tie-dye! Just imagine the photos and fun memories to look back on.

And, Of Course: Dessert

If you grad has a sweet tooth, they’ll love dreaming up a tie-dye theme dessert bar.

Cake: Work with a local baker to create a tie-dye cake. Everyone will leave the party with rainbow-colored tongues and full-bellies.

Cookies: An experienced cookier can totally pull off making tie-dye t-shirt cookies. Adding their graduating year would be a super special way to personalize them too.

Candy Bar: Put together a candy bar using candies in a rainbow color palette. It’ll be absolutely adorable and come with a free sugar-buzz.


Photo Credits: Dress: Whiskey Darling , Balloons: ETSY , CAKE: Country Kitchen Sweetart, Tablecloth: ETSY, Cookies: Sweetambs, Sweatshirt: Expression Tees

The Class of 2021 is getting ready to graduate and parties are on! The parents of 2021 grads are certainly looking forward to celebrating their graduating seniors. After all, these kids have enduring the longest senior year ever and deserve one awesome party.

But, we know that parties might not be quite back to normal. Throwing a Covid-friendly grad party is possible with a few easy adjustments…

1. Throw an Outdoor Celebration  

The great outdoors is better than indoors! Throwing an outdoor graduation party is a must in 2021. Make sure you note on your graduation party invite that your celebration is outside.

Featured Product: Classy Year

Then, get creative with these ideas:

Have Graduation Party at a Park

If you don’t have adequate outdoor space at your home, throw a graduation party at a local park. Most city offices will reserve park shelters for free or a small fee, making this a cheap way to throw a great party!

Be sure to deck out the park space with fun grad party decorations. Plastic tablecloths in your grad’s school colors will give picnic tables instant style. Scattering photo table confetti will spice up the tabletops and people will love looking at memories from through the years. And balloons are an easy and cheap way to decorate! Simply stake helium balloon bouquets right into the grass.

Get Creative with Your Space

Take a look at the outdoor space around your home. If it feels tight, expand your view.

Could your driveway be used? Look past the boring concrete or asphalt and imagine long table banquet tables lined up instead.

Grad parties are usually tucked away in backyards, but this year, consider spreading the celebration out to the front yard too. Rent some tables or set up some lawn games to encourage your party guests to spread out.

And finally…the garage. Utilizing your garage as a party space IS possible! And bonus: it’ll finally make you clean out everything that’s been accumulating in it. Set up a couple tables and line the walls with photo posters to draw guests inside.

2. Add a Drive-Through Option

Make sure every guest can celebrate in a way that feels safe to them by offering up a drive-through option, even if you’re having an in-person party.

Set your drive-thru area up curbside and rope off an area where guests can park and wish your grad well! Display balloons and stake a Honk for the Grad yard sign nearby to encourage drive-thru well-wishers to announce their arrival.

Featured Product: Honk for the Grad

3. Spaced-Out Arrival Times

Having a huge guest list can be problematic this year. To manage crowd-control, throw an open house with staggered arrival times. Use your graduation party invitation to assign times based on last name.

Featured Product: The Grad

Enjoy your grad parties, Class of 2021!

The graduating Class of 2021 has had their senior year turned upside down. If you’re the parent of a high school senior, we understand the heartache that this year has delivered for students, teachers and parents.

Even though the pandemic has sure changed your grad’s senior year, their graduation should still be celebrated; maybe even more-so than any graduating class that has come before them.

Whether you’re throwing a big graduation party or opting for a smaller or virtual celebration, don’t forget to announce their achievement to everyone who has cheered them on throughout their journey.

With these very special seniors in mind, our team has created a collection of graduation announcements especially for the Class of 2021. Some will make you smile and others might bring a tear to your eye. One thing is certain though – these Covid-themed grad announcements will highlight your grad’s perseverance with an eye on the future!


Here are our very favorite designs for your 2021 grad!

1. Much to Celebrate  

This trifold announcement is just SO FUN! The phrase “(still) so much to celebrate” is a wonderful reminder that even during a global pandemic, there are great things happening!

Featured product: Much to Celebrate 

2. Looking Up   

If your grad has a sense of humor, this is the announcement for them! The phrase “Things Can Only Go Up From Here” has never been so true, right? Perfect for inviting to their grad party with a funny twist, the color palette on this design can be updated to any combo you’d like!

Featured product: Looking Up

3. Wonderful Joy  

If you’re searching for a Covid graduation announcement that puts faith first, this religious design is perfect. The phrase “Be truly glad, there is wonderful joy ahead” from the bible verse 1 Peter 1:6 is an amazing message to accompany your 2021 graduation announcement.

Featured product: Wonderful Joy

4. Future is Bright

If your Grad’s eye is firmly set on the future, this fun phrase is a great choice. This saying is so popular, we splashed it across several designs!

5. The Best

The past is in the past and the best is yet to come! This faith-filled graduation announcement features the bible verse “the best is yet to come” alongside your senior portraits. It’s enough to make your tear up, isn’t it?

Featured products: The Best

6. Letterboard Grad

It really was the longest senior year evvvvver! This cute letterboard style announcement feature any phrase you’d like, and we love the proclamation that you’re “finally!” done.

Featured products: Letterboard Grad

7. Rolled With It

Sorry, but we had to. The Class of 2021 may be the only graduating class to ever get away with a toilet-paper themed graduation party invitation.

Featured products: Rolled With It

8. The Best Views

This might be the perfect quote for the Class of 2021 – “The best views come after the hardest climbs”. We love this one so much, we created two announcements that feature this saying.

9. Okayest Senior Year

If the grad has a sense of humor, this funny Class of 2021 announcement is the one! The phrase “Okayest Senior Year Ever” is flat out hilarious.

Featured products: Okayest Senior Year

10. She Persisted

This one’s for the girls! Perhaps the perfect announcement for your feminist-mined senior, this folding design features the now iconic phrase “Nevertheless, she Persisted”.

Featured products: She Persisted

11. Great That Awaits

Toast the grad’s achievement with this foil-stamped stunner! The phrase “Here’s to the Great that awaits” is pressed in gorgeous, shining foil on this folded announcement

Featured products: Great That Awaits  

12. Magical Beginnings

Graduation can be bittersweet. If your graduate is looking forward to a fresh beginning, this heartfelt quote is a beautiful sentiment: “trust in the magic of new beginnings”.

Featured products: Magical Beginning 

13. Trust in the Lord

Is there a better way to declare the grad’s faith in the future God has planned for them? We simply adore this religious-themed announcement.

Featured products: Trust in the Lord

14. Class of Zoom

Did your senior spend most of their senior year online? This zoom-themed graduation announcement declares the class of 2021 the class of zoom!

Featured products: Class of Zoom

15. For the Books

The Class of 2021 will go down in history! The saying “one for the books” is a perfect saying for this spectacular class of seniors.

Featured products: For the Books

16. Strong Grad

It’s the motto for this year’s class – Class of 2021 Strong! A unique announcement for this year’s high schoolers, this one is time capsule worthy.

Featured products: Grad Strong


Happy creating, Class of 2021!

Oh, Class of 2020. First, let’s acknowledge that this is just…the pits. This is not how your senior year should be ending.

And to the parents of the Class of 2020 – as parents ourselves, we understand the heartbreak you’re enduring as milestone events pass by without happening. Virtual graduation ceremonies and party parades are just not the same, right?

But – you can, and absolutely should, still announce your grad. Not only is it so important to acknowledge their mega-achievement, but just image how delighted each recipient will be to receive a beautiful graduation announcement in their mailbox.

Featured invitation: Future is Bright

If you want to announce your graduate with uplifting style, you’re going to love these new announcements. They were created especially with the Class of 2020 in mind and feature quotes and verses that’ll give you goosebumps.

“What Feels Like the End is Often the Beginning”
This inspiring announcement just might bring a tear to your eye. The quote is especially bittersweet this year and all those photos…oye. We don’t blame you if you become a puddle.

“God Has More in Store for You than You Can Even Imagine”
A religious graduation announcement that fits their faith, personal style and even their favorite colors. The bible verse perfectly sums up what lies before them.


“And So a New Chapter Begins”
Your grad is going to be SO ready for their next chapter and this folding graduation announcement announces it in shining style.


“The Future is Bright”
No truer words have even been said! The near future feels a bit uncertain, but look a bit beyond it and you’ll see your senior doing great big things. This gorgeous booklet announcement lets you tell their story in beautiful style.


“For I Know the Plans I Have for You”
Put your faith in God and know He’s got this. This faith-based announcement is a modern mix of religious style and glam details.


Best wishes, Class of 2020 – we see a bright future ahead!

To Parents of the Class of 2020: We know how hard this is. We’ve cleaned out our own children’s lockers. We’ve watched teachers pack up their classrooms in disbelief. We’ve shed many tears over canceled proms, sports events and yes – graduation ceremonies. We’re still trying to grasp this new reality. For parents of high school seniors, this has been particularity difficult. While your senior’s year may not be ending the way you envisioned, their accomplishments will not go unnoticed.


While the future feels a little uncertain, there are still creative ways to celebrate your senior while you wait for the green light on the most epic graduation party ever.


  1. Mail a Graduation Announcement

Your graduation ceremony and party may be delayed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t announce your senior’s graduation to all those who have loved and supported them throughout their journey. Our Graduation Announcements range from simple two-sided cards to beautiful folded booklets. If you’re not ready to set a graduation party date, you can still share their senior photos, high school achievements and their future plans.



  1. Post Kindergarten to Senior Year Tribute

Every young adult loves when their parents gush about them on Facebook, right? All kidding aside, they really will appreciate this thoughtful gesture. Dig out their memory boxes and find their school portraits from Kindergarten through their senior year. For 13 days in a row, post a photo from each year along with a special memory from that time in their life.


  1. Tell the Whole Neighborhood

Screaming it from the rooftops might be a little extreme, but you can declare them graduated to the whole neighborhood when you stake a sign your front yard. Our new photo yard signs let you show off your favorite senior portrait and add details like their high school, graduation year and more.


  1. Honor their Teachers

Teachers are feeling cheated by the shortened school year and are missing their students so much! Choose a few of your child’s favorite teachers from elementary through high school and remind them of the lasting impact they’ve had on your child’s life. The most touching way to do this is also the simplest – write a heartfelt letter. During a time of loneliness, receiving mail with a message of gratitude is the best gift of all.


  1. Decorate on Graduation Day

If their ceremony is canceled, celebrating them crazy on the day of their would-be graduation is so important. A family-only bash is going to make your senior feel special and loved. Deck out the house with custom decorations that you can reuse when the time comes for their huge (HUGE!) graduation party. Our favorites include photo bunting banners, table confetti and keepsake signature posters.


Know this – the time will come for their graduation party and when it does, we’ll be ready to help you invite in picture-perfect style!


Cheers to the Class of 2020!


Graduation is a milestone so huge, it deserves a fabulous announcement. We love seeing all those pride-filled posts on social media but let’s be real – there’s nothing quite like a pretty paper announcement that can be held, admired, and proudly display on refrigerators.

Our team loves creating designs with all the bells and whistles. From floral-themed designs to folding formats, our exclusive invites and announcements are gonna wow.

But…even we know that sometimes, basic is best. Whether you love minimalist style or are crunched for time, our newest collection of simple graduation announcements makes creating a custom design easy peasy.

It was a tough task, but we’ve narrowed down our huge selection to 7 or our very favorites…

  1. Top Honors
    This design looks simple, but the options are endless!
    • Change up the fonts and colors.
    • Choose from six layout options on the backside.

Featured product: Top Honors

  1. Shining Year
    Metallic may not be so basic, but this look makes minimalist style shine.
    • Choose from gold, rose gold or silver foil.
    • Update the background to match your school colors or photos.

Featured product: Shining Year

  1. Scripted Graduate
    A classic grad announcement that will never go out of style…
    • Every line of text is editable.
    • Choose from several background patterns to create custom look.

      Featured product: Scripted Graduate

  1. Photo Mix
    A photo-collage style announcement that looks expensive but is actually crazy-affordable.
    • Share up to 11 photos with backside layout options.
    • Change up the fonts (but wow, we love it just the way it is!).

      Featured product: Photo Mix

  1. School Logo
    Bursting with school pride? This design features your school logo and photo of the grad.
    • Upload your custom school logo or mascot. Our personalization tool makes it easy-peasy.
    • Choose your colors and fonts.

      Featured product: School Logo

  1. Simple Statement
    Sure, it’s simple, but this design has crazy-cute style!
    • The whimsical script text on the front can be changed to any color you’d like.
    • Those polka-dots on the back can be updated woodgrain, chalkboard and more.

      Featured product: Simple Statement

  1. Shining Success
    A classic foil-stamped design, this one has traditional design roots but feels ultra-modern.
    • Gold is forever a favorite, but try this one in rose-gold or silver foil for a twist.
    • Have a little fun by changing the background to a pastel like blush or mint. Instantly gorgeous!

      Featured product: Shining Success

Warm sunshine is sneaking up on us, and it’s time to start thinking about graduation season! If you’re looking for something for your grad who’s all about beautiful blooms, we have the perfect floral graduation invitations for you. 

  1. Lovely
    What better way to honor your graduate than by surrounding them with watercolor blossoms? This dual graduation announcement and invite is both convenient and beautiful. These easy customizable graduation invites and announcements will leave you with a beautiful, custom design with only a click of a button.
  2.  Lavish Blooms
    Express your graduate’s style with this booklet graduation announcement. Beautiful flowers paired with a dark background is a perfect way to make your graduation invitation pop and stand out from all the other announcements piled up on your loved one’s tables.
  3. Watercolor Greens
    Not too much, but not too little. This watercolor greens graduation announcement is the perfect mixture of classic styling and feminine touch. Watercolor greenery paired with pink color will capture your guest’s attention at first glance.

  4. Flower Child
    Watercolor flowers and gold accents are a unique way to highlight your graduate’s details. This trifold graduation announcement will wow anyone who’s lucky enough to receive it! Even better, this card opens to a large photo of your grad, and has another nine photos on the backside.

  5. Watercolor Flowers
    Do you have a daughter who loves boho style? What better way to capture it than through this one-of-a-kind floral-themed announcement! A dash of country detail paired with watercolor florals make this graduation announcement a perfect fit for your sweet flower child.

Calling all graduates! The time to announce your crowning achievement is here, can you believe it?! If you’re looking to send graduation announcements that pair modern style with a Christian theme, Pear Tree has you covered.

Our design team has spent the season dreaming up religious graduation announcements and party invitations filled with messages that give praise to Him for this very special day, while honoring your grad’s accomplishment.


Here are a few of our very favorites!

  1. The Plans

This folding design looks so impressive and can be customized in a blink of an eye. More than just a flat card, it holds ten senior portraits and includes room for your graduation party invitation. The bible verse “for I know the plans I have for you” from Jeremiah 29:11 is scrawled across the middle panel in printed gold – a powerful reminder that future holds great things.


  1. Let Your Light Shine

Can you remember when your senior was just a wee little thing, happily singing This Little Light of Mine? Dry your tears, mom, and create a grad party invite that honors both their religious and educational journey. This custom design features the bible verse, “Let your light shine before others” from Matthew 5:16. You can customize this design to feature up to seven photographs as well as the text and colors you choose. A sweet and heartfelt choice for the apple of your eye.


  1. His Plans

If you’re on the hunt for a Christian style grad announcement that’s as unique as your senior, this is the one! We call this style a ribbon booklet and it’s one of our very favorite formats. Four folding panels come together a tie shut with a bow, creating presentation that lives up to this one-in-a-lifetime occasion. This particular style has a minimalist vibe that features eight photos, room for party details and your own personalized color combo.


  1. He Will Guide

Graduation can so often feel overwhelming for the grad (not to mention mom and dad!). Knowing that God’s hand is guiding the path forward provides comfort during an exciting time and this announcement shares that sentiment in classic style. The bible verse “the Lord will guide you always” from Isaiah 58:11 accompanies your favorite portrait of the graduate on this folding design. With space for a total of 16 senior photos and a grad party invitation, all printed in custom colors, this traditional choice is a beautiful one.


  1. Shining Light

Your grad is filled with goodness! Announce their graduation in style that shows off their kind heart with a little sparkle. This design features the verse from Matthew 5:16 as well. We just can’t get enough of this cheerful bible verse and think it compliments graduation day so well. With plenty of photos, celebration details and custom colors, this modern design is a perfect choice to show off your grad’s sweet nature.





Your senior’s graduation day is within reach! Celebrate their achievement by announcing it in style that lives up to this monumental moment.

Our team loves developing new types of graduation announcements with unique details you won’t find anywhere else. This year, we’re so proud to launch these stunning swatch book style announcements.

Each design features four cards that are held together by a metal grommet. Every inch of these gorgeous announcements are packed with personalized style. There’s enough room for you to share all your favorite senior portraits, plus details about their graduation party, future plans, high school highlights and more.

  1. Timeless Swatch Book
    This design got its name because of its classic style and simple design. Don’t be fooled though, this grad announcement is anything but basic. With the ability to personalize this style in the fonts and colors of your choice, you can create a look that matches your graduate’s personal style.

  2. Dotted in Gold Swatch Book
    Your senior is going to sparkle on graduation day and their announcement should too! This sweet style features tiny golden dots framing each photograph. You can update the fonts and colors on this beauty to match their senior portraits, or school colors, perfectly.
  3. Distinguished Swatch Book
    When it comes to graduation style, gold may be king but rose-gold is most definitely queen. This dazzling design features printed rose-gold details and has room for an unbelievable 17 senior portraits! This style is sure to be a treasured keepsake to all who are lucky enough to receive it.

Whether you’re a go-getter and graduating earlier than your peers, or needed some extra time to fulfill that internship requirement to earn your degree, winter graduations deserve to be celebrated with just as much pomp and circumstance as traditional spring graduations. Send your friends and family a winter graduation announcement to showcase your achievement. While you’re at it, throw a graduation party too! You earned it!

Check out some our 5 favorite graduation announcements for December grads:

  1. Marble Geo – Trifold Graduation Announcement
    A cool combination of sleek marble and printed gold detail is a great choice for your winter grad announcement. Add your favorite photos of the graduate to the front and back to complete this unique, folding announcement.
  2. Simply Inviting – Foil Graduation Announcement
    Keep your announcement simple and classic. The foil-pressed detail on this traditional design shines almost as bright as your achievement. This non-photo design one of our favorite college graduation announcements.
  3. Throw The Confetti – Graduation Party Invitations
    This one is a bit reminiscent of a New Year’s Eve party, don’t you think? There’s a fun idea for your graduation celebration – throw it on New Year’s Eve and celebrate the new year and your new journey all at once!
  4. The Plans – Trifold Graduation Announcements
    Winter is a season full of faith. Announce your graduation with an announcement featuring the treasured bible verse, Jeremiah 29:11 – for I know the plans I have for you.  This religious sentiment, along with your graduation photos and details and you will warm the mailboxes of all your recipients.
  5. A Sharp Graduate – Foil Graduation Announcements
    This modern graduation announcement has contemporary style that’s so sharp and crisp! The color palette can be changed to feature your university colors. The thin foil-stamped lines can be pressed in gold, rose gold or silver  and wow, do they pop!
    Congratulations to all the winter grads! Check out all of our collage graduation announcements and find a design that lets you celebrate your success.