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These Halloween ideas will share creepy-crawly food ideas, invitation ideas and photo ideas!

2020 is posed to throw Halloween for a bit of a loop. Will trick or treating still happen? Can we hand out treats at school? Do you have to wear a mask over your mask?! Ugh, you win, 2020.

We’ve been busy brewing up some ideas of ways to celebrate Halloween with social distancing in mind. The key to having a Halloween party this year is to keep the guest list small, celebrate outside and stay far, far away from any sort of Halloween party food buffet.

1. Pumpkin Carving Party

This year, let’s light up the streets with jack-o-lanterns! And, let’s turn the pumpkin carving into a fun party for young and old. To pull-off this pandemic-approved soirée, set up individual pumpkin carving stations on your driveway or deck using Halloween-themed plastic table cloths.

Invite with a pumpkin-carving party invitation. Let your guests know that this year, you’ll provide the pumpkins but this party is BYOPCT (bring your own pumpkin carving tools!).

2. Outdoor Movie Night

We’re totally feeling this one! Invite the neighborhood to a socially distanced Halloween-themed outdoor movie night in your backyard. Set up an outdoor movie screen and projector and choose a family-friendly movie that young and old alike will love. Our favorite picks: Beetlejuice, Monsters Inc. or Hocus Pocus.

To make things extra fun, create these amazing cardboard drive-in cars for the kids. They’re so fun, the kiddos won’t even realize that they’re socially distancing like champs.

3. Boos and Brews

This Halloween party theme is just for adults. Grab a keg of beer and create a Boos and Brews party invitation for your adults-only bash. To keep things distanced, create a party space in your yard, or better yet, make it a neighborhood-wide party. Work with your city to block off the streets to create some more room for extra fun distanced socializing.

4. Ghosts in the Graveyard

Who else grew up spending summer nights playing ghosts in the graveyard? To create a Halloween party that school-age kids will love, make this game the focus.

Wait until after dark, then adjust this classic outdoor game into a hands-off one by using flashlights instead of hands to tag each other. Invite over a group of friends to play and have prizes on hand for the winner of each round. Complete the night with a bonfire for a picture-perfect autumn evening.

Enjoy the season and get creative this year! Happy Halloween!

Halloween is the best. I mean…a holiday that’s all about having fun and eating candy?! Sign me up! And, what’s a better way to celebrate than with a party? Throwing a Halloween party for your kids and their friends is a great way to celebrate the season and make lasting memories. But first, you need a theme. It makes the entire process easier and not to mention, way cuter. This little black kitty cat-themed Halloween party is about the sweetest I’ve ever seen!

Hello, Kitty Cat

The theme for this kid-friendly Halloween party was entirely inspired by our new Black Cat invitation. Isn’t it adorable!? This invitation is die-cut, meaning it’s cut out into the shape of the cat. That little curling tail gets me every time. This kitty is super sweet but that side-eye makes me think she’s a bit mischievous too. Reminds me of my own kids…

Classic Halloween Palette

No need to try to impress with decorations in a unique color palette. Go classic with orange, white and black instead. The best part about choosing traditional Halloween colors is that there will be loads of decorations at the store that you can scoop up for a steal!

Cat Décor and More

Carry the kitty cat-theme throughout the entire party with these fun decorations and activities:

  • Black Cat Costume: Purchase or DIY a whimsical black cat costume for your children. If you really want to get crazy, get in on the fun yourself! All you really need are some sweet cat ears and whiskers to capture some Halloween spirit.
  • Tableware: Mix fun black and white tableware for a whimsical look. If you can’t find cat-themed plates, you can totally DIY them with simple construction paper triangle ears glued to the edge of black disposable plates.
  • Sweets and Treats: How cute is this black cat cake? Pretty simple too! If you’re like me (ahem, not a baker) buy a store-bought cake and do the fun decorating yourself. All the credit, less hassle!
  • Games: When throwing a Halloween party for kids, activities are a must. We love this list of easy Halloween party games, including those cat-themed bowling pins.


Photo Credits: Black Cat Cake: The Cake Blog , Tablescape: Giggles Galore , Cat Costume: Chasing Fireflies, Black Cat Bowling: Better Homes & Gardens

The best time of year is almost here. No, not Christmas (although yes, we do love Christmas). HALLOWEEN!  I love an opportunity to throw a smashing good party and Halloween delivers year after year.

If you’re thinking about throwing a party this year, be sure to set a theme that’s spooky-fun for everyone. Personally, I love a good old fashioned Halloween costume party and these 5 themes are sure to delight young and old alike!

1. Favorite Book Character Costume Party

This cute costume party theme is a fun one for any age range and is especially cute when families conspire with group-themed costumes. You’ll have guests arriving dressed as characters from modern favorites like The Babysitter’s Club and Harry Potter and literary classics like Pride and Prejudice. This theme is particularity fun for book worms!

2. Scary Costume Party

Did somebody say…BOO?! Setting a scary costume dress code for your Halloween bash is sure to take your celebration from mild to manic in no time. This theme is ideal for the tween to teen age range. Werewolves, ghosts and Freddy Krueger, oh my!

3. Couples Costume Party

Calling all adults…this one is just for you! This adults-only Halloween costume party theme is sure to bring lots of laughs. Encourage your friends to really bring it by offering up a prize for best couple’s costume. Get inspired by pop culture, celebrities and even yes…politics.

4. Zombie Costume Party

Love The Walking Dead? This Halloween costume party theme brings the gross-and-creepy factor in style that’s right on trend. Really commit to the theme by serving zombie-themed food that’ll impress even the most fickle zombie.

5. Me in High School Costume Party

Okay…this one is laugh-out-loud funny. Leave the kids at home; this costume party is for adults-only and the theme is going to have you all in stitches each time someone new walks through the door. When you send your Halloween Party Invitation, instruct your friends to dress as themselves…in high school. Whether you’re 5 years or 50 years past senior year, a good time will be had by all!

Be sure to communicate your theme on your Halloween party invitation at least two weeks in advance so your guests have time to plan the perfect costume.

Wording examples to work into your invitations include:

Please come dressed as your favorite book character!

 BOO! Please come dressed in your scariest costume

 Join us for the Annual Couple’s Costume Party at the Nelsons

 Fright Night! Join us for a zombie costume party

 Costume Party Theme: Dress as YOU in High School

It’s gonna be like, totally awesome.

The perfect Halloween party theme for kiddos who are old enough to LOVE Halloween but don’t love a good scare quite yet. The Magic and Mischief Kids Halloween Party is a fun and friendly way to celebrate this most mysterious of holidays.

Up First: Invite

The colors and characters on the Mischief Halloween Invitations are sure to get children and parents alike excited about this costume party. The dark gray background sets the mood while the spooky but cheerful artwork sets the tone for a wonderful Magic and Mischief costume party theme. Be sure to check out the entire collection of Halloween Party Invitations for even more options. You’ll find fantastic invitation designs for everything from children’s to adult Halloween parties.

Next: Decorations and Costumes

Halloween is the BEST holiday for coming up with creative decorations and you can definitely do this on the cheap. An idea we thought was extra cute is the paper streamer monsters hanging in the lower right image of this photo collage. Talk about simple. Just slap a large eyeball on each streamer and you’ve got a wall of dangly monsters that make for a great backdrop. Especially for all the photos you’ll be taking of the kids in their fabulous costumes. If you want to stick to the “magical” party theme, you can always note on the invitations what kind of costumes to wear or let kids be what they want to be and see what happens!

Can’t forget: the treats!

Whatever treats you serve at this Halloween bash should double as decorations for sure! Take a look at the Frankenstein cups with treats on top as a fun and easy way to serve up some candy. If you want to try your hand at some homemade creations, the candied apples that look like wailing ghosts are tasty and they make a big visual impact. Remember though, your Halloween treats don’t have to involve food. If a few of the kids have allergies, try an alternative to the typical treat and give everyone a fun activity favor like bubbles or mini puzzles.

Check out our post on How to Plan a Spooktacular Pumpkin Carving Party if getting grimy and digging into some pumpkin guts is more your child’s speed. Have the happiest of Halloweens, everybody!

Photo Credits: Ghost Candied Apples: Smart School House, Witch Costume: Pottery Barn Kids, Frankenstein: Frugal Mom eh!, Bubbles and Photo Props: Catch My Party via Amanda Parker and Family Blog Spot

Pumpkin Carving Parties are THE BEST because they’re fun for all ages and you get to be as elaborate or as simple as you want when it comes to the actual party planning. Here’s how to plan a pumpkin carving party with ideas that are both simple and elaborate, depending on how adventurous you are as a party planner!

Keep it simple – You have all kinds of options for creating simple invitations whether on Facebook, an e-vite website or maybe fill-in-the-blank Halloween party invitations from your local department store. An official invitation is always a good idea though. It gets guests excited and it gives them a point of reference for all the gooey details.

Jazz it up – As you can imagine, we’re all about jazzing up the invitation! Check out Pear Tree’s collection of Halloween Party Invitations and you’ll find a few options for pumpkin carving parties specifically. You might think that custom party invitations are too expensive or too fancy but you’ll be surprised at how affordable these are and your guests will absolutely love them!

Keep it simple – Ask guests to bring their own pumpkins to keep planning easier for you. Most people like picking out their pumpkins anyways, and having pumpkins rolling around in the back of your CRV isn’t the most pleasant experience.

Jazz it up – Provide pumpkins for your guests, and be sure to provide a variety of sizes, shapes and even colors. The nice thing about providing the pumpkins is that you get to choose pumpkins that will suite whatever style of decorating you will be doing at this party, which brings us to…

Keep it simple – There is something wonderful about the simplicity of a pumpkin and a knife. We do encourage pumpkin carving tools as a safer (perhaps less exciting than the old butcher knife) approach. Be sure to provide  a variety of carving tools including a few different sizes of carving knives, scooping spoons, bowls or pails for the guts and paper towels for slimy hands.

Jazz it up – You can really go CRAZY with pumpkin decorating! Definitely set out the classic carving sets but you can also let guests paint their pumpkins. Acrylic paints work great. Or you can break out the power tools like drills, hammers and nails. Sound scary? Good! It is Halloween after all.

Keep it simple – Picnic tables outside are a great for easy clean up. Just hose them off and you’re done. Bring tables into the garage and cover them with painters plastic or tarps for easy clean up. They can be hosed off as well. Break out some newspaper or paper bags if you need something easily accessible around the house.

Jazz it up – After you’ve chosen how to set up the decorating stations, you can provide two bowls per table and ask guests to fill one bowl with guts and one bowl with the pumpkin seeds. If you ask nicely, guests might be willing to separate the pumpkins seeds as they’re gutting the pumpkins. You can then roast those seeds for a delicious fall snack.

Keep it simple – Fill a cooler with some ice and beverages that suit your guests, then ask everybody to bring a Halloween treat they’d like to share. Designate a table for all the goodies and maybe even dress it up with a fun Halloween tablecloth and themed plates and cups.

Jazz it up – Provide a table of Halloween themed food that you create yourself. The fun part about this is you get to create a thrilling spread of food with all those unique Halloween party ideas you found on Pinterest. You could still ask a few guests to help you with this. Definitely have some thermoses of hot drinks like hot chocolate and apple cider. You could provide a little something extra for adults to heat up their drinks like some Rum Chata for the hot chocolate or a little Honey Brandy for the cider.

Be sure to check out our recent blog post about Wonderfully Whimsical Halloween Party Invitations to find just the right invite for your Halloween shindig.

Photo Credits: Pumpkin Carving Party Invitation: Grinning Pumpkins, Table Setup: Tremaine Ranch, Apple Cider: Jenny Steffens Blog Spot, Pumpkin Pudding: Catch My Party, Kids’ Table: Ritzy Parties

Trick or Treating Party

Pretty much the only party children ever want is one that ends in delicious treats they can devour like ravenous little monsters. Halloween is a great opportunity to throw the ultimate party for kids. Start if off with the perfect trick or treat party invites like this Sweet Treat Halloween Party Invitations. Candy corn is iconic, so even if the kiddos don’t like candy corn, they’ll appreciate the idea of a giant piece of candy inviting them to a party.

Pumpkin Carving Party

What’s the next best thing to Halloween candy? Carving pumpkins! Maybe it’s dressing up in costumes but reaching bare hands into the gooey guts of a bright orange pumpkin ranks pretty high on the Halloween awesomeness scale too. Not to mention pumpkin carving parties are fun for both kids and adults. Maybe gut the adults’ pumpkins ahead of time and hide a tasty beverage inside…magical…but be sure to invite everyone with an equally magical invite like these Pumpkin Party Halloween Invitations.

Adults-Only Halloween Party

Speaking of beverages, it’s probably best to host an adults-only Halloween party to celebrate this wicked holiday in the most of wonderful of ways…lots of spirits! Not the floating, haunting kind although after a few cocktails you may feel like one. The Chalk Art Halloween Invitations have the dark and moody vibe you want but with sketchy artwork perfect for Halloween. Plus, if you need some ideas for how to write a killer Halloween invitation, the wording is to die for.

Kids Costume Party

Costumes and kids go together like chocolate and peanut butter, so you better have all four of those things at the epic kids costume party you’ll be throwing very soon. The Hocus Pocus Halloween Invitations look super cute but still have a slightly spooky vibe perfect for the younger kids who like to be spooked but not scared out of their Harry Potter pants. Kids will love the combination of witches on broomsticks, bright colors and polka dots.

Neighborhood Halloween Party

The suburbs are kind of spooky anyway, right? In a how-does-everyone-keep-their-lawn-so-freshly-cut kind of way? You have to wonder sometimes about the people in your neighborhood, or you could just invite them all over for a party the one night of the year where you have a perfectly good excuse for being the weird ones. And before you think you can just invite everyone verbally or by actually knocking on people’s doors — talk about frightening — check out the Spooky in the Suburbs Halloween Invitations. It’s like your neighborhood block party flyer except WAY cuter and MUCH better quality.

Kids Halloween-Themed Birthday Party

The Ghosts Will Haunt Halloween Invitations are just the right mix of fun and friendly for you child’s next Halloween birthday party. Kids can really relate to these invites. How? Well kids and ghosts have a lot in common. They fly around whaling when things don’t go their way, they simply will not help with chores (even though we all occupy the same home!), and they disappear as soon as you try to find them. Let’s not forget that sometimes they come into your bedroom at night and stare silently at you…

Halloween Movie Night

Probably one of the best, most underestimated Halloween party themes of all time. A Halloween movie night can be geared toward little kids, older kids, adults and grandparents. There are Halloween movies for all ages and all fright levels, and they deserve an entire party dedicated to them. Make your Halloween movie party official with the right invites like the Spooky Tombstone Halloween Party Invitations. Rent a popcorn machine, dress up as movie attendants and roll out a red carpet. Welcome your guests to a night of dreadfully good entertainment.

My favorite time of the year is drawing near. I feel it in the air. I see the décor lining the aisles of craft stores. I’ve been planning my celebratory party for months. Nope, I’m not talking Christmas. Halloween! Surprised? Halloween is hands-down my favorite holiday. I love the crisp autumn weather, the festive colors, the spooky decorations and I LOVE dreaming up a wicked-good Halloween party. This year I chose a Costumes and Cocktails theme and today, I’m sharing my inspiration with ya’ll.

Up First: Invite
For me, it starts with the invitation. I’m a stationery aficionado and never ever pass on a paper invite for a digital one. I just love paper and am adamant the invitation sets the tone for the party! Plus, I love seeing my invitation stuck on all my friend’s refrigerators for months and months (and months and months). This year, I’m sending this Costumes and Cocktails Halloween party invitation.  I love the dark mood, but the invitation wording had me at muahahaha.

Next: Decorations
I fully admit I tend to go a little over-the-top with my Halloween décor. I have totes full of skulls, coffins and over-sized spiders. If you’re not Halloween-obsessed, no worries, you can pull off a super-chic look for this party theme with hardly any effort at all. First, choose a color palette. I like the classic black and white theme featured here. It’s simple and spooky but also classy enough for an adults-only party. Next, drive over to visit your new best friend – the Dollar Store, of course – and load up faux-pumpkins. Spray paint them black and white for instant super-cheap décor. Finish up by choosing some extra details like the DIY branches or garland featured in our look. It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated to look pulled together!

And Finally: Cocktails
When the word “cocktails” is actually in your party theme name, you can’t skimp on this detail. Leave it to Food & Wine to compile an amazing list of 25 Halloween cocktail recipes. I’ll be serving the Dark and Stormy Death Punch at my soiree, admittedly because I totally love the name. Death Punch?! Come on, it doesn’t get much better than that. For my designated drivers, I’ll be making this Spiced Cider Punch and happily referring to it as a cocktail too!

Photo Credits: Spooky Black and White Russian: Homemade Banana, Table Scape: Frog Prince Paperie, Bat Placemat: Hester & Cook, Painted Pumpkins: Linen, lace, And Love

We, at Pear Tree Greetings, held our third annual Halloween Treat Day! We love coming up with spooky, yet tasty, Halloween food ideas to share with you. Below you will see we have everything from bat wings to worms to black cats to inspire your Halloween ideas this year. Enjoy!

Worms in the dirt made by Shelly. These creepy crawly worms will gross out everyone at the party! Add crumbled Oreos to make it look like they are crawling in dirt. Doesn’t get better than this for Halloween! Get the recipe here.
Halloween food ideas

Healthy twist on Candy Corn made by Lindsey. Such a cute idea using three vegetables – cauliflower, carrots and yellow peppers – and creating it into candy corn shape. Perfect finger foods for adults and children!
Halloween food ideas

Graveyard taco dip made by Brianna. This dip was a hit at our office party! Simply make taco dip and use Mission Tortilla chips to stand up in the dish to look like a tombstone. Use black icing to write RIP on the chips.
Halloween food ideas

Planning a Halloween party? Our spooky new Halloween invitations set the tone for your haunted house or costume party the minute your guests open the envelope. Grungy, weathered backgrounds and creepy fonts with spiders, ghosts and skulls lurking about are just what your party needs, right?
2775_34061FCmn 2775_27456FCmn

Halloween decorations including table decor, favor tags and treat tags can be customized to match your invitations. Some treat tags are even designed to hold lollipops and can be personalized for handing out at school!
2775_34064GTFCmn 2775_34057TDFCmn

We just had to share these adorable Halloween card ideas, all created with the same card: our Glittery Boo Horizontal Halloween Photo Cards. When your photos are this cute, you just have to share them. The Boo card seems to work well with all of them!

Glittery Boo Horizontal Halloween Photo Cards
Says the furry lion’s mom, “This is our little one’s first Halloween, and I received his costume the night before his 9-month picture. As soon as I saw the proofs I knew I needed to share our little lion with our family and friends. The BOO card was perfect—simple and clean.”