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These holiday party ideas will inspire you to throw a party no one will forget!

If there was ever a day to throw a go-all-out party, it’s New Year’s Eve! Break out the confetti and put the champagne on ice. This Pop, Fizz, Clink New Year’s party look is going to set the tone for one glam and crazy-fun bash.

Invite: Think Pop!
Welcome the New Year in a sea of bold, glam color and simple, modern style. This new Pop Fizz Clink New Year Party Invitation let’s you invite to the biggest party of the year in a snap.  Simply update with all your details and we’ll print and ship before you can countdown from 10!

Decorate: Think Fizz!
Up next: the décor. Weave the glam and modern vibe from your invitation into your party setting with these simple tips. First, keep your palette white, black and gold. Cover your serving and dining surfaces in black or white fabric or tablecloths then scatter contrasting confetti everywhere! Don’t fret about the mess, that’s what vacuums are for, right? Make a run to the thrift store and pick up candleholders and spray paint them gold. They’ll look ultra-luxe and add so much to the setting, but are such an affordable DIY. Finally, order black latex balloons and decorate them with a gold metallic pen. Polka-dots, typography detail and even the year in fun bold lettering will look so fun and totally custom.

Serve: Think Clink!
New Year’s Eve is all about the bubbly, so be sure to have plenty of champagne and drinkware on hand. Keep your food menu simple and focus on dessert. Chocolate truffles, rock candy and gold-wrapped candies are sure to be a hit. These sparkling mini parfaits can be made ahead of time and fit right in with the party theme and color palette!

Happy New Year, everyone!


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The holidays deserve to be celebrated and this gorgeous party theme lets you do it in sparkling style! This Jingle and Mingle Holiday Party shows you just how simple it is to achieve an ultra-chic Christmas party look.

Invite: In Style
A perfect soirée starts with the invitation and we’re huge fans of this new Let’s Jingle Holiday Party Invitation. Forget traditional red and green; this glam palette combines snow white with glitzy gold to create a look that will set the tone for your snazzy celebration. The “Jingle and Mingle” and whimsical star artwork is printed faux gold foil, giving you the look of popular foil-stamping for a way lower price. Pro tip: Order this beauty in our Signature Shimmer paper stock to amp up the glam-factor.

Decorate: Simply
We love a party that’s decorated to a tee but seriously, who has time for that during the holiday season?! The key to this look is so simple to execute and budget-friendly – lighting! First, turn down the lights and turn on twinkling Christmas string lights for a soft glow that sets the mood. Then, scatter white candles in various sizes all about. Our favorite way to pull off this look on a shoestring budget is to hit up the thrift store. Gather up candle holders in various metallic hues and mix and match for an eclectic look you can re-use year after year.

Serve: Scrumptiously
No one likes to be in the kitchen during their own party which is why we love the idea of keeping things simple with holiday drinks and desserts. First, start with an easy but impressive gold Christmas cocktail. This vanilla champagne cocktail is so simple your guests can mix them on their own. The rock candy garnish is perfect for a winter party and a great conversation starter. For desserts, keep it light and white with frosted sugar cookies, white chocolate tiramisu and pecan meltaways.

Not sure an elegant gold and white holiday party is the look for you? Be sure to check out our post on a Plaid Themed Christmas Party to see a holiday celebration that’s based on festive dress code! Happy holiday party season, all!

Photo Credits: Party People: INSPIRED BY THIS, Cocktails: Valerie Busque via STYLE ME PRETTY, Candles: KELLEY NAN GRACIOUS LIVING, Cookies: LARK & LINEN

Holiday parties are some of the best parties of the year! And everyone loves a great holiday party theme, especially when it’s as simple as A Holiday Plaid Party. Easy, fun and affordable—all you need are the right invites and ideas. Lucky for you, we’ve got both!

holiday plaid party ideas

Up First: Invite
Let everyone know there is definitely a dress code for this holiday party and it’s PLAID! The Plaid Party Holiday Invitations tell friends and family exactly what they need to wear not to mention they’ll be super excited to get some legit party invitations in the mail. These invites come with the classic black and red plaid shown but you can customize the wording to note that any and all colors of plaid are welcome. We’ve got lots of holiday party invitations, so if plaid isn’t your top choice then be sure to check out some others.

Next: Activities
A holiday party needs at least one fun activity to keep people energized and mingling. Does drinking count? Yes, probably. So does eating for that matter but we like to get creative here at Pear Tree. Try setting up a selfie station somewhere in your home with a fun backdrop and maybe even a few props. You could do some cookie decorating with ready-made cookies. You could set up a fondue bar for some light eating. You could also set out voting jars for best plaid ensemble. We bet you can think of a great prize for the winner!

Finally: Drinks!
Somehow drinks and plaid just go together, right? We thought so! We love the idea of getting some custom wine bottle labels and dressing up your wine selection like shown. Or get out the crock-pot and prep some hot drinks perfect for the frightfully cold weather that’s sure to come. Grab a mulling spices packet from your local grocery store and place that in a crockpot of cider, which you can jazz up with your spirit of choice. You can also place mulling spices in a crock-pot (or use the stove) of red wine for mulled wine. Simply delish and very festive.

Photo Credits: Ladies in Red Hats: via Crowley Party, Cookies: Sweet Sugarbelle, The Country Chic Cottage, Wine Labels: Etsy



Some of our favorite colors and styles are throwbacks to another era. When in doubt, borrow a classic trend to add touches of class to your world. A vintage look is always modern and always perfectly at home, even in a Christmas card.

Moodboard: Vintage

Christmas Cookie recipe
Snowflake Christmas cookies
Need something quick and easy? These snowflake Christmas cookies are just what you need! They are dainty and adorable, but only require a semi-steady hand! See my favorite sugar cookie recipe below.

These cookies are only about 3 inches in diameter, but you could easily make them any size. Also, no need to color any frosting, a simple white frosting is perfect. All you need is a piping bag and a small circle tip. I used Wilton’s #3.

Tip: Keep it simple and use a circle cookie cutter. Don’t have one handy? Use a glass!

St. Patrick’s Day is Monday and so Pear Tree decided to have a St. Patrick’s Day themed treat day in the office. All the food was delicious and it was fun coming up with the ideas.

St. Patrick's Day Food Ideas - Rainbow Bright #peartreegreetingsKelsey made the rainbow fruit tray with a cloud (fruit dip) and a pot of gold coins (Rolos) at the end of it. Colorful, fun and tasty!

St. Patrick's Day Food Ideas #peartreegreetingsOn the left is the always-necessary-at-any-treat-day guacamole from David and on the right is a green salad with bacon bits from Christy. Perfecto.

We know that planning a Christmas party can be stressful, but we have some helpful tips from on how to ease your mind.

Holiday Cocktail Party Invitations -- Sparkling Toasts1. Send your Christmas party invitations out early, at least a month in advance. The holidays get busy and it’s better to have your party on everyone’s calendar as soon as you start the planning.
2. Create a budget. Nobody likes a surprise when checking out at the grocery store. A little planning will go a long way.
3. If you are preparing the food, create a menu and timeline for when you need to shop, prepare and cook everything so you can be 100% ready. Prepare as much as you can in the days leading up to the party. holiday partyOur new favorite resource for creative ideas is Whether you’re planning a holiday party, a wedding or a kitchen renovation, it makes browsing the Internet for ideas much easier and a lot more fun.

Instead of bookmarking, or worse, printing the ideas you love, you can ‘pin’ them to virtual bulletin boards on You can organize ideas by event, style, theme, or project, quickly go back to the source pages for recipes or how-tos, and even share all your ideas with friends. This makes it super easy to plan a party!

To show you how fun it is, we created a Pinboard to help us plan a holiday party using our Sketched Pinecones Holiday Party Invitations for inspiration. First we logged in to our Pinterest account and searched for “pinecone holiday décor” to find decorating ideas other people might have pinned. We re-pinned any images we liked, adding them to our Pinecone Party Pinboard.

Adding the “Pin It” tool to our toolbar allowed us to widen our search beyond and pin images wherever we found them, crediting our sources and linking back to the details as we went. Quickly the theme began to come together, incorporating the cool aqua color, white feathers and pinecones in different ways. We found lots of DIY decorating ideas we loved, then searched for winter party food and beverage ideas, and pinned those, too.

Now that we have our party all planned, we can share the link with friends. If you have an account, you can follow our Pinboards at and make comments, as well as create your own boards. If you like it, pin it. It’s that easy!

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas #Christmas #holidays #giftideas #peartreegreetings
Many of us love to bake during the holiday season, and share our treats with friends and neighbors. Cookies, fudge, toffee, dipped pretzels, popcorn balls, flavored oils and vinegars, liqueurs—whatever you love to make is what makes those great homemade Christmas gift ideas, because they comes from the heart.

I love opening the door to our friendly neighbor, who is hand delivering her annual gift of chocolate-covered toffee. We exchange holiday greetings and catch up on the neighborhood news. She, like everyone I know who shares the gift of their cooking, simply loves to do things for others and never expects anything more than a happy greeting in return.

Thanksgiving Traditions: What are you thankful for? #thanksgiving #peartreegreetings #thankful
If you are lucky enough to have a warm home to go to this Thanksgiving, filled with the mouthwatering smell of roasting turkey and the happy chatter of family and friends, then you have plenty of reasons to be thankful. It’s easy to get swept up in the hubbub of cooking and decorating, not to mention family tensions, and lose sight of what’s most important on this uniquely American holiday.