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These New Years Ideas share everything from New Years party ideas to New Years cards to New Years resolution ideas!

If there was ever a day to throw a go-all-out party, it’s New Year’s Eve! Break out the confetti and put the champagne on ice. This Pop, Fizz, Clink New Year’s party look is going to set the tone for one glam and crazy-fun bash.

Invite: Think Pop!
Welcome the New Year in a sea of bold, glam color and simple, modern style. This new Pop Fizz Clink New Year Party Invitation let’s you invite to the biggest party of the year in a snap.  Simply update with all your details and we’ll print and ship before you can countdown from 10!

Decorate: Think Fizz!
Up next: the décor. Weave the glam and modern vibe from your invitation into your party setting with these simple tips. First, keep your palette white, black and gold. Cover your serving and dining surfaces in black or white fabric or tablecloths then scatter contrasting confetti everywhere! Don’t fret about the mess, that’s what vacuums are for, right? Make a run to the thrift store and pick up candleholders and spray paint them gold. They’ll look ultra-luxe and add so much to the setting, but are such an affordable DIY. Finally, order black latex balloons and decorate them with a gold metallic pen. Polka-dots, typography detail and even the year in fun bold lettering will look so fun and totally custom.

Serve: Think Clink!
New Year’s Eve is all about the bubbly, so be sure to have plenty of champagne and drinkware on hand. Keep your food menu simple and focus on dessert. Chocolate truffles, rock candy and gold-wrapped candies are sure to be a hit. These sparkling mini parfaits can be made ahead of time and fit right in with the party theme and color palette!

Happy New Year, everyone!


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The holidays deserve to be celebrated and this gorgeous party theme lets you do it in sparkling style! This Jingle and Mingle Holiday Party shows you just how simple it is to achieve an ultra-chic Christmas party look.

Invite: In Style
A perfect soirée starts with the invitation and we’re huge fans of this new Let’s Jingle Holiday Party Invitation. Forget traditional red and green; this glam palette combines snow white with glitzy gold to create a look that will set the tone for your snazzy celebration. The “Jingle and Mingle” and whimsical star artwork is printed faux gold foil, giving you the look of popular foil-stamping for a way lower price. Pro tip: Order this beauty in our Signature Shimmer paper stock to amp up the glam-factor.

Decorate: Simply
We love a party that’s decorated to a tee but seriously, who has time for that during the holiday season?! The key to this look is so simple to execute and budget-friendly – lighting! First, turn down the lights and turn on twinkling Christmas string lights for a soft glow that sets the mood. Then, scatter white candles in various sizes all about. Our favorite way to pull off this look on a shoestring budget is to hit up the thrift store. Gather up candle holders in various metallic hues and mix and match for an eclectic look you can re-use year after year.

Serve: Scrumptiously
No one likes to be in the kitchen during their own party which is why we love the idea of keeping things simple with holiday drinks and desserts. First, start with an easy but impressive gold Christmas cocktail. This vanilla champagne cocktail is so simple your guests can mix them on their own. The rock candy garnish is perfect for a winter party and a great conversation starter. For desserts, keep it light and white with frosted sugar cookies, white chocolate tiramisu and pecan meltaways.

Not sure an elegant gold and white holiday party is the look for you? Be sure to check out our post on a Plaid Themed Christmas Party to see a holiday celebration that’s based on festive dress code! Happy holiday party season, all!

Photo Credits: Party People: INSPIRED BY THIS, Cocktails: Valerie Busque via STYLE ME PRETTY, Candles: KELLEY NAN GRACIOUS LIVING, Cookies: LARK & LINEN

Are you putting off ordering holiday cards because you think you’ve got plenty of time? Or maybe you’re having trouble deciding what you want. Either way, tell us what you’re looking for in a holiday card and we’ll tell you which New Year’s Cards are perfect for you!

I want to…be efficient!
Internal Dialogue: “I barely have time to shower every day let alone write a far-to-detailed letter to my friends and family about my uneventful year.”

POSTCARDS are a great option! You can still add a few photos but the message can be quick and simple. You don’t even have to deal with envelopes, and postage is cheaper. You’ll love the stylish look of the New Year Tiding Postcard, and that it still has spots for three photos.

I want to…keep it classic!
Inner Dialogue: “I may have missed the boat on Christmas cards but I still like the look of a classic holiday card. Plus, maybe this way Nana won’t even notice that I missed sending Christmas cards this year…”

FLAT CARDS are perfect. They’re the standard holiday card size and you can choose from all kinds of festive designs. The Hello New Year Card is one of our favorites because you get to choose the layout and background design for the backside.

I want to…be unique!
Inner Dialogue: “Am I a bad person if I’m kind of over Christmas cards? Everybody with their impossibly perfect photos and super charming message. Seriously. I just want something different!”

TRIFOLD CARDS are an awesome way to change up your greeting card style! Pair that with a New Year’s design and you’ve got something totally different than what everyone else is sending. Check out the New Year Sparkle Trifold Card for sure.

I want to…get fancy!
Inner Dialogue: “Okay, the truth is I really want to 1-up my designer friend who designs her own holiday card from scratch every year and tends to get a little bragadocious about it.”

RIBBON BOOKLETS will knock the holiday stockings off of friends and family. The booklet style is super clever with lots of room for photos and message plus extra trendy artwork and illustrations you’ll swoon over. The New Year Confetti Ribbon Booklet is a beautiful example of just how awesome these cards are.

I want to…surprise people!
Inner Dialogue: “If I try to squeeze one more card on the super cute display wreath I made…ahem, I mean purchased, it is going to ruin all the time I spent perfectly arranging them so I can see at least one smiling face on every card…”

Magnets to the rescue! Magnetic New Year’s Cards are fun to receive, super easy to display and they’ll probably stay up for the half the year. Recipients will thank you for not adding to their Christmas card pile and for sending something incredibly convenient! The Best Year Magnet Card includes lots of photos and just enough room for best wishes.

New year's resolution ideas
Toss up metallic confetti, wear festive top hats and blow crazy horns, because it’s time for celebrating! It’s a new year filled with goals and wishes waiting for you to make them come true. Every year, we are all guilty of making some of those ordinary resolutions that you see slapped across ads, such as “lose 10 lbs.,” “drink less caffeine,” “save more money,” “eat healthier,” etc. Although those are all fine ideas, this year why not try something different and craft resolutions that will make you a better version of yourself. Here are some New Year’s resolution ideas to get you started!

1. Be Connected
It’s too easy to lose touch with friends and family. Make a commitment to connect with them throughout the year. Don’t just send a text (even tough we are all guilty of it). Actually take a few minutes to write a personal note and stick it in the mail. Or make that extra effort to meet up. Why not host a get-together with distant friends? Take the initiative to rekindle those relationships.
New year's resolution ideas

2. Be Giving
It’s not always about giving money (although, that’s generous too), but about giving your time to help others. This year, rather than just writing a check, go through all of your closets and donate clothes, volunteer at the humane society or send care packages overseas. If you’re crafty, make blankets or hats for those in need, and if you’re sporty, organize a basketball tournament to collect donations. Give back by using your own special talents. Make a difference in people’s lives by giving.

New Year's Card Idea
Cards you created. Ideas we love.

New Year's Card Idea
We love this New Year’s card idea! The details of the photo shoot come together so perfectly and the Amazing Year New Year’s Card adds the right amount of sparkle and shine. It’s beautiful, from the white and gold poms and paper chain links in the background, to the matching tie on the young boy and the matching gold headband and shoes for the little girl. Ironically, the photo wasn’t intended for a card at all.

Christmas has come and gone but if you didn’t get a chance to order your holiday cards, don’t worry. There’s plenty of time to send New Year’s wishes. In fact, there are no real rules about when you can or can’t send them, but we’ve gotten New Year’s Cards right up until we start getting Valentine’s Day Cards!

Members of our very own team love sending Happy New Year Cards instead of Christmas Cards. Just like you, we are crazy busy in November and December and yup…sometimes the task of ordering Christmas Cards falls to the bottom of our to-do list.


Our designers have been busy creating styles with so many unique messages, formats and details – we’re positive you’ll find card that makes your heart skip a beat.


Send Funny
Poke a little fun at your delayed holiday greeting with this super funny New Year Card…


Send Sentimental
Fresh year. Fresh start! A card featuring this phrase “the best is yet to come” is a lovely way to greet your friends, family and the new year.


Send So. Many. Photos.
Scroll through your camera roll to create a card that lets you recap your year in picture-perfect style


Send Simple.
Your photos. Your simple message. You can create this card is no time flat.


Send Celebratory!
It IS the New Year, after all! This folding design celebrates the season is confetti-inspired style.


It’s a joy to receive a photo card in the mail any time, and having your card arrive outside the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season makes it all the more special.

From our team to yours – we wish you a New Year full of everything you’re hoping and wishing for.

xo – the team at Pear Tree

Looking for Rosh Hashanah cards? Pear Tree Greetings has designs you’ll love to celebrate this new year with family and friends!

Glittery Greeting Vertical Rosh Hashanah Cards
Glittery Greeting Vertical Rosh Hashanah Cards
A holiday message of ‘Shalom’ sparkles on the front of these Rosh Hashanah cards, bringing a special touch to your favorite photo. The back features a colorful medley of meaningful symbols of the holiday, along with a L’Shanah Tovah greeting.

We know that planning a Christmas party can be stressful, but we have some helpful tips from on how to ease your mind.

Holiday Cocktail Party Invitations -- Sparkling Toasts1. Send your Christmas party invitations out early, at least a month in advance. The holidays get busy and it’s better to have your party on everyone’s calendar as soon as you start the planning.
2. Create a budget. Nobody likes a surprise when checking out at the grocery store. A little planning will go a long way.
3. If you are preparing the food, create a menu and timeline for when you need to shop, prepare and cook everything so you can be 100% ready. Prepare as much as you can in the days leading up to the party.