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These party ideas will inspire you to throw a memorable birthday! We have ideas for party invitations, decorations, desserts, activities and more!

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Kids Birthday Party Ideas: Start Your Engines!

This year nothing was more fitting than a race car birthday party theme for our three year old son, Alex Archer! I was able to create the perfect invite and decorations for his party at Pear Tree, making for a memorable party, once again.

Here are all the printed pieces I used, and I will show you below, in more detail, how I used them at the party to create these fun kids birthday party ideas you can do, too!
Kids birthday party ideas

I love how the Race Is On Kids’ Birthday Invitations turned out. The checkered flags and race car details in the design looked perfect with the photo of Alex, and I thought it was really fun to put his stats and the year’s recap on the back of the invite.
Kids birthday party ideasKids birthday party ideas

I ordered two sets of the Race Is On Table Décor and it was the perfect amount for all the decorating ideas I had in mind. I used checkerboard-patterned duct tape to hang a set of table décor on the door to greet our guests. I also punched holes in the table décor and strung them up for another decoration!
Kids birthday party ideas

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Couples’ Shower Ideas: I Do BBQ

Guest post by Molly Suedbeck from Suburban Events (Read her bio below.)

I had asked my sister-in-law if we could throw her and her future husband a couples’ wedding shower. Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with couples’ shower ideas, especially a theme. I wanted to try and find a happy medium where the future bride and groom didn’t feel like the party theme was geared more towards one than the other. After talking with her about it, she thought a BBQ theme would be perfect and I couldn’t have agreed more! I used Pear Tree Greetings’ I Do BBQ Bridal Shower Invitations to set the theme.
Couples shower ideas

As guests walked into the front entrance, they were greeted by pictures of the happy couple, strung with twine, across an old six panel door. This is a great way to incorporate the couple’s engagement photos that are rarely seen by friends and family.
Couples shower ideas

Kids Birthday Party Ideas
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Art-Themed Kids Birthday Party Ideas

When I was looking for kids birthday party ideas for my 5 year old daughter, Kamryn, I knew I needed to have an art-themed birthday party! Kamryn will spend hours drawing and coloring, so it was easy to convince her of the party theme. I started by choosing the Colorful Paint Tray Kids Birthday Party Invitations from Pear Tree Greetings. The invitation fits perfectly with the theme. You can choose a different color for the front and back of the invitation, but I really liked the colors and chose to leave them as shown on the website.Use these kids birthday party ideas to inspire your next party! #kidsbirthday #peartreegreetings #party #art

I wanted a backdrop for the tablescape and decided that a chalkboard would work perfectly. I then used stencils to create words on the board and colored in with chalk.
Use these kids birthday party ideas to inspire your next party! #kidsbirthday #peartreegreetings #party #art

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Featured Favorite: First Birthday Ideas

Real cards (and parties!) created by real people like you!

This month’s Featured Favorite is sharing fun first birthday ideas with you! Mom, Ashley, wanted to throw her one-year-old, Kalla, a unicorn-themed birthday party. Ashley personalized our Magic Unicorn Mask Kids Birthday Invitation and told us, “When I saw the magical unicorn birthday invites on Pear Tree’s website, I knew I had found the theme for my daughter’s 1st birthday party. I absolutely loved the whimsical idea of unicorns and bright colors.”
Use these first birthday ideas to inspire your party! #unicorn #peartreegreetings #birthdayparty

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Featured Favorite: Superhero Party Ideas

Cards you created. Ideas we love.

This month’s Featured Favorite is Allison who wanted a superhero themed birthday party for her son, Teddy. She chose our He’s a Superhero Mask Kids Birthday Invitation to kick off the superhero party ideas and set the tone for the birthday. Allison was able to personalize the card with ‘T’ for Teddy and change the colors. She also picked a unique invitation that doubles as a mask that the invitees can play with at home, which sets the stage for how fun this party is going to be.
Superhero party ideas from one of our customers! See how she pulled the party together #superhero #birthday #partyideas #peartreegreetings2014-08-03-18.33.58-compressor

Calling all Superheroes! Report to Teddy’s 2nd birthday party right away. No need to bring your mask and cape, we’ve got you covered.

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Girls’ Birthday Party Ideas: Monster Theme!

This little birthday girl, Whitley, is such a sweetie and can make your heart melt with just one look into those big blue eyes. Her parents joke that she can also be a little stinker, getting into mischief and keeping them constantly on their toes. So, for Whitley’s 1st birthday party, her mom, Andrea, knew just which theme to go with – little monsters!
Monster-themed kids birthday party ideas #peartreegreetings #monster #birthday

Andrea picked out the My Little Monsters in Purple Kids Birthday Invitations and used pink and purple as the theme for her little girl’s birthday party ideas.
Monster-themed kids birthday party ideas #peartreegreetings #monster #birthday

To celebrate springtime in Minnesota, this first birthday party was held outdoors. The front door was decorated as a one-eyed monster and there were various tables set up for gifts, food, and areas for guests to sit. Andrea had ordered Monster Bash Kids Party Decorations and personalized them with pink to match the invitation. Big sister, Mylah (4), was in charge of sticking the party decor to the garage doors while Andrea stuck them to the tables.
Monster-themed kids birthday party ideas #peartreegreetings #monster #birthday
Monster-themed kids birthday party ideas #peartreegreetings #monster #birthday

Party Ideas

4th of July Food Ideas

Treat day in the office! These are some of our favorite days to see what our co-workers can craft up in the kitchen. This treat day was themed red, white and blue in honor of the upcoming holiday, Independence Day. Here are a few of our 4th of July food ideas that are easy to make and add to the colorful decor!

1. Layered Drinks: to achieve this look fill your cup with ice and pour in lemonade, fruit punch and Gatorade. Be sure to pour slowly and you can read more information here. Add a fun straw to top it off!
4th of July Food Ideas: Layered Drinks #4thofJuly #partyideas #foodideas #peartreegreetings

2. American Flag Dip: this idea is easy to do as well! Cut up red peppers to make stripes, add humus to be the white stripes, and blue corn chips for the blue area. Such a fun and patriotic idea your guests will adore.
4th of July Food Ideas: American Flag Dip #4thofJuly #partyideas #foodideas #peartreegreetings

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Graduation Party Ideas from a recent Featured Favorite

Cards you created. Ideas we love.

It all started when, Kristin, the mom of a grad sent a message that left us teary eyed, “I just received my order and I have sat at my desk crying for 10 minutes because my daughter’s graduation invitations are so beautiful and perfect.” With that comment we just had to know more about her daughter and what kind of party she was planning so we reached out to see if she would like to be one of our Featured Favorites. She gladly accepted and we featured her daughter’s graduation announcement along with her story. After talking further with Kristin, we asked if she would share photos from her daughter’s graduation party, and again she gladly accepted :). Kristin sent us the graduation party photos saying, “It was a HUGE success and the talk of the town!” We are excited to share her graduation party ideas with you!

Morgan had a joint graduation party with her two friends. They took photos of the three girls and chose to use our Trifold Dots Graduation Invitation. They coordinated the colors in the invitation to match their clothing. What beautiful seniors!These seniors had a joint graduation party! Read about their unique graduation party ideas! #peartreegreetings #graduationpartyideas #graduationparty

Each grad had their own table, set up with her personal accomplishments and photos. We loved the light-up initials!
These seniors had a joint graduation party! Read about their unique graduation party ideas! #peartreegreetings #graduationpartyideas #graduationparty These seniors had a joint graduation party! Read about their unique graduation party ideas! #peartreegreetings #graduationpartyideas #graduationparty

Boy's Birthday Party Ideas
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Boy’s Birthday Party Ideas: Shark Party!

This year for my boys’ joint birthday party we went with a shark theme. The boys didn’t really have their hearts set on anything special (okay, my oldest would have done another superhero party like last year, and my youngest would have done something construction related…but I wanted to do something new :)), so we sat down at the computer and browsed through the birthday party invitations on Pear Tree’s site for inspiration. They immediately loved the mask designs and especially the shark theme! And so, the planning began…

Although the Shark Mask Kids Birthday Invitation didn’t require any photos, I still wanted to do a mini photo shoot with the boys so we could have photos displayed on the day of the party. I found the perfect shirts and we were set!
Shark birthday party ideas from #PearTreeGreetings! #kidsbirthdaythemes #birthdayparty #kidsbirthday

Once we had our theme, the décor and party items came together pretty quickly. I ordered matching ‘Shark’ table décor and posters, then pulled the red and aqua colors from the invite into the serving pieces wherever I could.
Shark birthday party ideas from #PearTreeGreetings! #kidsbirthdaythemes #birthdayparty #kidsbirthday

Kids Birthday Party Ideas, Kids Ideas, Party Ideas

Boy’s Birthday Party Ideas: Robot Birthday!

Robot themed kids birthday party ideas from #PearTreeGreetings! #kidsbirthdaypartyideas #kidsideas #robot
For my son’s sixth birthday we decided upon a robot theme after seeing the great robot mask birthday party invitations at Pear Tree. My son is a Kindergartner this year, and his classroom theme is all about robots, so he thought it was the perfect birthday party idea for his friends!

My ‘vision’ for this party was to use lots of metallic and shiny materials, combined with the bold colors from the invitation.
Robot themed kids birthday party ideas from #PearTreeGreetings! #kidsbirthdaypartyideas #kidsideas #robot

Since I’m a photographer, I always have to incorporate a photo booth into my party decor, which is not only a fun activity for the kids but also ensures that I’ll have some photos to remember the event when it’s over! We made a photo booth backdrop out of tinfoil, (yes, tinfoil!), and covered it in cutout gears that matched the invitation theme. I then added some table décor pieces from the Pear Tree collection. It was definitely shiny and fun!Robot themed kids birthday party ideas from #PearTreeGreetings! #kidsbirthdaypartyideas #kidsideas #robot

We ordered a few extra invitations to use as photo props and attached wooden skewers for holders. I also found a kit at Target to make silly ‘geek’ glasses with mustaches, so we made a few to use as photo props.Robot themed kids birthday party ideas from #PearTreeGreetings! #kidsbirthdaypartyideas #kidsideas #robot Robot themed kids birthday party ideas from #PearTreeGreetings! #kidsbirthdaypartyideas #kidsideas #robot