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These stationery ideas will inspire you and give you tips for photos, stationery and much more!

She said “yes!” and is about to say “I do” – this is such a super special time for the bride-to-be in your life. Certainly, you want to throw her a bridal shower that reflects just how much she means to you. Creating a themed bridal shower for your girly-girl is a sweet way to show your love and is just so much fun too!

A Gorgeous Gown

The theme for this bridal shower is Girly Glam! Embrace all things feminine and set the tone for a beautiful celebration with our new Bridal Gown invitation. Not only is this cutie adorably pink and super sweet, but it can be customized just for your celebration. The gold details are real foil, meaning your guests will be invited with sparkle right from the start! There’s even room on the backside for registry details.

Think Pink

Paint your bridal shower location in a palette of monochromatic pink to create a cohesive look – it’s easier than it sounds and can be pulled off on a small budget too.

  • Linens & Dinnerware: Use standard cream table linens to dress your tables then add pale pink runners made out of simple cuts of chiffon fabric (no sewing skills needed!). Add simple disposable tableware in various shades of pink to complete the look.
  • Table Décor: Add fresh flowers in shade of blush, cream and peach. Your local farmer’s market or grocery is the best place to find affordable blooms. Even the menu can get in on the pink action.
  • The Menu: Strawberries and pink macrons will satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth and pull double-duty as décor.
  • Dress Code: Ask the guests, and guest of honor, to wear pink! Everyone will love participating and it’ll make for the cutest group photos.

The Golden Details

Put the “glam” in your girly glam themed shower by sprinkling glittering all around. Add gold votive holders to up the romance factor. We also love the gold champagne with gold sugar rims featured in our inspiration board. If you find yourself asking, “should I add some gold?” to a particular detail, the answer is always yes!


Photo Credits:  Champagne: Krista Marie Photograhy via Every Last Detail , Dessert: Kinosi Photography via Inspired By This , Bride: Mariel Hannah PHOTOGRAPHY via Style Me Pretty, Centerpiece: Elisabeth Carol Photography via Southern Weddings

There comes a time in life when birthdays just aren’t what they once were. Gone are the days of inviting your buddies over for cake, ice cream and party games. No more slumber parties. No more gathering your besties for a night out on the town. Depressing, right?! We say, enough! Who cares if you’re turning 32. Or 46. Or 73. Let’s celebrate it!

Surprise Party – Birthday Party Invitation
We all have that friend who is selfless. They always say yes. Always help others. Always comes to the rescue when you’re double-booked and your children are stranded at their after-school practice without a ride in sight (not that this has ever happened to any of us…). There’s one fabulous way to recognize that friend and make them feel incredibly loved and appreciated. Throw them a surprise birthday party! We love this new surprise party invitation featuring a photo of the guest of honor. Change the colors to fit your vision, update the text and it’ll be printed zipped out to you in no time flat.

Forever Twenty-Nine – Birthday Party Invitation
We promise we’re pro-aging. We embrace our wrinkles, gray hair and our mom-bods. However…this invitation is Just. Too. Fun. We all have that girlfriend who declares that she’s turning 29 this year for like, the twelfth time. Throw her a party and invite in style that’ll bring a smile to each guests’ face the moment they open the invitation. Choose a photo, switch up the colors, fonts and text until its perfect for your friend who will forever be 29.

Perfectly Aged – Birthday Party Invitation
Do you have someone in your life with a milestone birthday approaching? Whether they’re turning 30 or 90, honor them with a birthday party that brings together those who love them most. We adore this new birthday party invitation that lets you invite and show off the birthday guy or gal through the years. Personalize the look with any color, font and text for a design that’s as one-of-a-kind as the guest of honor.

This Is It – Birthday Party Invitation
When those milestone birthdays approach, it’s natural to have “OMG” moments. As in, “OMG, there’s no way I’m turning 40 because I swear I just graduated from high school last year”. We know the feeling all too well. Take a moment to accept it and then, OWN IT. Throw yourself a bash and invite in your own signature style. This new adult birthday party invitation features the phrase “This Is Forty” (or whatever age you’re about to embrace) over the top of your photo. It’s also available in a horizontal format. You can even update the background on the backside to designs like elegant marble or farmhouse wood grain. The options are endless and the result is marvelous!

You loved her holiday collection for Pear Tree, so you’ll be excited to hear that the new Genevieve Gorder for Pear Tree Stationery Collection is here. Popular designer and television personality Genevieve Gorder, has poured her style and soul into an exclusive stationery collection for Pear Tree. And you’re going to love every one of these stationery ideas.


Genevieve Gorder brings a playful, soulful style to everything she touches, and her new stationery collection is no exception. The collection of note cards combines her love of organic prints, textures and unexpected color palettes with bold typography.

Stationery Sail Away


Genevieve’s sense of adventure comes through in the unexpected wording and the use of brassy foil to add punch to her messages. What a surprise it would be to get one of these note cards in the mail, complete with your handwritten note inside. From playful love notes to cheeky invites to friends, where will these stationery ideas take you?

Where have you seen her?

  • HGTV’s Genevieve’s Renovation, White House Christmas, Design Star, Dear Genevieve and, of course, Trading Spaces
  • Rachael Ray, The TODAY Show, CNN
  • The Design Network,,
  • Real Genevieve magazine/app

Want to learn more about Genevieve? Get to know her style at And be sure to watch for more collections from Genevieve Gorder, coming soon to Pear Tree.

Cheers to the New Year!! At Pear Tree, we are excited about what 2015 holds for our brand and what it means for you, our fans & customers. For the past six years, we’ve been working really hard to give you exactly what you have been asking for: more personalization options, more products to choose from, and more unique formats to make your cards stand out in the mail. We’ve added hundreds of new products and formats to our graduation announcements, Christmas cards and birth announcements collections to give you more ways to express your creativity.What to expect from Pear Tree in 2015

New year's resolution ideas
Toss up metallic confetti, wear festive top hats and blow crazy horns, because it’s time for celebrating! It’s a new year filled with goals and wishes waiting for you to make them come true. Every year, we are all guilty of making some of those ordinary resolutions that you see slapped across ads, such as “lose 10 lbs.,” “drink less caffeine,” “save more money,” “eat healthier,” etc. Although those are all fine ideas, this year why not try something different and craft resolutions that will make you a better version of yourself. Here are some New Year’s resolution ideas to get you started!

1. Be Connected
It’s too easy to lose touch with friends and family. Make a commitment to connect with them throughout the year. Don’t just send a text (even tough we are all guilty of it). Actually take a few minutes to write a personal note and stick it in the mail. Or make that extra effort to meet up. Why not host a get-together with distant friends? Take the initiative to rekindle those relationships.
New year's resolution ideas

2. Be Giving
It’s not always about giving money (although, that’s generous too), but about giving your time to help others. This year, rather than just writing a check, go through all of your closets and donate clothes, volunteer at the humane society or send care packages overseas. If you’re crafty, make blankets or hats for those in need, and if you’re sporty, organize a basketball tournament to collect donations. Give back by using your own special talents. Make a difference in people’s lives by giving.

Unique greeting cards
We had our first official snowfall of the winter this week, which means that my husband’s garden has gone from being officially “on its last legs” to officially “dead.”  It’s been six weeks since our last tomato and although by this time I’m tired of eating kale and brussel sprouts, it still makes me sad.  Five or six months (at best) until our next fresh greens, which translates to five or six months of grocery store produce.  Not that our grocery store and local food co-op don’t stock the good stuff.  It’s just that once you’ve eaten straight from the garden it’s a hard adjustment going back.
Unique greeting cards

Andrew’s been taking the loss particularly hard.  We’ll talk while he’s cooking in the evening and without warning he’ll transition from chatting about how our days went to lamenting our lack of fresh apples and heirloom veggies.

I still don’t get his fixation with heirlooms, and it drives him crazy.

“What is there not to understand?” he asked the other night.  “You of all people should get this.”

I’m not a Foodie (though I’ve eaten enough meals to know his are better than average!), and I pointed this out.

“It’s not about being a Foodie or not being a Foodie.  It’s about having a love and a…respect, I suppose, for something unique.”

And he’s right.  I, of all people, should understand.

For all those who’ve struggled with how to write a thank you card, here are a few tips that might make it a little easier. Whether your note is to follow up on a job interview or to thank a party hostess, knowing how to get started will make it that much easier to finish.
Use these tips to help you write a thank you card #peartreegreetings #stationery #thankyoucards Use these tips to help you write a thank you card #peartreegreetings #stationery #thankyoucards

  1. Write it right away. Preferably while the event is fresh in your mind. Nothing is harder than trying to remember details of a conversation, dinner party or event, weeks after it happened. If you write the thank you note quickly, it’ll be easier to come up with specific things to mention, perhaps a funny moment or a thoughtful touch you appreciated. Wedding thank you cards you can take a little longer, but most etiquette books suggest sending them within 2-3 months.
  2. Specific is better. Anybody can write a generic thank you note, and we’ve all gotten them: “Thanks for the blankety blank. I really appreciate it. Thanks again. Love, Julie.” Much better to mention exactly what you’re thanking this person for, and add something specific about why you liked it. 
Our new DIY cards let you create note cards, magnets, postcards and more using your own photos and text. Start with one of our templates, in your choice of sizes and add your image. Most of them have optional text boxes you can use to add text, such as party invitations or business stationery. Or you can leave them blank–it’s up to you! Here are 5 ways to use our DIY cards, and we’re sure you’ll think of more!

1. Personal note cards
Use a favorite photo to create blank note cards you can use for any purpose. Add text that says “thank you” and just like that you have thank you cards!
Create personal note cards with our DIY cards! #DIY #peartreegreetings

2. Moving announcements
Take a photo of your new house and turn use our DIY postcards to create moving announcements. An optional text box lets you add your new address on the back or inside.
Create moving announcements with our DIY cards! #DIY #moving #peartreegreetings

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Vintage Ski Christmas Card Display
I recently was asked by Pear Tree Greetings to check out their Christmas cards and design a fun way to display cards around the house. I wanted a fun, unique way to show off the gorgeous cards we get from friends and family- and wanted to incorporate some of our beloved family antiques to do it- so I made this fun and festive Vintage Ski Christmas Card Display!