shhh…it’s a surprise (party!)

We have two party invitations that would work perfect for your upcoming surprise party…whether it’s a birthday or anniversary or anything. Technically, you could use basically ANY of our products and just customize the text, but these two are super cute!

Shhh -- Pink Surprise Party Invitation

Comes in blue and green, too!

Shhh -- Blue Surprise Party Invitation

I met my husband about 8 months prior to him turning the big 3-0 and his mother approached me to help her throw a surprise party for him. Sure! (needed to get in with the potential in-laws…right?? :))

So, amazingly enough, we got the party invites out, made a scrapbook, planned everything and he NEVER had a clue. We lived in a fairly small town at the time, and you can imagine how well secrets are kept.

Anyway, I had one of his friends ask him to help bartend a private party at our local club and if you knew my husband, being able to socialize with everyone at a party is right up his alley…he had no idea and agreed right away. He rounded the corner into the club, everyone yelled ‘Surprise!’ and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him more red. It was awesome and truly an event to remember.

I’d love to hear your surprise party story or plan for that matter!

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It’s Birthday Party Time!

Have a little one with a birthday party coming up? Whether it’s their first, fifth or even their sweet 16th…we have the perfect kids birthday invitation ideas!

Let’s start with our kid birthday invitations. With over 160 designs to choose from, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one for your little one! I did. Okay, the designers just happen to sit in the same building as me so I had a little influence on Connor’s…you see, the only construction invitation we had was one with a big crane on the card…my husband works in construction but doesn’t have any cranes in his crew, so i begged them to create this card with a backhoe and dump truck instead. Trust me, boys know the difference. 🙂 So this one, Hard Hat Required Photo Birthday Party Invitation is perfect for your little construction themed birthday party.
We have the perfect kids birthday invitation ideas! #construction #peartreegreetings #birthday

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