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These thank you ideas share with you tips for showing your appreciation to others.

The holidays are the perfect time to show your clients and customers how much you appreciate their business. What better way than to send a beautiful business holiday card from Pear Tree! Our collection includes trendy, personalized designs that will be sure to catch the eye of your recipients. Add your own message and personalization for a thoughtful touch and even upload your company logo for no additional charge. This year, your business Christmas card is going to look professional, have oodles of style and just might snag you some repeat business in the new year!

The team at Pear Tree has created a collection of cards that you and your team will be super proud to send. Here are our 8 favorites – loaded with heartfelt sentiments of gratitude, well wishes and design so fun they’re sure to be pinned up for all to see!

Wonderfully Thankful
A delightfully whimsical design with a message of thanks that’s sure to catch their eye!

Reindeer Illustration
Swedish artwork will charm your customers and the faux-foil message will be friendly to your company’s budget!

Holiday Blooms
A beautiful floral pattern with festive colors, faux-foil lettering and a custom greeting from you and your team!

Gnome for the Holidays
This fun card is especially perfect for realtors! There’s gnome place like home and nothing as cute as these Christmas gnomes!


A traditional look that doesn’t skimp on style, this design let’s you express your gratitude with festive greenery and a loopy, calligraphy-inspired font.

Grateful Season
Your clients will be mesmerized by the real shining foil stamping and heartfelt sentiment on this card! Choose from 8 foil colors including gold, silver and rose gold.

Photo Corners
Send a photo card and let your clients put faces to your all names! You can even add your logo to make this card extra customized.

Calendar Greeting
This clever New Year’s card is both functional and festive. Your greeting and company logo will be pinned on cube walls year-round!


What’s the secret to writing heartfelt thank yous for your next baby shower?


That sounds ultra nerdy, doesn’t it. It’s true though, and here are five ways you can prep to make writing thank yous seem as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

PREP TIP 1. Purchase baby shower thank you cards early because you’ll probably start getting gifts in the mail sooner than you expect. Plus, you’ll find that it’s really helpful to get those thank you notes out as soon as gifts come in so you’re not bogged down later on when showers are in full swing or after baby arrives. Writing thank you messages will take twice as long with baby in one arm and pen in the other.

PREP TIP 2. Get a few different designs of thank you notes so you can change things up if you have multiple baby showers. You may find that family showers call for a more classic design while friend showers can be more fun and cheeky. Not to mention, the more excited you are about the thank you cards you’ve chosen, the more excited you will be to write them out and get them in the mail.

PREP TIP 3. Make sure a friend or family member is designated as the record keeper at each shower. Whoever is planning the shower will probably take care of this but don’t be shy in choosing someone if needed. They will create a list of who gave what as you’re opening gifts, which is essential for writing thank you notes afterward.

PREP TIP 4. Know what to write! A simple formula for writing baby shower thank you notes is: always give thanks for the specific gift from that person + share a memory with the person from the shower or why you’re grateful they could attend + mention how you plan to use the gift or why you’re excited about it.

PREP TIP 5. A recent momma on the Pear Tree team says to save the records of who gave what because you will probably want to send a few photos via text, email, social media, etc., of just how adorable your baby looks in/with the gift. However, remembering who gave what feels pretty impossible some days when you’re sleep deprived and giving all of your attention to the baby!

ETIQUETTE TIP: Etiquette says to send your thank you notes 2-3 weeks after the shower. Writing your thank you notes within this timeframe means you’ll remember more details about the shower, which is helpful. However, life gets busy and prepping for baby makes it even more chaotic, so you can take up to 3 months after the shower to send your thank yous.




Choosing thank you notes can be tough with SO MANY choices out there, but we can help make it easier through simple process of elimination! You know you want photo thank you cards, so the real question is…

How many of the Senior photos are can’t-live-without favorites?

Answer #1: Multiple! Choosing one or two favorites has been killer!

You need a photo collage, for sure. Did you know you can fit eight photos on one thank you card? That’s a lot and it still looks AMAZING. The Photo Squares Graduation Thank You Cards give you the personalization you want along with room for multiple photos so you don’t have to drop any of your favorites.

Answer #2: A couple shots I really want to share!

You’ve got style, and your Senior photos show it so make sure your thank you cards do too. The Photo Booth Graduation Thank You Cards are super cute with a film-strip design that gives them unique flair. You get to showcase three photos next to your personalization and you get to choose a background from more than 80 colors. Your personal style is bound to shine.

Answer #3: One basically model shot I’d put on the side of a bus if I could!

Sometimes keeping it simple is simply the best choice. Pear Tree has lots of one-photo graduation thank yous but the Classic Scholar Graduation Thank You Cards is an office favorite for sure. The “Class of [year]” is printed in your choice of five colors including very trendy faux foil colors such as gold, rose gold and silver. The full photo front is perfect for giving your favorite Senior photo the spotlight!


Wedding thank you ideas
Sending wedding thank you cards is a must as you and your new spouse enter wedded (eh-hem, responsible) life. Your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors took time out of their lives to join in your special day, so taking the time to thank them is necessary. But don’t think that every thank you card has to be the same. There can be ways to spruce it up a bit to share memories and moments with your guests. Here are 3 wedding thank you ideas to make your card stand out when guests are opening them.

1. Include printed photos of the guests. This idea has been a hit with friends and family! All you have to do is simply print off photos (that your photographer will give you) of your guests enjoying their time at your wedding. Include one or two pictures in your thank you card envelope and you’re done. It’s an added surprise, plus it brings back fun memories from the day. (Use idea #1 from this post to be sure you get a photo of every guest!)
Wedding thank you ideas

For all those who’ve struggled with how to write a thank you card, here are a few tips that might make it a little easier. Whether your note is to follow up on a job interview or to thank a party hostess, knowing how to get started will make it that much easier to finish.
Use these tips to help you write a thank you card #peartreegreetings #stationery #thankyoucards Use these tips to help you write a thank you card #peartreegreetings #stationery #thankyoucards

  1. Write it right away. Preferably while the event is fresh in your mind. Nothing is harder than trying to remember details of a conversation, dinner party or event, weeks after it happened. If you write the thank you note quickly, it’ll be easier to come up with specific things to mention, perhaps a funny moment or a thoughtful touch you appreciated. Wedding thank you cards you can take a little longer, but most etiquette books suggest sending them within 2-3 months.
  2. Specific is better. Anybody can write a generic thank you note, and we’ve all gotten them: “Thanks for the blankety blank. I really appreciate it. Thanks again. Love, Julie.” Much better to mention exactly what you’re thanking this person for, and add something specific about why you liked it. 
Today is a good day to let a teacher know how much you appreciate them! (Actually, any day is a good day to do that!) Whether it’s a word of thanks, a note or a gift, it truly is the thought that counts. And if you’re not ready with something today, the end of the school year is the next best time to show your appreciation.
Teacher Notelettes -- Alphabet Bash Book Sticker -- Chalk Board
‘Tis the season for gifting, remembering those who touch our lives on a daily basis with a token of our appreciation. Our children’s teachers top the list, of course, but it can be hard to find meaningful teacher gifts that won’t just get tossed or put on a shelf.Teacher Note Cards -- Stay in the LinesVintage Note Cards -- Spectacle Display
Teachers love gifts they can use. And since they put a lot of their own money into classroom supplies, anything you can do to help is appreciated. Some teacher gift ideas we love are:

This year on my blog, Infarrantly Creative, the word of the year I chose was “intentional.”  I have such a desire to live my life on purpose, to be intentional in my relationships and the things I choose to spend my time on.  I want to keep short accounts with people.  I want people to always know where they stand with me and how much I love and appreciate them.  So this year has been a mission to try to do that.  I have been doing everything from scheduling monthly lunches with my best friend to remembering (and being on time!) birthday gifts and taking that extra minute to make that phone call.


Thank you cards and personalized stationeryFriendship Day may not be a holiday on everyone’s calendar, but here at Pear Tree it’s just the incentive we need to plan a girls’ night out, or send a note to a friend we haven’t seen in awhile. What are you doing to celebrate friendship day? Here are a few ideas we had: