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These Valentines Day ideas are fun for everyone with photo ideas, Valentine’s Day card ideas, sweet treats and much more!

Let’s face it – 2020 was a tough year. And unfortunately, the winter of 2021 is shaping up to be equally hard. But – if there’s one bright spot about the pandemic, it’s seeing all the special ways people have come together while staying apart.

From dropping surprise treats on doorsteps to reading bedtime stories over Facetime, we’ve learned how to adapt and bring joy to those we love by connecting in ways outside of the box.

We see one very sweet holiday on the horizon that’s sure to get more love than ever! Valentine’s Day is going to look different this year, but sending wishes of love is about to get a lot more fun.

Snap a photo and create a Valentine’s Day card from yourself, your kids or heck, even your dog! Our newest Valentine’s Day cards were designed with Covid in mind and let you send a little socially-distanced love from coast-to-coast.

1. Air Hugs  

Until there are real hugs, there are air hugs! Add a cute photo to this pandemic Valentine card to create a greeting that will have everyone feeling the love.

Featured product: Air Hugs

2. In Our Hearts  

Commemorate the winter of 2021 with this super-heartfelt Valentine’s Day card. The phrase “6 feet apart but still in our hearts” is displayed next to your own family photo. On the inside of this folded card you can add even more photos and a custom letter to your loved ones.

Featured products: In Our Hearts

3. Distanced Love  

This February, send a little love from a distance with this cute Covid-themed card. There’s really no better greeting for 2021 than “sending (socially distanced) hugs and kisses”, right?

Featured products: Distanced Love

4. Love is All

A little sparkle is always welcome, especially this year! This cute Valentine’s Day card brings all the feels with the phrase “all you need is love” stamped in real metallic foil.

Featured products: Love is All 

5. Big Squishy Hugs

Don’t we all wish we could give REAL squishy hugs and slobbery kisses?! Everyone’s gonna love this totally adorable photo card.

Featured products: Big Squishy Hugs

6. Just Love

The world could use a little more love right now and this design is a sweet reminder. The quote “what the world needs now is love” accompanies your cute little ones on this beautiful Valentine’s card.

Featured products: Just Love


Happy Valentine’s Day, all! xoxo


Valentine’s Day is drawing near and we’re feeling the love! Here at Pear Tree, we collectively have, well, many school-age children and we cannot wait to personalize our newest Valentine Classroom Cards for our own little sweethearts. We hope you and yours will adore them too!

  1. Magical Unicorn Valentine
    The unicorn-obsession is holding strong and this mini card is bursting with rainbow love and wishes for a magical day. Bonus points if you have a photo of your child sporting a unicorn-themed outfit to add to the backside!


  1. XOXO Valentine
    Say it simply and sweetly with and little X and O style. The mauve, blush, rose, red and palette on this Valentine Card compliment your mini cupid oh-so-adrorably!


  1. Photo Friend Bookmark Valentine
    Fit for a bookworm, this bookmark Valentine pulls double-duty and will be used long after the 14th! Change the colors and message to suit your Valentine’s style.


  1. Out of This World
    Friends will love this Valentine to infinity and beyond! Spaced-themed, with room for a photo and personalized message, this design will rocket its way into your little one’s heart.


  1. XOXO – Valentine Glowstick Holders
    These are going to be such a hit with classmates! Literally glowing with style, these glow stick holder Valentines feature a photo of your child and pre-cut holes for a glow stick.


  1. Happy Heart Day
    Valentine’s Day is all about love and friendship! Deliver a message the exudes both with this classic little style. You can even update the colors to match the photo for a custom-cutie!


  1. Llama Fun Valentine
    It’s all about llamas, llamas, llamas! Tell their friend they’re a llama-fun with a bright and cheery Valentine card.

Pucker up, Valentine’s Day is gonna be here before you know it. While this super-sweet day is usually devoted to couples and sugar-fueled parties for the kids, we have a clever and heartfelt way to spread extra love to all your friends and family.

This year, snap a photo and send a Valentine’s Day card from your family. Whether you forgot to send a Christmas card, or are a stationery fanatic who loves sending custom cards for every occasion possible, our family Valentines are the absolute cutest!

Personalize yours with a family snapshot (or 12!) and even a custom letter.

So, snap a few sweet selfies and fill mailboxes with a bit of extra love this February. Here are just a few of our very faves…

1. Just Love

This one might give you goosebumps. The phrase “What the World Needs Now is Love” is a perfect message for 2021 and beyond.

Featured product: Just Love 

2. Shining Love

Snuggle up to take a few family selfies to make this photo-collage Valentine’s Day card absolutely adorable. The metallic detail on this card is foil-stamped in gold, silver or our fave – rose gold!

Featured products: Shining Love

3. Letterboard Heart  

This folded cutie puts your family’s love on display with a ton of photos and trendy style. Isn’t that letterboard detail just so cute?!

Featured products: Letterboard Heart

4. Love is All  

It’s a classic. All you need is love!

Featured products: Love is All  

5. Hearts

We love this Valentine’s Day card, especially for families with young kids. The message “Our Hearts Are Full” have never been so true.

Featured products: Hearts

6. Air Hugs

When you can’t see your loved ones in person on Valentine’s Day, air hugs are the next best thing!

Featured products: Air Hugs

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Red Stamp App
Red Stamp App
Our friends at Red Stamp have a fun and interactive app where you can send greetings right from your mobile device. With Valentine’s Day coming later this week, download their app and take a peek at their darling Valentine’s Day collection. They offer a really great way to stay in touch with those you don’t see as often, but still want to send a little message that you are thinking of them.

Valentine's Day wording ideas
Valentine’s Day is such a sweet time of the year for classmates and friends to share their appreciation for each other with nice Valentine’s Day cards. Our design team always enjoys coming up with new, sweet ideas that moms and their kids will love to hand out. Not only are our classroom valentines personalized by you, but they also feature cute sayings other than the typical “Happy Valentine’s Day”. These valentines match the saying and the style of the card; like “love bites valentine” with shark bites on the card and “you’re a slam dunk valentine” in a basketball design and shape. These 10 Valentine’s Day wording ideas will have classmates giggling and their moms thinking how cool you are!

Valentine's Day wording ideasValentine's Day wording ideasValentine's Day wording ideasValentine's Day wording ideasValentine's Day wording ideasValentine's Day wording ideasValentine's Day wording ideasValentine's Day wording ideasValentine's Day wording ideasValentine's Day wording ideas

Kids don’t often get to have much input into Mom’s purchases, but for the valentines they hand out at school, they love to make the decision. Kids feel that their valentines say a lot about them, and we agree. It’s all about matching your child’s personality and the things they love to the right card. We’ve grouped these kids’ valentine card ideas so all you have to do is match the kids to the cards!

The Glitter Girl
Choosing Valentines – Let the Kids Decide! #valentinesdayideas #valentinesdaycardideas #peartreegreetings Choosing Valentines – Let the Kids Decide! #valentinesdayideas #valentinesdaycardideas #peartreegreetings

The Superhero
Choosing Valentines – Let the Kids Decide! #valentinesdayideas #valentinesdaycardideas #peartreegreetings Choosing Valentines – Let the Kids Decide! #valentinesdayideas #valentinesdaycardideas #peartreegreetings

The Animal Lover
Choosing Valentines – Let the Kids Decide! #valentinesdayideas #valentinesdaycardideas #peartreegreetings Choosing Valentines – Let the Kids Decide! #valentinesdayideas #valentinesdaycardideas #peartreegreetings

Valentine’s Day is less than one month away and with that comes shelves full of heart-shaped candy and bulk Valentine’s Day cards. Pear Tree Greetings wants to share our top 10 kids valentine ideas to give you new valentine card ideas + non-candy treat ideas for February 14th. (Each of the gifts below were purchased from Target and all were affordable to give to a classroom.)

1. Coloring Cards + Markers
We offer adorable coloring cards for your child to hand out to friends personalized with his or her name. And, what perfect gift goes better with these than heart-shaped markers?! (Markers sold as pack of two in dollar section at Target)
Top 10 Kids Valentine Ideas: Coloring Cards + Markers #peartreegreetings #valentinesdayideas

2. Photo Booth Valentines + Play-Doh
These colorful photo booth Kids Valentine’s Day Cards are great for handing out to friends at school. Pair it with bright and fun Play-Doh and it makes a wonderful valentine for classmates to enjoy! (Play-Doh sold in toy aisle; 15 colors for $4.99)
Top 10 Kids Valentine Ideas: Photo Booth Valentines + Play-Doh #peartreegreetings #valentinesdayideas

3. Whooo’s Your Valentine + Whooo’ing Owls
Whooo’s Your Valentine is such an adorable card, but what makes it even cuter is adding a little owl as a gift. These DIY owls are a fun, mess-free craft idea the kids will love! They add another personalized touch to this year’s valentine. (Sold as 5-pack at Target for $5.)
Top 10 Kids Valentine Ideas: Dino-Mite Valentine + Dinos #peartreegreetings #valentinesdayideas

Free Valentine's Day Printable

Pear Tree Greetings has another oh-so adorable free Valentine’s Day printable for you! Included in the printable is: bunting, toppers and dangles that are perfect to decorate the home, office or classroom. See how we used it in a photo shoot for this year’s Valentine’s Day cards! It’s fun for both parents and kids to put together. Get your free Valentine’s Day printable here.Free Valentine's Day Printable

Valentine's Day Photo Ideas

We invited a bunch of kids to Pear Tree for a photo shoot, and created this video so we could show you some fun photography tips for Valentine’s Day that you can recreate at home. We had the kids dress in Valentine’s Day colors of pink and red, then created three different white backdrops that would make them stand out. Then we put the photos in our favorite new Valentine’s Day cards to see how they’d look!

V-Day Banner Wall
Watch this! Valentine's Day Photo Ideas #peartreegreetings #valentinesdayideas
Watch this! Valentine's Day Photo Ideas #peartreegreetings #valentinesdayideasWe chose a blank white wall and draped a simple banner across the top, made from our free Valentine’s Day printable. Set a chair or fluffy rug in front of it for kids to sit on and you’ve got yourself a set for the photo shoot. Props like heart-shaped suckers are sure to bring smiles.