Holiday card staff picks: Stephanie, the busy mom

We’re profiling team members at Pear Tree Greetings to show you which unique Christmas card ideas they chose and how they personalized them.

Timeline Christmas card

About Stephanie: I am married to an amazing guy and we have two amazing kids, ages 3 and 1. We just moved to Minnesota, and this will be our first Christmas card at our new house.

Card she chose: Best Year – Trifold Christmas Photo Card

Why did you choose this card?
The cute images of stars and reindeer on this card appealed to me. I also like that I can match the background to some of the colors in the pictures.

Did you do anything special to personalize it?
When deciding what to put in my card, I want to share, not show off, and I try to do that by showing the fun and closeness of our family—lots of hugs and holding. I like posed shots, but my husband likes candid shots, so I always try to put in a good mix. From a practical side, I want the kids to have personality but still look cute, so with all that in mind it can be hard to find the right photos. I decided to use the single photo at the bottom for our new home, because it doesn’t quite fit in with the others.

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In defense of the Christmas letter

Modern Christmas card letterIt’s the one Christmas card everyone loves to hate. The one with the folded Christmas letter printed on cheesy 8.5″ x 11″ Christmas theme paper, that goes on and on about the son who’s a Rhodes scholar or the exotic vacation they took. Well, to take the opposing view, I think Christmas letters can be very fun to get, if done right. Here’s how to write a Christmas letter without rubbing everyone the wrong way.

First of all, it doesn’t have to be printed on cheesy paper. There are plenty of alternatives these days, from customized cards that let you type your letter right into them, to timeline Christmas cards that let you accompany each part of your story with a photo, to Christmas letter inserts that slip into coordinating creative Christmas cards.

The trick is learning how to write a Christmas letter that’s entertaining, not annoying. It’s important to choose your words carefully, so as not to appear to be bragging (even if you are). Rather than listing the itinerary from your exotic vacation, for example, you can tell a funny story about something that happened on the trip, which will bring the story to life. Kids’ activities or college plans are fine to include, but awards and SAT scores? Not so much.

Photos can be added to illustrate your story—close-ups are best. You can feature members of your family one by one, show highlights of your vacation or events during the year, or simply pick one nice group photo. The key is to give friends and relatives a glimpse of the real family behind the letter. If they know you and love you, they will love to read everything you have to say.

Get more Christmas card wording ideas on our blog, or start creating your own modern Christmas letters now.

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