Christmas card ideas from IROCKSOWHAT

IROCKSOWHAT did a blog post and giveaway last month for Pear Tree and we thought it had lots of great Christmas card ideas that we wanted to share the post with our readers.

Christmas card ideas from IROCKSOWHAT

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Christmas card shopping Myth #3: You can’t afford cards for everybody on your list

We know, the cards are sooo tempting, but your mailing list is sooo long that you can’t afford to send one of these fun cards to everyone. But we have a few tricks up our sleeve to solve this dilemma. Here are a few ways to trim your budget without trimming your mailing list.

  1. Send 2 different holiday cards: splurge on the card for close friends who live nearby, and send a different card to those who live far away (or at least won’t be comparing cards over the holidays). Or choose a card with room for newsy details to send to those you haven’t seen in a while, and just photos for those you see often.
    Photo Christmas Cards -- Peekaboo ChristmasPhoto Christmas Cards -- Photo Montage and Memories
  2. Look for flat, 2-sided photo Christmas card ideas for the best prices on our premium cardstock, matte-finish designs.
    Photo Christmas Cards -- Softly SnowingPhoto Christmas Cards -- Travels and Memories Continue reading

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Photo Holiday Card Magnets

Pear Tree Greetings announces photo Christmas card magnets! For those of you that have always wished your greeting cards could have a little more ‘shelf life’. 🙂

We’ve taken some of our best selling designs of various sizes and turned them into magnets. These cards are printed on a high quality magnetic stock that will ‘stick’ to fridges and filing cabinets across the world (or, wherever your friends and family are located!).

Joyful Photo Holiday Card Magnet

Christmas Collage Photo Christmas Card Magnet

Spice & Everything Nice Photo Holiday Card Magnet

Happy shopping!

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