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Take a Peek at Our Design Process!

Psst . . . want in on a secret?

Because you’re one of Pear Tree’s closest friends, we want to share this exclusive sneak peek behind the curtain of our design process. How does our team produce beautiful, innovative cards each and every year? We want to show you!

Our designers find inspiration in everyday moments and things, working hard to bring their visions to your hands. Creating a new format is always a challenge, but you’re only limited by your creativity. This process can take months of testing folds, cuts, and paper weights. By the time a holiday design concept for the year is finalized, the new card format will be a finished blank slate ready for artwork.

Christmas Card Ideas

Lattice, Stripes and Everything Nice

The traditional is new again with the runway’s take on stripes, plaids, and lattice textures. These lines are anything but boring, with their varied thickness, direction, shape, and energy. They are an accessible trend that seamlessly blends in with the season’s holiday imagery.

This year features a modern twist on the classical pattern, pairing clean lines with bold designs. Stripes are a long-standing staple both in fashion and in decor. The novelty is in how different designers give it their signature touch. In this season, it is all about direction.

Lattice, Stripes and Everything Nice

Christmas Card Ideas, Family photo ideas

Single Bell Rock

We all start the holiday season with the best intentions to send Christmas cards, but let’s be real — life is busy! Single parents know this so well. Between work, the kids, household tasks, and everything else, the best-laid plans don’t always go as intended.

Single Bell Rock

Pear Tree wants to help you make sending unique Christmas cards easy, fast, and affordable — yes, all three! Our award-winning design templates let you personalize your favorite card with the click of a few buttons.