Hot List: Top Graduation Party Decorations

Looking for awesome graduation party decorations and ideas? These are our top 5 best sellers! All can be personalized with text, photos and colors to make them yours. Best of all, you’ll find matching graduation invitations and lots of other party decorations to coordinate the entire look at Pear Tree.

Hot List: top graduation decorations

Shop our top 5 graduation party decorating ideas:
1. Banner Moment Fill your grad party with color using this 8-piece bunting banner customized with your choice of colors, photos and wording. You can even add a school logo.
2. Sequin-Look Guest Book Print Not only is it a fun party decoration, this guest book print becomes a keepsake if you have your guests sign it with white or metallic markers.
3. Follow the Script Table Decor Our multi-piece, multi-functional table decor is printed on our signature card stock and personalized with your photos and text. Use them in so many ways!
4. Favorite Photo Cupcake Flags Decorate your cupcakes and other desserts with these little cupcake flags. Choose from over 80 colors to match your other grad party decorations!
5. Snapshots 36″ x 24″ Custom Poster It’s a photo display made easy! This custom poster can be personalized to match your graduation party decorations and holds 15 photos.

Start planning your graduation party today. Choose from our top 5 ideas, shown here, or shop the entire collection of graduation party decorations at Pear Tree!

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Dorm Room Ideas For College Students

College students everywhere are getting ready to head off to school and looking for dorm room ideas that will make them feel at home in their new space. Even if they’re not into decorating, students are happier when their rooms feel warm and welcoming. And while there’s not much you can do to dress up cement block walls and linoleum floors, here are some of our favorite ways to personalize a dorm room.

A cozy rug. There’s nothing worse than a cold floor on a winter morning. A plush area rug is an inexpensive way to add warmth and is one dorm room idea you don’t want to be without.
Dorm Room Ideas_rug
Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn Teen. Continue reading

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Wall Decor Ideas With a Personal Touch

Looking for ways to dress up your walls with color and personality? Pear Tree’s wall decor ideas can be personalized with color choices, editable text and photos to create artwork worthy of hanging on your walls. There’s something for every room in the house.

Kid’s Room
Choose from a collection of kids’ wall art to create a theme for your child’s room, or create your own metal wall art out of your child’s artwork.
Go Carts Wall Art
Wall Decor Ideas Framed Art

Teen’s Room or Dorm Room
These durable, tear-resistant custom posters are great for a teen’s bedroom or dorm room, filled with their favorite photos.
Wall Decor Ideas: Joint Party Doodle Custom Poster Snapshots Custom Posters Continue reading

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Party Ideas: Custom Posters for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Memorials

There are milestones in every person’s life that should be celebrated. Graduations, anniversaries and big birthdays (such as 1, 40, 50, 60, 90!) are all occasions for gathering, celebrating and reminiscing. If you’re planning such a party, you know how important the reminiscing part is, and how old photos can help tell the story of who and what you’re celebrating.

Photo displays have always been a popular party idea for these types of events, but they are very labor intensive. On the other hand, our custom posters can be created online in minutes, and present a very affordable alternative. Think about creating a custom poster next time you’re planning party ideas for one of these milestone events.

Everyone loves to look at photos of the couple at an anniversary party, especially wedding and courtship photos – even baby photos. Create a poster that tells the story of their relationship to display at the party. Easy and affordable!
Memory Collage custom poster

Birthday (1st or 80th!)
Showcase photos of the birthday boy or girl by displaying a custom poster at the birthday party. It’s a lost easier than creating a photo display by hand, and the guest of honor can keep the poster.
Fave Photos Custom posters
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5 More Graduation Party Ideas

Fans have been loving our Top 5 Graduation Party Ideas post over the past couple months so we wanted to share 5 more graduation party ideas with you! These party ideas will feature some new ideas from our classic graduation party, sequin-look graduation party and more. We hope you will be inspired and find ways to create a memorable graduation party!

1. Gallery wall. Create a gallery wall of favorite moments with friends and family using our custom posters, wall art and 4×6 photos you can print at a local store. We added some fun washi tape to make this area sparkle!
Graduation party ideas - gallery wall

2. Golden touches. This idea is from our Pearista, See Vanessa Craft. She used our gold sequins graduation invitation and sprinkled gold sequins throughout the party. The gold numbers, cake pops and treat boxes are fabulous and add the perfect amount of shine to the party.
Graduation party ideas: golden touches

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5 Unique Graduation Gift Ideas

It can be tough coming up with graduation gift ideas that an 18-year old will love, especially for those of us who are a long way from 18. But it’s not impossible, especially if you start with something you already know they love, such as a favorite photo, a favorite memory or event. You can create a gift they’ll love by turning those memories into personalized gifts. Here are 5 of our favorite graduation gift ideas from Pear Tree!

Custom Phone Cases
Give them a custom phone case and they can bring their favorite photos with them, wherever they go. For iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones.
Graduation gift ideas: Cell phone cases
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Graduation Photo Display Ideas: Affordable Custom Posters

Graduation photo display ideas
For my oldest son’s graduation party, I spent a ton of time researching graduation photo display ideas, gathering photo prints and pasting them onto display boards. When my second son graduated, I went with a slide show. When my third son graduates next year, I’ll be ordering one of these amazing custom posters from Pear Tree.

You can never have too many photos of your baby at his or her graduation party, and these custom poster templates make it super easy to create the requisite photo display. When you consider how much photo prints cost, and how much time a DIY display takes, this is SO worth it. And oh my goodness, they all look so much better than anything I could make!

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5 College Graduation Party Ideas

Graduating from college is an exciting milestone. This is one time you get to celebrate your own achievements and show the world what you were able to accomplish with lots of effort, focus and drive. If you choose to celebrate this milestone with a graduation party, it should be fun and reflect all the hard work you put in. Here are our top 5 college graduation party ideas that will inspire you to personalize your party with your own unique touch.

1. Start with a college graduation announcement that lets you add your own personality and flare to it. You can personalize a majority of our announcements with photos, text and your choice of over 70 colors!
College graduation announcements

2. Show off your favorite memories with a custom graduation poster. It’s been hard work, but it’s also been fun trying new things and making new friends. Share your favorite moments with family & friends and soon everyone will be reminiscing about their college years.
Custom graduation posters

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What To Do With Your Wedding Photos

You have all these beautiful photos from your wedding day, but, if you’re like me, you’re wondering what to do with them now that the wedding is over. Well, Pear Tree can help you find unique ways to display these gorgeous photos in your home as family and friends come to visit.

We have multiple design options in our metal wall art collection, whether you want to do one big photo or lots of small photos. This Big and Small Collage 11×14 Metal Wall Art features 27 of your favorite photos from your wedding day. It’s a great way to capture the memories and details of the special day.
Big and Small Collage 11x14 Metal Wall Art $74.99

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3 Gift Ideas For Kids

Gift ideas for kids
There are lots of gift ideas for kids that you can buy in any store — and these, of course, are the same gifts every other kid will be getting. But if you want gift ideas that are a little more personal, that show a little more thought, our personalized gifts for kids will be treasured for years to come. Click the images to see our full collection.

Personalized Children’s Books
Give a gift they’ll open over and over again. These personalized books feature the child’s name as the main character, and what child doesn’t want to hear a story about him or herself? All you have to do is give us your child’s name, and we do the rest! (Allow 2 weeks for printing this gift.)
Gift ideas for kids
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