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Christmas Card Ideas

A Madcap Christmas Letter

Have you picked out your perfect Christmas cards but are feeling stumped about what to write? Let our fill-in-the-blank template help get you started on your best Christmas letter ever! For a really silly letter, have someone else give you the list of words sight unseen and check out the hilarious message that will follow.

A Madcap Christmas Letter

Here’s what you need: adjective, adjective, name, noun, name, noun, -ing verb, name, name, adjective, noun, adjective, adjective, noun, adjective, adjective, last name, adjective, adjective, verb. And now, onto the letter…

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Take a Peek at Our Design Process!

Psst . . . want in on a secret?

Because you’re one of Pear Tree’s closest friends, we want to share this exclusive sneak peek behind the curtain of our design process. How does our team produce beautiful, innovative cards each and every year? We want to show you!

Our designers find inspiration in everyday moments and things, working hard to bring their visions to your hands. Creating a new format is always a challenge, but you’re only limited by your creativity. This process can take months of testing folds, cuts, and paper weights. By the time a holiday design concept for the year is finalized, the new card format will be a finished blank slate ready for artwork.