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10 Tips for Surviving the Holidays

We all know that the holiday season can be one of the most stressful times of the year. A helping hand here and there can definitely lighten the holiday spirit when preparing for special occasions.

That’s why we’ve come up with a list just for you to help ease your stress and keep you organized, letting you focus less on the prepping and more on the love and family sharing! To help start the holiday season with a bang, we have prepared some helpful tips that we hope will inspire you!

10 Tips for Surviving the Holidays Infographic


Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Photo gifts (especially the small ones!) make fun and unexpected stocking stuffer ideas. Our holiday gift guide features lots of photo gift ideas, but these are perfect for stocking stuffers.


Our custom phone cases include hardshell protection for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones, with or without photos, custom colors and/or text. Personalized ornaments make a nice annual stocking stuffer with a new ornament each year. And for a simple photo display for home or office, our 5 x 7-inch easel art tucks neatly into a stocking with no need for a picture frame.

personalized notepads
Everybody in the family can use personalized notepads, and our 4.25 x 5.5-inch size is perfect for quick lists or notes. Have fun customizing the text for different kinds of notes (i.e. To-Dos, Grocery List, Deep Thoughts) or just personalize them with a name or photo.

personalized childrens books

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3 Ways to Use Mini Ornaments

Personalized Ornaments

What can you do with our fabulously tiny mini ornaments? That depends on how you personalize them. Only 1.25-inches in diameter, our mini ornaments come in sets of six, some with personalization options (like photos, colors and text) and some without. Here are three fun ways to use them.

Decorate a mini tree
Create a theme with your own photos, or use our pre-personalized mini ornament designs. Perfect for an office, tabletop holiday display or centerpiece!
Personalized Ornaments

Christmas Cards
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Mood Board: Modern Forest

Woodland creatures aren’t just for the great outdoors. Quirky patterns and silhouettes have made their way to home and fashion, not to mention our Holiday 2015 card collection. Get inspired by some of our favorite items that evoke the best of nature’s wonders.

Christmas Cards and Phone Cases

Hmmm, what can you do with a free afternoon and some blank canvases? What can't you do! These are just a few canvas ideas to get your creativity flowing.
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5 Ways to Use Blank Canvas

Hmmm, what can you do with a free afternoon and some blank canvases? What can’t you do! These are just a few canvas ideas to get your creativity flowing.

Paint something for Grandma & Grandpa
Get out the acrylic paints and let the kids have at it. Grandparents will love whatever they create and the folding canvas makes it easy to put up and take down as the kids get older.

Hmmm, what can you do with a free afternoon and some blank canvases? What can't you do! These are just a few canvas ideas to get your creativity flowing.

Preserve a memory
Everybody loves the treasured footprint as a precious memory of when baby was so small. Stamping the footprints on canvas is a fresh way to do it and, best of all, you can put it on display in baby’s room.

Hmmm, what can you do with a free afternoon and some blank canvases? What can't you do! These are just a few canvas ideas to get your creativity flowing.

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New! Easy and Affordable Canvas


We’re excited to introduce our new, easy-to-fold canvas that you can personalize with a photo and hang on your wall in minutes! The canvas arrives flat, and you fold it yourself. In just a minute or two it’s ready to hang. Watch this video to see just how easy it is!

Unlike traditional canvas that is stretched around wood frames, our folding canvas is much more affordable, and you don’t have to commit to keeping it on your wall forever. When you want to change out your artwork for something new, our canvas unfolds and stores flat for easy archiving.


Wedding gift ideas
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Wedding Gift Ideas: Homemade Pizza Sauce

Wedding gift ideas
If you’re anything like me, you have countless parties to attend this summer. From weddings, to baby showers and barbeques… the list goes on.

I’ve been searching for wedding gift ideas that I could make, to pair with items on my friend’s registry. Of course, her registry was filled with appliances, cooking utensils and towels—the usual. Being budget cautious, I hunted her registry for something affordable. I spotted a beautiful Williams and Sonoma Pizza Pan. The price was right, but something about a pizza pan just seemed lame. Boring. Heartless. Ok, I’ll stop now. Luckily, my creativity kicked in, and I thought, let’s make it a date night! Pizza pan, pre-made wheat crust, homemade pizza sauce, a fancy pizza cutter and a hand crocheted blanket to cozy up with. Sounds meaningful, sweet and thoughtful, right? Great, I thought so too! But one problem. I am not the greatest cook.

I stumbled upon this FANTASTIC recipe that’s easy. I even tested it on a pizza before gifting it. After all I can’t let my pizza sauce ruin the end of my friend’s “date night.” It did not disappoint. And as long as you’re going the extra mile, why not make some for yourself? Here’s the easy recipe from thebusybhomemaker.com
Wedding gift ideas 2

Gift Ideas

5 Gift Ideas For Mom

Gift ideas for mom
It’s hard to find the perfect gift for mom, who always says she doesn’t need anything. It’s true. Moms are usually too busy making everybody else happy over the holidays to spend much time thinking about themselves. But we have a few gift ideas that are sure to please her because they’re personal and thoughtful and, best of all, they come from you. Click the images to see our full collection.

Custom Phone Cases
Take her favorite photo and put it on a glossy phone case for her iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone. She’ll think of you every time she picks it up.
Custom Phone Cases - Fave Photo

Personalized Ornaments
Commemorate the year with a personalized ornament that she can hang on the tree year after year after year.
Photo Joy Personalized Ornaments

Gift ideas under $15
Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas Under $15

Every gift should have some personal meaning, and these gift ideas can all be personalized for the ones you love. And they’re all less than $15!

Custom Notepads, $9.99 to $12.99
These personalized notepads come in two sizes and many styles, with or without photos. They make fun gift ideas for kids, friends and family members.
Gift Ideas under $15 Gift Ideas under $15
See all custom notepads.

Mini Note Cards, $10.62 for 12
Our mini note cards are perfect for quick notes to kids, partners, co-workers, teachers and friends. They can also be used as gift card enclosures!
Gift Ideas under $15 Gift ideas under $15
See all mini note cards.