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Graduation Announcements
Graduation Annoucement Ideas, Graduation Ideas

New Graduation Announcements Are Here!

We’re excited to announce our 2015 Graduation Collection, which includes lots of new graduation announcement ideas as well as new graduation party decorations! Here’s what’s new this year in graduation announcement styles and trends at Pear Tree Greetings.

Rustic graduation announcements
The trend toward rustic backgrounds like chalkboard and kraft paper continues, but you’ll also see some other options like denim and wood grains to make things interesting.
Rustic Graduation Announcements Rustic Graduation Announcements

Joint party graduation announcements
We’ve introduced a whole new collection of graduation announcements designed just for joint parties, with wording and photo options that let you included two or more grads.
Joint Graduation Announcements Joint Graduation Announcements 

Graduation announcement ideas
Graduation Annoucement Ideas, Graduation Ideas

Our Most Unique Graduation Announcement Ideas

Send a graduation announcement that is as unique as your grad! We wanted to share with you six graduation announcement ideas that are Best-In-Class with their standout design and trendy style. Spot these standout designs in our graduation announcements and invitations with a Golden Pear icon. Here are our most popular Golden Pear designs. Simply click on the image to learn more.

Foil-Stamped Graduation Announcements 
Graduation announcement ideas Graduation announcement ideas
These graduation announcements let your personality shine through! Real foil in gold or silver is stamped on the cards for the look of formal graduation announcements without all the pomp and circumstance.

Ribbon Booklet Graduation Announcements
Graduation announcement ideas Graduation announcement ideas
Friends and family will love to unfold these graduation announcements. A ribbon runs through the announcement and is tied shut with a bow for recipients to open. It adds an extra touch to these designs that will reveal beautiful photos from childhood to senior year.

Multi-panel Folds
Graduation announcement ideas Graduation announcement ideas
These accordion-style graduation announcements puts them at the top of the class. The 5-panel design unfolds to reveal oodles of photos, personalized messages and party details. A sure hit with family and friends!

Featured Favorite, Graduation Annoucement Ideas, Graduation Ideas

Featured Favorite

Real cards created by real people like you!

Graduation Announcement Ideas from a real graduate herself, Katie! #peartreegreetings #graduationinvitations #graduation
Can you tell what this grad’s favorite color is? We love the way her bright pink jacket stands out against the snowy background, and how she used the color as an accent throughout our Favorite Photo Vertical Invitation. “My graduation invite was inspired by the color pink, as it is my favorite color, and it is my grad party’s theme,” says Katie. “I just wanted something fun to preview the party for my friends and family.”

Graduation Annoucement Ideas, Graduation Ideas

5 Graduation Invitations, 20 Ways

If you think your graduation announcements have to look exactly like the one featured on our website, you’re in for a surprise. Watch our video, 5 Graduation Invitations, 20 Ways, to see how you can create a whole new look by incorporating your own unique graduation announcement ideas. Your color choices, photo treatments and personal details like memories or future plans are graduation announcement ideas that set your graduation announcements apart.

Graduation Annoucement Ideas, Graduation Ideas

Top 5 Trends in Graduation Announcements

Want the newest look and the best new ideas in graduation announcements? We’ve picked some of the top trends we’re seeing, and are ready to show you our most outstanding examples of each. Here are the top five trends in graduation announcement ideas for the Class of 2013!

Classic / Traditional
Simple designs, one or more photos, classic fonts and traditional design elements such as a crest or shield mark these graduation announcements. Most can be customized to the colors of your choice, and all will bring out the best in your grad.
Graduation Announcements & Invitations -- Favorite Photo Horizontal Graduation Announcements & Invitations -- Grad Cutout VerticalGraduation Announcements & Invitations -- Future On The Line Graduation Announcements & Invitations -- Perfect Photo

Hip / Trendy
These graduation announcement ideas are standouts in any crowd. Interactive spin cards, pop-up windows, mixed styles and fonts, and hot design elements such as washi tape make these designs memorable, each in their own way.
Graduation Announcements & Invitations -- Candid Collage Graduation Invitations -- Chevron Memories Pop UpGraduation Announcements & Invitations -- Spin A Rama Graduation Announcements -- Make Your Mark Ribbon Booklet

Featured Favorite, Graduation Annoucement Ideas, Graduation Ideas

Featured Favorite

Real cards created by real people like you!

Graduation Announcement Ideas
This personality-filled graduation announcement caught our eye and made us want to find out more about this young woman. As we suspected, there’s more to her than meets the eye. As if gradating from high school wasn’t enough, this ambitious grad is also graduating from a community college at the same time, having completed all the requirements for an associate degree while in high school. Not only that, she came up with her own graduation announcement ideas and created it herself!