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Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation Gift Ideas
Are you on the graduation party circuit this month? The up side of being invited to a lot of parties is that you can eat free every night if you want to. 🙂 The down side is that you may feel obliged to bring a gift to the parties you attend, which can get very expensive (more than you’d spend on dinner, anyway). Keep in mind that you are never obliged to bring a gift. But if you want to, or feel you must, here are some unique graduation gift ideas that are very affordable.

Graduation Ideas

Graduation Gift Ideas

Laura, a longtime fan of Pear Tree Greetings, shares her experiences with us as she
prepares for her oldest child to graduate from high school.

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As graduation invitations are trickling in, I find myself trying to think of meaningful gifts (along with the requisite check donation) for the graduates closest to our family. Gifts from the heart often mean homemade, time-consuming and in some cases, expensive offerings, and with my own child’s graduation looming, I don’t have too much of either. But thinking creatively (and shamelessly stealing other mom’s ideas), I have a few graduation gift ideas for some special graduates:
Personalized Thank You Cards -- Chic ChevronNote Cards -- Gentleman's Style

  • Personalized stationery and note cards
  • School supplies (binders, lined paper, pens/pencils)
  • Personalized leather portfolio/binder
  • Monogrammed anything with their initials or class year (paperweights, photo frames, pencil and pen gift set, etc)