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This lucky mom’s surprise 60th birthday party has been chosen as this month’s Featured Favorite, both for the darling decorations as well as the nerve of the two sisters who planned, plotted and pulled it off right under their mother’s nose.

“It was tough to keep it a surprise, especially since it was in her backyard!” says Shea, one of the party-planning sisters. Their plan was to set up the whole party in the back yard, while mom took a nap in the house. “My husband and I live out of state, so we had to have everything prepared ahead of time in order to set up within a 2-hour window that she would be taking a nap. It was a bit hectic, but we managed to pull it off. She was very surprised.”birthday party invitations

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Birthday fun!

My baby turned one on May 25th. Oh, it’s a happy day, but, wow, she is getting so big! My fiancé and I wanted to celebrate her birthday so we threw her a first birthday party and invited all her friends!

Lola has been such a wonderful addition to our family. She loves to cuddle with us and give us sweet kisses at night, and hunt and chase birds during the day. She is such a good girl! Oh yeah, did I tell you Lola is our Springer Spaniel? Yep, that’s right, we had a birthday party for our dog!
lola mae
For her party, I wanted to craft some fun dog birthday party ideas for all her doggy friends to enjoy. It starts with the invitation, and since Lola is a brown and white Springer and wears a pink collar, she inspired the colors of her party. I used Pear Tree’s Color Stream – Retro Party Invitations, and made the background pink and the text brown and ecru.
For her decorations, I bought a pink tablecloth, brown napkins with polka dots in pink and ecru, and light pink and dark pink plates for the human snacks. I ordered extra invitations and cut them to make confetti to spread on top of the table – love confetti! Since this was a dog party, I wanted to have fun with the food choices for the humans. Everyone enjoyed the puppy chow, the ‘Springer’ salad, the delicious milkbone brownies, and doggie do-do (chili cheese dip) with pooper scoopers (Tostitos scoops). I ordered Pear Tree’s You’re Sweet – Valentine Gift Tags to make doggie treat bags to give to her friends that came and celebrated with her. With the few extras, I folded the tags in half to make name cards for the food choices. It was the perfect touch!
To continue with her dog birthday party ideas, we set up a pool with Frisbees, tennis balls, chew toys and tug-of-war toys for her and her friends to enjoy. The dogs had fun chasing, fetching and rough housing with each other, as all of us proud parents watched.
baby girl

Shop our party invitations for your pet or keep reading our blog for other, fun birthday ideas.

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Featured Favorite

Real cards created by real people like you!

Movie night invitationsWhat if you and your kindergarten girlfriends were invited to Movie Night with your favorite preschool teacher, Mrs. Jones? We bet you’d be jumping up and down and squealing in delight if you saw this party invitation in the mail!

Andrea wanted to do something special for her Kindergarten-aged daughter and her friends. Knowing how much they adored their former preschool teacher, Mrs. Jones, she came up with the idea to host a Movie Night and invite Mrs. Jones as the guest of honor.

She began looking for party invitation ideas and came across our Admit One Movie Night Invitations. “I had searched on line for movie-themed invitations,” says Andrea, “and this was definitely the cutest one! I wanted a special invitation and we found it!”

The plan is to have Mrs. Jones help the girls make pizza and then join them to watch a movie and munch on popcorn. And what is Andrea looking forward to the most? “Giggling kindergarten-aged girls having a blast with their sweet preschool teacher!”

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Lucky You! Your St. Patrick’s Day party is all planned.

St. Patrick's Day Party IdeasWe’ve got the invitations, food and decorations all picked out. All you have to do is make it happen! Our Feelin’ Lucky St. Patrick’s Day invitations were the starting point for this party theme–along with everything green! The invite’s charming argyle pattern and multiple font sizes inspired us to find more patterns and fonts to use in our decorations.

We created a St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas Pinterest board to gather our ideas, and quickly filled it with green drinks, green cupcakes and green snacks! Now we just have to pick our favorites and find some yummy recipes. It will be easy to decorate the cupcakes using these ideas for inspiration. Lucky Charms for party favors? Why not!

We love the striped green tablecloth and background patterns that add so much color to the room. Shamrocks are easy to find or make yourself, and cute green picture frames can showcase our favorite Irish sayings–there’s certainly plenty of blarney to choose from! These frames make perfect little props for the food table or to sprinkle throughout the house. With luck on our side and a song in our heart, we’re sure to have a grand time!

Like these party ideas? Follow all of our Pinterest boards for photo ideas, party planning, holiday decorating ideas and more!

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Warm Up to a Winter Party

Winter activity
When the excitement of the holidays is over and we’re faced with 2-3 more months of winter, parents find themselves digging deep into their bags of tricks for ways to entertain the kids. Indoor crafts and play dates can get old, so here at Pear Tree Greetings, our cure for the winter blahs is to give ourselves something fun to do—like planning a winter party!

There are plenty of winter party ideas for kids that take the worst of winter and make the best of it. What child doesn’t love a sledding party, especially if there is a cup of hot chocolate waiting when they come inside to warm up? Want to go bigger? Local parks in many northern states have “tubing” hills, complete with innertubes and tow ropes that take kids back up the hill. Ice skating, building snowmen, and renting snowshoes for a trek through the woods are other fun options, at least where there is snow.

No snow? How about taking the kiddy crew to your local indoor ice rink for an open skate, or even renting the rink for your own private party? Indoor trampoline parks are springing up everywhere and indoor play spaces like these are also great for winter party ideas, or just to give kids some exercise when it’s cold and wet outside.

Kids who are lucky enough to have a birthday party in January or February are used to coming up with winter party ideas. Why let them have all the fun? Start planning a winter party now and by the time party day arrives, spring will be right around the corner.

Keep reading our blog for more fun kids ideas. Or peruse our kids birthday invitations and adult party invitations for more party ideas. You don’t need a winter birthday to have a winter party!

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Gathering Holiday Party Theme Ideas

Pinterest.com holiday partyOur new favorite resource for creative ideas is Pinterest.com. Whether you’re planning a holiday party, a wedding or a kitchen renovation, it makes browsing the Internet for ideas much easier and a lot more fun.

Instead of bookmarking, or worse, printing the ideas you love, you can ‘pin’ them to virtual bulletin boards on Pinterest.com. You can organize ideas by event, style, theme, or project, quickly go back to the source pages for recipes or how-tos, and even share all your ideas with friends. This makes it super easy to plan a party!

To show you how fun it is, we created a Pinboard to help us plan a holiday party using our Sketched Pinecones Holiday Party Invitations for inspiration. First we logged in to our Pinterest account and searched for “pinecone holiday décor” to find decorating ideas other people might have pinned. We re-pinned any images we liked, adding them to our Pinecone Party Pinboard.

Adding the “Pin It” tool to our toolbar allowed us to widen our search beyond Pinterest.com and pin images wherever we found them, crediting our sources and linking back to the details as we went. Quickly the theme began to come together, incorporating the cool aqua color, white feathers and pinecones in different ways. We found lots of DIY decorating ideas we loved, then searched for winter party food and beverage ideas, and pinned those, too.

Now that we have our party all planned, we can share the link with friends. If you have an account, you can follow our Pinboards at pinterest.com/peartreegrtngs and make comments, as well as create your own boards. If you like it, pin it. It’s that easy!

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Party in pink for breast cancer awareness month

Breast Cancer Awareness charity dinnerWho would have thought that pink would turn out to be the most striking fall color? October is breast cancer awareness month, and everywhere you look there are ways to help the cause. You don’t have to run a marathon or walk for days, it can be as simple as picking a date and hosting a dinner party for friends, family, neighbors or co-workers.

First, contact the charity organization of your choice for information about how to donate, how the donations are used, and for any support materials they may have that you can use. Susan G. Komen for the Cure, has an entire section of their website devoted to planning pink events, called Passionately Pink for the Cure. It offers lots of fun breast cancer party ideas and downloadable support materials.

With pink as your theme, it’s easy to be creative. We’ve taken a wedding rehearsal dinner invitation and customized it to work perfectly for our pink dinner party. Everyone is invited to make a donation. (Fund-raising professionals suggest $30 per person as a starting point). From there, it’s up to you to decide how pink you want to get. Do you want to simply ask your guests to wear pink? Or to go crazy and dress in costumes? Decorations, table settings and food can be simple pink touches, or over-the-top pink. Either way, a pink party is a great way to make a difference, and have fun while doing it. Don’t forget to follow up with thank you notes for your guests (pink, of course) to let them know how much money you raised for the cause!

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Invite the girls for Movie Night

Movie Night with the GirlsThe kids are back in school. Life is falling back into a routine. At last there is time for me! I know a lot of moms who lose touch with their friends over the summer and in the fall are looking for ways to reconnect with fun girls’ night out ideas. We’ve all tried the book club. But how about a movie night?

Once a month, for the past year and a half, I have been getting together with three of my best friends for a Movie Night. Maybe that doesn’t sound too exciting, but to us, it’s heaven. Every month we choose a date that works for all of us, we vote on which movie we should watch and then divvy out the meal.

We rotate houses and meal assignments, so someone brings the main dish, someone a side of bread, someone a salad, someone dessert. But the best part is, it’s come as you are. We don’t even wear makeup. It is meant to be a stress-free, kid-free, night to relax. We talk, we watch our movie, we talk some more. We absolutely LOVE our movie nights. In March, three out of the four of us had babies. But we didn’t miss movie night.

Lately we’ve started trying to incorporate more ideas into our nights, like trying a new recipe, or making a dish that we know one person in the group has never tried. Next month they’re going to make me try quinoa. Last month, we incorporated a craft that we could all make. (Note to self: we may be getting a little too ambitious.)

Of course, we always lose track of time and end up getting home pretty late. That’s why we try and plan it for a Thursday night, so that we go into it knowing ‘it’s Friday tomorrow.’ Movie night is fun, easy, and the one commitment in our busy lives that we have never regretted making.

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Plan a Classroom Potluck

Several of us, here at Pear Tree, have spent time volunteering at our kids’ schools, whether in the classroom or as a member of our parent teacher organization. One of the most demanding but rewarding jobs is that of the room parent, in charge of organizing volunteers and coming up with classroom party ideas. Having been a room parent for several years in my boys’ classrooms, I learned that the key to having a smooth year is to get the other parents in the classroom committed to helping you early and often.

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Winning Watermelon Party Theme

We’ve got the perfect theme for your summer reunion, block party or get-together. See how celebrations.com used our cute watermelon-shaped party invitation to come up with summer party ideas for a family picnic.
Watermelon themed summer party ideas #peartreegreetings #watermelon #partyideas

The Pear Tree’s unique cut-out Wet ‘n WIld Watermelon Summer Party Invitations sparked a lot of fresh and fruity ideas for decorations, food and activities. Red and green made cheerful party theme colors for tableware and centerpieces. Hard-to-miss watermelon signs marked the picnic location. The food choices included Sparkling Watermelon Lemonade, Watermelon Salsa, and a Watermelon Feta Salad!
Watermelon themed summer party ideas #peartreegreetings #watermelon #partyideas
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