Organizing and Digitizing Old Photos for Graduation

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There’s nothing like your child’s senior year of high school to separate the crafty moms from the techies, and the organized from the disorganized. Every time you turn around someone’s asking you for photos — baby photos, sports photos, senior photos, life-size posters made out of your kid’s photos. Aaaack! It’s a total nightmare if you don’t have scrapbooks and photo albums, let alone digital copies. Here’s how to organize your photos and create digital copies you can use for the graduation party and beyond.

Step 1: Editing Your Photos
If you already have all your kids’ baby photos displayed in scrapbooks or photo albums, you may skip to Step 2. But if your photos are stored in shoe boxes and drawers, like mine were, you’ll need a way to organize them. Don’t worry. This isn’t as bad as it sounds. I did it in just a few hours!

  1. Purchase or create a large photo organizer/storage box. Google it. The best ones hold over a thousand photos and have dividers or index tabs inside for organizational purposes. Avoid the ones with snap-close divider boxes inside—a simple card-like filing system is easier to work with.  Continue reading

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