Summer Reading Activities for Kids

School is out for the summer, but how do you avoid a “summer slump” in reading skills? Here are a few summer reading activities to help kids get ready for learning and reading in the fall:

Make reading a habitSummer reading ideas
– Find ways to talk, read and write everyday.
– Read to your child for 15 minutes or more every day, at different intervals so reading becomes a routine.
– If your child is already a reader, you should still keep reading aloud – it will help with comprehension and vocabulary development.

Make friends with letters
– When you read to your child, point out letters and the sounds they make. Find common letters on a page, or letters that are in your child’s name.
– Point out and talk about letters when you see them on signs, food boxes, buses and other high-visibility places.
– Whenever you’re waiting – at a traffic light, in a restaurant, etc. – play the “alphabet game.” Think of words that start with the same letter or the same sound, then take turns coming up with as many different words or sounds as possible. Continue reading

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