Thank You Card Ideas in the Workplace

We all know sending a thank you note after an interview is a great way to make a lasting impression on the hiring managers, but once we have the job isn’t it still as important to let your co-workers know how important they are in helping you get your work done? At Pear Tree Greetings, we think so, and the other day my neighbor and I were talking about thank you card ideas, and she had a great example of using them at work. We asked her to share it with you!

Written by Rebecca Glaser: (read more about Rebecca below)

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I was raised to always send thank you notes. As soon as I could write, my mom made me write my own thank you letters to grandparents after birthdays and Christmas. My grandmother would even respond to my thank you letters to say thank you for my thank you. Until recently, I thought that tradition had died with her generation.

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Easy-To-Write Kids Thank You Card Ideas

Kids Thank You Card Ideas #peartreegreetings #kids #thankyoucards
It can be difficult to get your kids to write thank you cards for their birthday party gifts, especially when they are too young to write a note. The party is over, half the presents are broken already, and this feels like work to your little one. But you can make it a fun craft project, starting with kids thank you cards that match the theme of his or her party.

If your child is just learning to write, there’s nothing more fun for friends and family to receive than a note that has a few words, or even just his or her name printed on it. They will love to see your child’s first attempts at handwriting. Another option is to have mom write the body of the note, using your child’s voice for fun.

An option for even younger kids is to have them “sign” it with a hand print. This makes for a fun rainy-day painting project. A less messy option is to trace the hand, or have your child draw a picture inside to personalize the note.

Writing thank you cards is good birthday party etiquette, and a good habit to get into when your kids are little. That way it won’t become such a battle when they’re older. Those graduations and weddings will come along sooner than you think!

Our blog is jam-packed with more fun kids birthday party ideas, so keep reading! And if you’re still shopping for kids thank you cards, check out our collection!

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Goodbye and thank you

The goodbye thank you noteRecently a staff member told us about a unique take on traditional thank you cards that we wanted to share with you. Every time she left a job, whether it was on her own accord or not, she made a point to hand-write a personal note (on her personalized stationery, of course!) to each of the people who had helped her along the way. This thank you card idea has enabled her to build and maintain a network of mentors, supporters, colleagues and friends, which she continues to treasure.

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All hail snail mail

All Hail Snail MailHere’s a note one of us recently received from a good friend on her personalized stationery: “Hey chick, THANK YOU! Miss you! Love, Jane.” (Jane loves the exclamation point!) Yes, this thank you message could have been sent in seconds by email or text. But the truth is we all smile wider when we get a card in the mailbox. There’s something about seeing your friend’s familiar handwriting and knowing she took the time to sit down, write that note and put it in the mail, fully realizing that it would take 2 or 3 days to be hand delivered by a hard-working mail carrier.

You know how quickly an email gets deleted or forgotten. You also know how good it feels to get a handwritten personal note in the mail. Next time you are considering various thank you card ideas and the many e-options you have, think about picking up a pen and one of your very own note cards instead. It takes a few extra minutes, but the reward is making someone smile.

Pick out some note cards you love and personalize them at Pear Tree. You never know when you’ll need them!

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