Introducing the 2016 Holiday Collection

We are so excited to share the 2016 collection of beautiful, unique Christmas card designs straight from Pear Tree to you! This year’s line of holiday cards combines wintery colors with stunning details for greetings that are as individual as you are.

The collection features a variety of cozy patterns and lush textures sure to bring the magic this Christmas. We know that everyone will find something beautiful to customize from our 2016 line of cards!

Introducing the 2016 Holiday Collection

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Holiday Sneak Peek—Sliders, Swatch Books & More

Shhh….It’s a sneak peek of our favorite new Christmas card ideas for 2015!

If you’re looking for a way to make your Christmas cards stand out this year, we’ve got some amazing ideas for you. These unique Christmas cards are sure to surprise your friends and family when they open their mail. And why not make your annual photo cards a showstopper? Just like you, they’re one of a kind!Golden Greeting Slider Premium Christmas Cards
New Slider Cards
These unique Christmas cards consist of a long pocket with an insert that slides out. You can personalize both the outside pocket and the slider with photos, colors and holiday greetings.
Peppermint Delight Swatchbook Premium Christmas Cards
New Swatch Book Cards
This premium Christmas card design includes four separate cards held together by a grommet in the top left corner. The cards fan out from under each other like a swatch book! If you’re looking for an unusual Christmas card design, you won’t find these anywhere else. Continue reading

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Pear Tree Greetings featured in…

It’s always exciting for our small team to be recognized in popular magazine articles for our Christmas cards. Our elves (aka 4-person design team) work really hard to bring you the latest trends in stationery design so you can personalize your card the way you envision it. We also work hard to push the limits on what is possible, so that your card will be the most unique card in every mailbox this December. Magazine editors have seen the hard work we put in and have shared our unique Christmas card ideas with their readers. Here are three of our holiday placements this year.

1. American Baby. Our Joy Faux Foil Banner Christmas Card was featured in the All About Baby section of the November issue. This is card is one of our Golden Pears and reflects the trend of the bunting banners used at parties and for home decor.
Unique Christmas card ideas

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10 New Ways to Say “Merry Christmas”

At Pear Tree Greetings, we dare to stand out not only with our unique Christmas card formats (which we fondly call our Golden Pears), but also with the Christmas card wording ideas we use in each of our designs. We love to give you options for saying “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” and doing it with a fresh twist. Here are 10 new ways for you to say “Merry Christmas” on this year’s Christmas card.

1. String of Sequins Ornament Christmas Cards: Oh Joy
Christmas card wording ideas

2. Shining Bright Foil Christmas Cards: Be Merry, Be Bright
Christmas card wording ideas

3. Colorful Cheer Christmas Cards: Cheer
Christmas card wording ideas

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4 Steps to Christmas-Card-Worthy Family Photos

Now that Fall is upon us and family photo sessions are being booked for this year’s Christmas cards, we have pulled together some of our most helpful suggestions for each step along the way. Yes, you can get Christmas-card-worthy photos done while enjoying every moment!

light colors 4
Step 1. Clothing options.
If you are going to get professional photos taken, you’ll want to start thinking about what to wear for your family photo. Do you want the family to be wearing light colors, or are brights more your style? Will you need to take a colorful background into consideration, or will your clothing add color to the photo? If you need some ideas and inspiration for your family photo ideas, be sure to read our blog post, What to Wear for your Family Photos, and check out our Christmas photo ideas Pinterest board to get you started.

light colors 3
Step 2. Book your photographer and talk to them about your style.
Once you know you want professional photos taken and have started thinking about your clothing options, start scouting out local photographers. You’ll want to look at their website and see if the photos they have taken match your style. Once you have chosen a photographer, set up a session and send them your favorite family photo ideas. Are you going to use props? Is it going to be on a beach, or in the woods, or maybe you want to do it in the snow? Local photographers can offer suggestions for locations in the area.
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Our Most Unique Christmas Cards: Golden Pears

“Where’d you get those Christmas cards?” It’s the question we all love to hear after choosing, creating and sending our Christmas cards each year. And the answer (for us, at least!) is always Pear Tree. The cards that everyone loves the most are usually part of our Golden Pears collection, an honor reserved for our most amazing, most unique Christmas cards.

These unique Christmas card ideas may have special interactive features like our new spinner cards, or picture frame cards. They may have multiple pages like our photo book cards, or unusual shapes like our ornament cards. And any card with a ribbon is automatically given the Golden Pear mark of awesomeness! 🙂 Here are some of our new Golden Pears for 2013.

Spinner Cards
Photo Christmas Cards -- Foil Photo Spinner In Red Photo Christmas Cards -- Best Wishes Spinner
A spinning wheel rotates inside these unique Christmas cards when you flick the edge, and either four of your favorite photos appear through the cut-out on the front or your favorite holiday message spins around. Your friends and family will love getting interactive with these Christmas cards!

Picture Frame Cards
Photo Christmas Cards -- Tri Photo Stand-Up Frame Photo Christmas Cards -- Vertical Stand-Up Picture Frame
Your Christmas cards will be on display in seconds when you send these cards with a built-in easel that folds out from the back to allow them to stand up like a picture frame! Friends and family will love these easy-to-display Christmas card ideas.

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My Story, My Christmas Card

my christmas cardI love my Christmas card. It is my entire year all wrapped into a beautiful card, simple and elegant. All the details of it are perfect and reflect a subtle story… one that I wanted to share.

It all starts with the picture. I really like the picture of my husband and I. It was taken on my brother’s wedding day this August. The limo had just dropped us off at a bar, and we were toasting to their marriage with a room full of friends. It was the perfect moment. After 6 years of marriage, I think the picture shows we are plainly happy (and absolutely relieved it wasn’t our wedding day so that we can sit back and enjoy). That month we went to three weddings. The summer of weddings as we call it. Sharing in the start of three marriages makes you reflect on how good yours is and all that you’ve learned in the past years. It’s a good picture for that reason. A great picture even.

On the other side of the card, there is a logo for the American Cancer Society. I knew when Pear Tree launched the American Cancer Society Christmas Card collection that I’d pick my holiday card from that collection. Cancer has impacted me on more than one occasion over the years (as I know it has for many). However, this year I lost my uncle to cancer and a good friend lost her dad. Both had fought for a long time. Feeling it so close to home, so deeply, so recently, I knew it was something small I could do in their memory. A small gesture and yet so profoundly meaningful to me.

That’s my story and that’s why I love my holiday card. It is a perfect capture of who I am right now. And I love that I’m sending it in the mail, to those I love, to those I miss, to colleagues, to friends, to those I can’t be with, and just to say “hi, I thought of you, and have a great holiday.”

Happy holidays to you!

Thao T.

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Choosing your perfect Christmas card

Family PictureI’m seriously excited. I just got a glimpse of the photos I hope to use on my family’s Christmas card, taken by my friend and colleague Michelle. I was worried the photos wouldn’t turn out, but she did such a wonderful job that now I am going to have a hard time deciding which one to use. And I was already conflicted about which card design to choose! There are so many holiday card ideas out there. Where to start?

Some people select the design and then try to take a photo that complements the design. If you are like me and are photographically challenged, you can’t even think about the design until you have a photo that is actually in focus and everyone is smiling (minimum requirements). This year, for the first time ever, I am actually considering a photo of our whole family, instead of just the kids.

Once I have the photo, I just go with my instinct on the design. I choose a few I like and put the photo in each one to see what it looks like, changing colors to match the photo if that’s an option. I always have fun tinkering with the text in the card, too. This year, I came up with the idea to use the lyrics to a Christmas song in my card, but I am also thinking about ways to incorporate my family’s culture in the text somehow. I don’t know which idea will be the winner. In the end, what really makes a photo Christmas card the perfect card is that it is a reflection of me and my family. My card will not look like anyone else’s, and that is what makes it perfect to me.

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