5 Valentine Ideas For Kids

Classroom Valentine Ideas

Spread lots of love this Valentine’s Day, by getting your kiddos the coolest cards and gifts to hand out to all of their friends! Rather than buying a box at your local retail store, get creative and personalize one of Pear Tree’s classroom valentines and pair it with a little toy or gadget. We’ve found 5 kid-approved valentine ideas that they’ll love sharing in the classroom.

1. A-MAZE-ING Hearts

Textured Hearts Classroom Valentines
A valentine is extra special when it has your child’s photo on it. Pair Textured Hearts Classroom Valentines with Valentine Maze Puzzles.

2. You’re SUPER

Super Powers Classroom Valentines
Everyone loves a Super Hero. Have your kiddo share his or her powers with Super Powers Classroom Valentines. We’ve spotted the perfect Superhero Sayings Rubber Bracelets to share, so that an entire classroom can be super charged! Continue reading

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Featured Favorite

Real cards created by real people like you!

Our classroom valentines are such a hit with kids and parents. The child can choose the valentine that best reflects their personality and the hobbies they may have. My sister-in-law, Andrea, texted me a photo of my niece’s Valentine’s Day cards and they were perfect for the things they are interested in so I just had to have her share these Valentine’s Day ideas!

Mylah 1
Andrea’s daughter, Mylah, chose the All Eyes on Owl Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids. This design is interactive and gives the recipients something to take home and color! Andrea said, “Mylah can’t wait to get her valentines ready for her pre-school and daycare. She loves the fact that they can actually color their valentine if they want. She just loves to color, it’s one of her favorite things so it only makes sense that she would want to share that with her class. I love the envelopes they are so cute and just her size. We plan on giving each kid a couple color crayons taped to the outside of the envelopes.” Mylah also got matching Color Me Happy Valentine’s Day Stickers that she can also include in the envelope with her valentine. “The stickers are so colorful and the perfect size.”  Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

We love coming up with Valentine’s Day ideas year after year, and this year we are helping you gather clothing ideas to get the perfect Valentine’s Day photo of your darling kiddos! Our What to Wear for your Family Photos series were such a hit during the holidays we just had to share with you these cute Valentine’s Day ideas. The inspiration for these three outfit ideas came from our Valentine’s Day photo cards.

1. Not-so-valentines-y. For this Valentine’s Day style we used soft pastel colors with hints of gold shimmer in the shoes to create a not-so-valentines-y look. Also, add accessories like hats and mittens to create a warm and cozy photo. Our XOXO Foil Look Valentine’s Day Photo Cards pair nicely with this look!Valentine's Day IdeasYou can get this look here. Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Treat Ideas

Pear Tree Greetings wanted to put our creativity to the test by coming up with Valentine’s Day treat ideas to share with you. Our day in the office was filled with pinks, reds and whites; a perfect valentine theme. Below are the tasty + simple ideas we came up with: red hot butter-cream macarons, swirly cookies, divinity, heart-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, crescent rolls, brownies, almond-bark dipped Oreos, cracker dip, pink cookies, graham cracker with strawberry yogurt, cupcakes and macaroni with a cheese heart. We’d love to see your Valentine’s Day treat ideas by commenting below!

Valentine's Day Treat Ideas #peartreegreetings #valentinesdayideas #valentinesdaytreats
Valentine's Day Treat Ideas #peartreegreetings #valentinesdayideas #valentinesdaytreats Valentine's Day Treat Ideas #peartreegreetings #valentinesdayideas #valentinesdaytreats Continue reading

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Kids Classroom Card Ideas with Washi Tape

As the Director of Product Development for Pear Tree I work with designers to build the best products for our customers. When I’m working on a project for my own family I tackle it the same way. I start with the big picture then define the requirements and finally focus on the details.

Big Picture (theme): Washi tape.
Requirements —
1. My kids would be involved in assembly. (Needs to be easy to do.)
2. My oldest needs to write (in cursive) the names of his classmates. (Needs extra envelopes for potential mistakes.)
3. My daughter could not bring candy. (The “treat” needs to be flexible.)

These are the three Valentine’s Day card ideas for kids that I came up with–easy, mistake proof and flexible!

1. Washi tape
2. Pen
3. Small paper
4. Lollipop
5. Crayons

Variation #1: Lolipop treats
Use the washi tape to add a treat to the front of the envelope and on the back to secure it closed.
Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids

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Love notes: they’re not just for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day IdeasValentine’s Day may not be the most important holiday of the year, but it does happen to be one of our favorites, if for no other reason than its perfect timing. It brightens our winters and gives us something to look forward to, just when we need it most. Everybody can use a little love in February!

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Share the love on Valentine’s Day

Share the love on Valentine's Day
Have you told someone you love them lately? Valentine’s Day is a day to share the love! No doubt you already have a Valentine’s Day card picked out for your boyfriend or husband, but why stop there? Today is the perfect day to surprise some of the other people in your life, whether it’s your sister, your best friend, or your Uncle Pete, with a “love note” that says just how much they mean to you.

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