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His + Hers = Ours: He proposes. She screams.

I have lived in Minnesota my entire life and never been snow skiing. I’ve been water skiing nearly every summer, but in the snow? Nope, never. Well, this year my boyfriend, Scott, decided to fix that. We planned a trip to Northern Minnesota to venture off onto the slopes. I was excited, but a little anxious about the skiing. See, in my mind, I pictured myself cutting in and out, back and forth – pretty much an all-star skier; but when I started talking to people, I realized I might be face-planting it on every bump.

The drive was horrible. It snowed heavily the entire way up. We saw at least seven vehicles in the ditch. One car was inches from hitting us, but the driver over-corrected and ended up in the ditch. I don’t think I blinked once. After nearly five tense hours on the road, we made it to Duluth, and our hotel on the shore of Lake Superior. I was so ready to get out of the car, but Scott kept driving. He wanted to show me around the downtown area and the pier. I was not happy, but it turns out he was right. It was really pretty. The snow was now lightly falling, people were out walking around, and we eventually parked and walked around a bit. We decided to save the pier for later in the evening, and went back to the hotel to unpack our fully loaded vehicle. The sun was starting to set as we got ready for dinner. Scott has been to Duluth many, many times, and knew there was a walking path out the back door of our hotel that followed along the shore. We planned to take that path to the pier and then go out to eat. Sounds fun, right?