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Class of 2020, your moment to shine has arrived! Your high school graduation is a big accomplishment, and definitely one to share with family, friends and all those that have helped you reach this major milestone. Make sure your graduation announcements reflect your personality in style that’s customized just for you.

First things first: photos! Every recipient is going to want to see your senior portraits so be sure to add several to your custom cards. Go with a simple announcement that features just one photo or a collage-style design that holds up to twenty.

If you’d like, your grad announcement can double as your party invitation too. Every announcement we carry has space for your personalized party or open house details. Be sure to include the date, time and location of your big celebration.

Have you thought about adding your grad’s high school achievements or their future plans to their announcement? Add details such as their sports victories and academic highlights. Remember, this is the time to brag about your senior! If future plans are set, share those too. From college plans to summer adventures, everyone will like to hear about their next steps.

If you're planning a party, make decorating easy with our fun photo graduation decorations. You’ll look like you spent hours creating DIY touches like photo posters and table confetti but your secret is safe with us.

Graduation FAQs

  • When should I send graduation announcements/invitations?
    If your graduation announcements are doubling as party invitations, we suggest sending them at least 3 – 4 weeks in advance (no less than two weeks in advance). If you’re sending announcements without an invitation, you can send them anywhere from two weeks before graduation to four weeks after.

  • Do I need to include a photo on my graduation announcement?
    You don’t have to include a photo although it’s an easy and fun way to add your own style. We offer graduation announcements and party invitations with and without photos. Use the filter function as you shop to easily narrow down the options.

  • Should I send an announcement for a college graduation?
    Yes! College graduation is a huge milestone in your life. Extended family members and friends you don’t see very often will especially appreciate receiving the update. If you choose to celebrate with family members and close friends, they would love to receive an announcement that doubles as an invitation.

  • How fast will I receive my order?
    Fast! Most orders leave the facility within 1-3 business days. Check out our Shipping & Delivery page for more details.

  • Who do I send my graduation announcement to?
    If your graduation announcements are doubling as party invitations, send them to friends, family members, teachers, coaches, etc. — basically anyone who has been a part of or made an impact on your life. Just be sure to adhere to any restrictions your party venue might have on number of attendants and keep your budget for food and beverages in mind.

  • How long after my graduation can I send announcements?
    First of all, you don’t have to wait until after your graduation to send announcements. You can send them a couple weeks before the graduation date. If you choose to send them after, we recommend sending them as soon as possible but no later than four weeks after the graduation.

  • What’s the difference between an announcement and an invitation?
    Graduation announcements simply let your loved ones know about your major achievement! This is one time in your life you definitely have bragging right, so go for it! Grad party invitations actually invite others to the graduation ceremony and/or your party. Most of our designs double as both an announcement and invitation.

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