Folding Christmas Cards

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Your family Christmas card is something your loved ones look forward to every holiday season. This year, make it extra fun by sending a folding photo Christmas card that’s chock full of photos and custom text that lets you share all the goings-on in your life!

If you’re on the hunt for a holiday card that’s unique and stand out, our folding Christmas cards are a perfect choice. We have style that fit every budget and themes ranging from religious to newsletter-styles.

Trifold holiday cards are a forever favorite for their affordable price and fun styles. This year’s favorites include collage designs that let you share tons of photos right off your camera roll. Since you can update things like color combinations and text colors, creating a holiday card that matches your pictures and personal style is really easy.

Our newest folding cards are a gatefold style that open in the center, unveiling your family photos like the gift they are. These cards are also an affordable option and have all those custom details you demand. You can even add your own Christmas letter on the backside.

Lastly, there are ribbon booklets. These cards are truly beautiful! Four panels that fold together like a book and tie with a ribbon create a Christmas card unlike any you’ve sent before.

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