Holiday Photo Cards

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Photo Holiday Cards FAQs

  • When should I order my Holiday Cards?
    Order your holiday cards no later than 2-3 weeks before Christmas. Placing your order with Pear Tree is fast and we typically print orders quickly (within a day or two) but it can take the U.S. Postal Service up to a week for standard delivery.

    • What should I write in my holiday cards?
      Even if you don't know exactly what you're going to say, be sure to think about how much you typically like to write in your holiday cards and choose a design that accommodates it. Once you start writing, check out our article, What to Say on Christmas Cards after Big Life Events, with different examples of what to say about happy and not-so-happy events. You can also read What to Say in Your Christmas Letter for more elaborate examples of wording.

    • How fast will I receive my order?
      Orders leave the facility within 1-2 business days and may take up to 7 days for shipping depending on the shipping method you choose. Expedited shipping is available. Check out our Shipping & Delivery page for more details.

    • How much time do I have to send my Holiday Cards?
      We recommend sending your holiday cards 7-10 days before Christmas. The U.S. Postal Service says standard delivery takes 2-8 days, and with the holidays being an incredibly busy season for the postal service, you will want to plan ahead. If you think you"re going to miss the holiday card window, consider sending New Years Cards.

    We love this time of year, when photo holiday cards start arriving in the mail, making every trip to the mailbox an exciting adventure. Pear Tree's exclusive designs and easy-to-use personalizing tool give you an infinite number of ways to make your holiday photo cards stand out in those mailboxes!

    Our innovative designs include modern holiday cards that stand up like picture frames, folded cards tied with ribbons, hanging cards, pop-up cards and bestselling trifold holiday cards. Even our simplest Christmas cards incorporate the latest trends and colors. What's more, we make it easy to create personalized holiday cards that fit your family's style. Choose from cards with one large photo, or a dozen small ones. Choose from foil stamped holiday photo cards, or our more affordable faux-foil designs. Choose from vintage holiday cards, modern holiday cards or religious Christmas cards. No matter what your style or budget, we've got the best holiday cards for you. With more than 80 color options and your choice of personal greeting, you can make these custom holiday photo cards truly your own.

    Most of our holiday photo cards are printed on our signature, 115 lb matte-finish card stock. Our folded holiday cards are made with 94 lb matte-finish stock. This premium quality paper has been carefully chosen to give your cards a high-quality feel at an affordable price. Two exceptions are our Christmas card magnets, and our affordable photo paper holiday cards that are printed on professional photo paper with a semi-glossy Lustre Finish.

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