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How to Sign a Business Christmas Card with Thanks and Gratitude

Sending a card from your business is a must during the holiday season. Not only is it a lovely gesture and thoughtful way to express your gratitude, but it’s also an affordable and personalized way to get your business in front of your most supportive customers.

But – what do you say? First, check out our collection of business holiday card designs – you’re sure to find a style that’s a great fit for your company.

Next, write a personal letter to your customers or clients. This note can be as short or long as you’d like! If you’re stumped about what to share, consider the following:

Company Success
Highlight your success from the year! Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn. If you’re a realtor go ahead and brag a little about how many deals you closed last year. Speak to the projects you’ve tackled, innovations you brought to life and the service you’ve provided to your community.

Touch on Family
Depending on the type of business, it’s absolutely appropriate to get a little personal. Speaking to life outside of your business helps your letter feel authentic and relatable. Even simply saying, “Our staff is looking forward to enjoying a holiday season filled with family time and memory making” is the perfect way to warm up your holiday greeting.

Future Plans
Sharing your plans or goals for the New Year is a wonderful way to keep your customers in the know, and get them excited for what’s to come. Everything from launching a new website to expanding to a new market is worth mentioning.

Thank Them
Don’t forget to thank your customers or clients. This can kick off your greeting, or be saved for the end of your letter. An example of how to say thank you for your business might look like this – “During this season of thanks, we thank you for choosing us. We feel so grateful for the opportunity to work with each and every one of you this year.”

And finally, close your letter with an appropriate sign off. Some examples of how to sign your card include:

With Gratitude,
Otto Realty

With Appreciation this Holiday Season,
Otto Realty

Happy Holidays from
Otto Realty

May Your Year Ahead Be Joyful,
Otto Realty

With Sincere Thanks and Appreciation,
Otto Realty

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