Stickers and Seals

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We're betting you'll find plenty of places to stick these stickers, Ms. Party Planner Extraordinaire, once you have them in your hot little hands. In colors and designs to coordinate with our party invitations and other party decorations, they're just one of the many tools at your disposal to create the most memorable party ever. Stick them on party favor bags, on your beverage cups, on your soda bottles and serving dishes. Stick two together over a stick for something to poke into a centerpiece or top a cake. We know you'll think of more ideas. These are just to get you started.

Once you're done with stickers, move on to our multi-piece table decor to create garland or table confetti. Or personalize one of our bunting banners to create a colorful focal point on your wall. Right down to the color coordinated cupcake flags, you sure know how to throw a party!

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