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3  out of  5
5  out of  5
December 23 2020
These were unique and high quality

I really loved this design--the final product turned out great. The photos came out clear and the paper was sturdy. The only downside is that it is a bit difficult to insert the ribbon but felt like the extra effort was worth it.

1  out of  5
December 19 2020

I like to send out different types of Christmas cards from year to year. I was in love with the idea of a little booklet. There was downloadable instructions on how to put it all together. With that being said, there is nothing in the instructions or when you design the card to indicate which photo area shows where in the booklet. For example, there is no indication the the second picture on the back will be the last page on the booklet after it’s folded. I spent countless hours uploading, modifying, and second guessing which photo was supposed to go where. I studied the downloadable instructions. Still not clear. When I thought I had figured it out, I sent to print. (When you view your final work, there is still no indication on first page, second page, etc. it just shows as a flat long series of pictures. At that point they really should show how the booklet starts and how it unfolds and ultimately ends.) I excitedly received my order as it had been delayed for a while, so by the time I received them I was anxious and ready to get them assembled and sent out the next day. I pulled out the first card and quickly realized the photo that was supposed to be placed on top was actually the last page. The first page as it was made no sense. In order to “fix” it, I would have had to cut each fold and somehow assemble it in a way that would make sense, in a way that it wasn’t meant for. After emailing the company, I received 30% refund. Not only do I not have Christmas cards to send out for Christmas, I now have to order another set of Christmas cards that cost me way more (no holiday discounts to take advantage of) and I won’t be able to send them out until the 5 or 6 of January. Long story short, this was a $600 mistake (how much I purchased the cards for, minus the refund, plus the additional cost of another set of cards). I had a great experience ordering from Pear Tree last year, and was sorely disappointed given that I had no time to recoup the lost time. Again, ultimately my mistake, but their poor instructions and long delays got me into this mess. I wanted Pear Tree to work, but won’t be coming back again. Think twice about these booklets!!!