Mini Note Cards

Our mini note cards are a unique and personalized way to delivery any message. Those receiving these little notes will appreciate the thoughtfulness and fun designs, and you'll appreciate the ease of delivering a quick message in a fun way. These mini note cards are too small to mail, but perfect for saying "I love you" to your partner, tucking reminders or fun messages in your child's lunchbox, or hand delivering a compliment or thank you to someone you admire. We also have a few mini note cards designed just for teacher gifts.

Mini note cards also make great gift card enclosures or gift toppers when you want to accompany a gift with a quick note. Whether you're giving a hostess gift to a friend or handmade treats to the new neighbors, it's nice to personalize it with a note of greeting. Mini note cards do come with their own envelopes, but do not meet the postal size regulations for mailing. For note cards that you can mail, check out our collection of personalized note cards, or our kids' thank you cards.

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