His+Hers=Ours: Five new wedding ideas

Hello again, I hope you had a lovely couple of months. His+Hers=Ours is back to talk about Scott’s and my new, exciting wedding ideas!

Scott and I have been busy, busy this summer. We’ve gone to five weddings and we still have three to go! Now that we’re engaged, we go to each wedding looking at all the details to see what inspires us and what we could do at our wedding. It’s been fun picking up wedding ideas from all of them and thinking of ways to put our own twist on them. Here are some of our favorite ideas:wedding ideas

First Dance. At one of the wedding receptions, after the DJ announced the entire wedding party – ushers, bridesmaids, groomsmen and the newly Mr. & Mrs. – the bride and groom went straight into their first dance with their wedding party surrounding the dance floor. We had never seen this before and it was absolutely wonderful. Everyone was so engaged with the dance, taking pictures, tearing up and watching the love between them. At other weddings we haven’t noticed the first dance as much, because it’s usually after guests have eaten and everyone is finishing their dinner or dessert, getting a drink or visiting the restroom – it isn’t exactly the most romantic time of the evening. I feel the first dance is a special moment between the newlyweds, and we want our closest friends and family to see it. I know they will, if we use this idea.

Slideshow. We’ve been discussing this quite a bit now, because we’ve noticed that most of the weddings we’ve been to this year haven’t had a slideshow, whereas in prior years it’s been very common. At one wedding, the couple had a slideshow going while they did their first dance, which we really enjoyed. I like the flow of how the reception goes without one, but I love how personal they are. If we choose not to do a slideshow, I like the idea of having photos, special events (first date movie ticket – yes I still have it) and cute notes we’ve written to each other framed on the tables. This would still give it the personalized feel of a slideshow, without interrupting the flow of the reception.

Decorations. Picking out decorations is tough. Do we do what is complimentary from our reception hall (inexpensive, but yet nice), or do we bring in our own things to spruce up the place? Do people remember centerpieces and decorations after leaving? When Scott and I thought back on it, we couldn’t tell you what the centerpieces and decorations looked like at weddings we’d attended. A few weeks ago we went to a wedding reception at the same location we are doing ours. It was nice seeing it decorated, and it confirmed our thoughts – complimentary centerpieces, no chair covers, background decorations with lights, and a lit up dance floor. It’s simple, but elegant, and that’s the look we’re going for.

wedding ideasTable Games. Personalized table games are another idea we’ve enjoyed at wedding receptions. They are a great conversation starter if you don’t know everyone at your table. One wedding had cards with questions about the bride and groom with answers on the back. Another wedding had booklets on each table with different questions such as: What should we do on date night? Best place we should visit? What should we name our kids? It was nice getting people to talk at the tables and the conversation was all about the bride and groom. Since I’m a sucker for anything handwritten, we’re thinking about doing a version of both these ideas, but haven’t decided exactly what it is yet.

Wedding Favors. Wedding favors scare me. Ha. They shouldn’t, but I keep thinking, what is the best, coolest gift we can give our guests to thank them for coming to celebrate with us? It’s a lot of pressure to find the right gift, especially since, once again, nearly all the weddings we’ve gone to haven’t had any wedding favors. One wedding did have favors, but we accidentally left ours on the table. I’m not sure if we will do favors or not, but one thought is that if we do wedding favors (our wedding favor tags are so cute, I want to use them!) we would offer options to our guests, and each one would be meaningful to us and in some way represent who we are. We aren’t sure what they will be yet, but I like the thought of it.

Well, that’s what’s been on the minds of the His+Hers couple for wedding ideas. It’s exciting to think about, and we can’t imagine what else will inspire us at the next three weddings! 🙂

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7 thoughts on “His+Hers=Ours: Five new wedding ideas

  1. Dani,
    I just helped our daughter plan her wedding last year, and this post reminded me of many of the same things we considered. I thought I’d put in my 2¢. We had a venue that had a cocktail area that was outside of the main dining area, so it was easy to set up separate areas for different purposes. We did a slideshow on a computer screen, instead of a big projector, and looped it. No need for many captions or sound. Just a few pics. When you attend a wedding, there are really only two things you remember afterward – whether you had a good or bad dinner, and whether you had fun or not. When planning our event, I had two objectives – to make sure our guests had really good food, and that they have a really good time. So, when it came time for the cocktail hour, I knew I didn’t want our gusts to get bored or hungry (bride & groom did photos after ceremony) so we had hors d’oeuvres and table trivia. http://www.talkingtables.com/index.html
    (btw, I had to order these from the UK – Pear Tree would “own” the market here in the USA, since no one else makes these here)
    I also made sure we had extra cocktail tables for people to sit or stand at, and our venue already had a couple of lounge corners. The table trivia was such a hit, that two of the boxes went “missing”. Regarding decorations – you are dead on – no one will care much during or after. Keep it simple. As for favors, this was my favorite! My daughter has always collected pressed pennies when she travels, so I surprised her with a penny press machine with a custom die that had their names & date on it! We found bright new pennies and let our guests press their own. It was a huge hit! (careful if you have kids)
    Our daughter’s photog also had a photo “un-booth” for guests to have fun with. Keeping our guests in mind and planning as much as possible as early as possible, made our event very successful. I’m sure yours will be too.
    PS, Pear Tree was a big part of our event as well 😉 I recommend PTG as often as I can!

    1. Hi Therese,
      Thank you so much for your comment! Lots of great advice and tips for the wedding planning journey. My fiance and I couldn’t agree with you more on what people remember from attending a wedding – the food and if they had fun. I love the table trivia idea and how you made the favors personal to the bride & groom. That is definitely something Scott and I are working on incorporating in our big day. Also, love hearing that Pear Tree was part of your daughter & son-in-law’s wedding day 🙂

      Thanks so much again for sharing your tips! We really appreciate all the advice we can get 🙂

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