Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Photo gifts (especially the small ones!) make fun and unexpected stocking stuffer ideas. Our holiday gift guide features lots of photo gift ideas, but these are perfect for stocking stuffers.


Our custom phone cases include hardshell protection for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones, with or without photos, custom colors and/or text. Personalized ornaments make a nice annual stocking stuffer with a new ornament each year. And for a simple photo display for home or office, our 5 x 7-inch easel art tucks neatly into a stocking with no need for a picture frame.

personalized notepads
Everybody in the family can use personalized notepads, and our 4.25 x 5.5-inch size is perfect for quick lists or notes. Have fun customizing the text for different kinds of notes (i.e. To-Dos, Grocery List, Deep Thoughts) or just personalize them with a name or photo.

personalized childrens books
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What to Wear for Your Family Photos

Moms, we know how challenging planning your family photos can be. Choosing outfits, getting your kids in a happy mood and ensuring everyone is dressed and ready to go—it’s a process. So we’re lending you a hand by crafting outfit ideas that show you what to wear for your family photos. In addition, we’ve paired these outfits with the perfect holiday photo card to make your photos look even better this holiday season.

Rustic Casual
This look combines denim and leather, with touches of gold. Pair it with our Holly Jolly Reindeer card for a gold accent, or one of our many cards that offer natural wood grain backgrounds, like our Merry and Bright Swatch Book.

We've crafted the best outfit ideas that show you what to wear for your family photos + paired these outfits with the perfect holiday card! Click to see more outfit ideas.

Woman: Leather Motorcycle Jacket, J.Crew | Super Skinny Low Jeans, H&M | Sleeveless Mesh Button Down Shirt, American Eagle | Pave Paillette Long Necklace, Chloe and Isabel | Noellle Boots, Steve Madden | Man: Chambray Iconic Worker Shirt, Gap | 1969 Slim Nep Denim Jeans, Gap | Coulter Chukka Boot, DSW | Girl: Cropped Denim Jacket, Gymboree | Sparkle Rose Top, Gymboree | Miscellaneous Ocelot Foil Tutu, Seed Heritage | Basic Legging, Seed Heritage | Two-Tone Riding Boots, Gymboree | Toddler Boy: Checked Shirt, Gymboree | Pull-On Plaid Cuff Jeans, Gymboree | Polo Ralph Lauren Ethan Low Ez Shoes, Zappos | Cards: Holly Jolly Reindeer, Pear Tree | Merry and Bright Swatch book, Pear Tree

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Inspirational Quotes

Whether we’re designing, creating, or crafting, we’re always drawing inspiration from somewhere. Inspirational quotes motivate us to be innovative and creative every day. That’s why we’re sharing our favorites with you, to help jump-start your creative spark. Share these inspirational quotes with your friends and motivate them to be creative. Enjoy!

Inspirational quotes motivate us to be innovative and creative everyday. We’re sharing our favorites with you, to help  jump-start your creative spark.

Inspirational quotes motivate us to be innovative and creative everyday. We’re sharing our favorites with you, to help  jump-start your creative spark. Continue reading

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Wall Decor Ideas With a Personal Touch

Looking for ways to dress up your walls with color and personality? Pear Tree’s wall decor ideas can be personalized with color choices, editable text and photos to create artwork worthy of hanging on your walls. There’s something for every room in the house.

Kid’s Room
Choose from a collection of kids’ wall art to create a theme for your child’s room, or create your own metal wall art out of your child’s artwork.
Go Carts Wall Art
Wall Decor Ideas Framed Art

Teen’s Room or Dorm Room
These durable, tear-resistant custom posters are great for a teen’s bedroom or dorm room, filled with their favorite photos.
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Recycled Cards: Make Something Beautiful With Trash

Happy Earth Day!
On Earth Day, we like to celebrate all things eco-friendly. Here at Pear Tree Greetings, we do what we can by creating most of our cards from 100% post consumer recycled paper. Sounds good, right? But what exactly is post consumer recycled paper?

Well, instead of making our signature card stock from wood pulp (trees) we make it from the recycled paper that you send to your recycling bins every week. That means we’re not killing new trees to make our paper, and we’re keeping it out of the landfills.

What’s cool is that when we say 100% post consumer recycled, that means all of it. Not just a little bit, like others claim. Most paper products labeled “recycled” are made from waste created by the paper and printing industries (pulp, scraps, trimmings and other material that has not been used by you or me) which may be good business for the company, but is not really considered recycling.

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Tips for New Moms from Pear Tree Moms

Props - add a soft or textured blanket

The emotions you feel when welcome your new little one into your arms are indescribably happy ones: joy, love, relief and pride in your accomplishment, followed pretty closely by a panicky, how-am-I-going-to-do-this feeling. The responsibility and the emotions can be overwhelming, so the moms at Pear Tree wanted to help relieve some of that stress by sharing their best tips for new moms. For bedtime, laundry days, play time, school days and much more, here are our favorite tips for new moms from 5 Pear Tree moms.

Michelle, mom of 1 little boy with baby #2 on the way, due in a few short months!

  1. Laundry Magic. Never have to match socks again! Use diaper pins, the ones with the plastic tops, to match socks before laundering. I liked it so much for my son’s socks that I actually do my own now too!
  2. Extra supply of “Liquid Gold.” Help Preemie Babies & Breast Cancer Research by donating if you have extra supply of breast milk. Learn more here.
  3. Food tip. Whole grapes can be dangerous to feed little kids. They can easily choke on them if they’re not cut in half. Use two plates to hold grapes and slide knife through. Cuts a lot all at once! (Here is a pin to help.)
  4. Handprint preservation. Use modeling clay to preserve their sweet little handprint! I started this when my baby was 3 months old and have made them up to 3 years old + counting. I love looking back at these! The other great part about it is, you bake them in the oven and they are non-breakable and flexible. Alex loves looking back to see how small his handprint was when he was a baby and playing with them! We even gave a few as presents. OR use an ink pad + paper – any way of preserving their handprint works for me!

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Unique Designs for Girl Dresses

At Pear Tree, we are inspired by design and appreciate new design. Earlier this week we heard about two moms who, like us, are pushing the limits on new design. These moms created the brand, Princess Awesome. They have a very inspiring story about how girls have various interests in toys, animals, superheros and more, but there aren’t any dresses that have those designs. These moms took it upon themselves to solve that. They started this clothing design business in a basement, found the resources they needed to get these one-of-a-kind designs and started selling locally and then online. They have 3 dress designs they are focusing on: Pi, pirates, and dinosaurs. Design ideasDesign Ideas Design ideas Continue reading

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From Instagram to Mailbox

Did you know Pear Tree Greetings makes it easy for you to use your Instagram photos on our photo card designs?! It’s true. Our amazing design team works hard to create a collection that is ‘Mobile-friendly’ so you can use photos from your phone or from Instagram and share them right on your card for all to enjoy. We have designed collections for mobile photos in our Graduation Invitations & Announcements, Christmas Cards, Birth Announcements, Valentine’s Day Cards, Kids Birthday Invitations and our Gifts & Decor.
Instagram photosInstagram photosInstagram photosInstagram photos

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Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

We love coming up with Valentine’s Day ideas year after year, and this year we are helping you gather clothing ideas to get the perfect Valentine’s Day photo of your darling kiddos! Our What to Wear for your Family Photos series were such a hit during the holidays we just had to share with you these cute Valentine’s Day ideas. The inspiration for these three outfit ideas came from our Valentine’s Day photo cards.

1. Not-so-valentines-y. For this Valentine’s Day style we used soft pastel colors with hints of gold shimmer in the shoes to create a not-so-valentines-y look. Also, add accessories like hats and mittens to create a warm and cozy photo. Our XOXO Foil Look Valentine’s Day Photo Cards pair nicely with this look!Valentine's Day IdeasYou can get this look here. Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolution Ideas

New year's resolution ideas
Toss up metallic confetti, wear festive top hats and blow crazy horns, because it’s time for celebrating! It’s a new year filled with goals and wishes waiting for you to make them come true. Every year, we are all guilty of making some of those ordinary resolutions that you see slapped across ads, such as “lose 10 lbs.,” “drink less caffeine,” “save more money,” “eat healthier,” etc. Although those are all fine ideas, this year why not try something different and craft resolutions that will make you a better version of yourself. Here are some New Year’s resolution ideas to get you started!

1. Be Connected
It’s too easy to lose touch with friends and family. Make a commitment to connect with them throughout the year. Don’t just send a text (even tough we are all guilty of it). Actually take a few minutes to write a personal note and stick it in the mail. Or make that extra effort to meet up. Why not host a get-together with distant friends? Take the initiative to rekindle those relationships.
New year's resolution ideas

2. Be Giving
It’s not always about giving money (although, that’s generous too), but about giving your time to help others. This year, rather than just writing a check, go through all of your closets and donate clothes, volunteer at the humane society or send care packages overseas. If you’re crafty, make blankets or hats for those in need, and if you’re sporty, organize a basketball tournament to collect donations. Give back by using your own special talents. Make a difference in people’s lives by giving. Continue reading

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