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It’s that time of year again…are you ready to create your family Christmas card? If you’re not sure exactly what to say, consider using a quote. From humor to heartwarming, these are the holiday card quotes we love the most!

Sweet Quotes for Family Christmas Cards

“The Simplest Things Bring the Greatest Joy”

If you missed the family photo shoot this year, don’t worry! A candid photograph of your family doing an everyday activity like playing outside or baking cookies is sometimes even sweeter. Pair your snapshot with this heartfelt quote to create an aww-worthy card.

“Hold On To The Magic”

This is a great quote for families who have small children. It’ll remind your friends and family about the joy that the holiday season bring us all.

“Together is Our Favorite Place to Be”

Family life is busy, but when you’re together, it’s the best! This family quote is one of our most popular for photo holiday cards. Add a photo of the entire family to create a Christmas card that’ll put a smile on everyone’s face.

Religious Quotes for Christmas Cards

“Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room”

We love this unexpected quote on religious Christmas cards. It’s so much more than a quote too – part bible verse and part Christmas hymn, this phrase will stir emotion in each recipient.

“Glory to God”

This religious holiday quote is so simple, it’s perfect.

“Let Heaven and Nature Sing”

Name that song! Send your religious Christmas card with this quote and everyone will be humming the tune all day long.

Funny Quotes for Christmas Cards

“The Nice List is Overrated”

This funny quote is best used on Christmas cards for families who have small children. All you need is a few mischievous smile to complete the look.

“Obligatory Christmas Card”

If sarcasm is more your speed, this funny quote will get a few chuckles!

“All is NOT Calm”

All is calm…all is bright. Does that quote make you shake your head? If you’ve got a bustling family that’s anything but calm, this holiday card quote just might be a winner!


Traditional Quotes for Christmas Cards

“What a Wonderful World”

A beautiful message to spread, especially during the chaos of the holiday season.

“May Your Days be Merry and Bright!”

This cheerful quote is a forever classic! Create a card with a bright and whimsical color palette to complement this happy phrase.

“Christmas Blessings”

This versatile phrase can be used in so many ways. Pair it with your photo, use it as a header on your Christmas letter or a simple closing with your family name underneath.


Featured Cards:
Greatest Joy – Trifold Christmas Card
Prepare Him Room – Trifold Christmas Card
Nice is Overrated – Christmas Card
What a Wonderful World – Ribbon Booklet Christmas Card

Ooh, baby – autumn is approaching! If you have some special parents-to-be who are expecting a little one this Fall, it’s time to begin planning the celebration. Get inspired with this little pumpkin themed baby shower – it’s about the cutest theme of them all.

The Golden Pumpkin

The theme for this baby shower is unmistakably seasonal – set the tone for the celebration from the start with this sweet little pumpkin-themed invitation. The woodgrain background, watercolor leaves and that cute golden pumpkin feel a little rustic, a little glam and all-together adorable!

An Autumn Pastel Palette

Ditch the traditional fall jewel tones and think pastels instead. This palette is gender-neutral and includes melon, pink, cream and a pop of gorgeous gold. To make those hues feel like fall, scatter an earthy brown tone in as well. Using kraft-touches and woodgrain pulls off this look with ease.

Whimsy Galore

To create a baby shower that the parents-to-be will remember forever, create a day filled with special details. Using pumpkins in a must and these décor ideas will pull the look together in snap…

  • Pumpkin Card Holder: check out this sweet detail in our mood board. All you need to create this DIY is a craft-store pumpkin, metallic pen, x-acto knife and a steady hand.
  • Balloons: Cheap and chic! Balloons have seen a huge resurgence recently. Our best tip is to order balloons in your custom palette on Amazon, then take them to the dollar store to have them filled with helium. Step up the glam factor by adding gold confetti first!
  • Favors: paint mini pumpkins to create inexpensive and sweet favors for guests.
  • Heirloom Pumpkins: scattering pumpkins around your party space is a must. But…don’t choose just any old bright orange pumpkin. Hunt for heirloom pumpkins instead. These pumpkins are perfectly plump and are available in colors like soft melon, cream and even baby blue. They’ll add instant charm!

Photo Credits:  Card Box: Something Turquoise, Mama to Be: Parties 365, Pumpkin Highchair: Anya Kernes Photography via 100 Layer Cake, Cake Topper: Etsy


Graduation is a milestone so huge, it deserves a fabulous announcement. We love seeing all those pride-filled posts on social media but let’s be real – there’s nothing quite like a pretty paper announcement that can be held, admired, and proudly display on refrigerators.

Our team loves creating designs with all the bells and whistles. From floral-themed designs to folding formats, our exclusive invites and announcements are gonna wow.

But…even we know that sometimes, basic is best. Whether you love minimalist style or are crunched for time, our newest collection of simple graduation announcements makes creating a custom design easy peasy.

It was a tough task, but we’ve narrowed down our huge selection to 7 or our very favorites…

  1. Top Honors
    This design looks simple, but the options are endless!
    • Change up the fonts and colors.
    • Choose from six layout options on the backside.

Featured product: Top Honors

  1. Shining Year
    Metallic may not be so basic, but this look makes minimalist style shine.
    • Choose from gold, rose gold or silver foil.
    • Update the background to match your school colors or photos.

Featured product: Shining Year

  1. Scripted Graduate
    A classic grad announcement that will never go out of style…
    • Every line of text is editable.
    • Choose from several background patterns to create custom look.

      Featured product: Scripted Graduate

  1. Photo Mix
    A photo-collage style announcement that looks expensive but is actually crazy-affordable.
    • Share up to 11 photos with backside layout options.
    • Change up the fonts (but wow, we love it just the way it is!).

      Featured product: Photo Mix

  1. School Logo
    Bursting with school pride? This design features your school logo and photo of the grad.
    • Upload your custom school logo or mascot. Our personalization tool makes it easy-peasy.
    • Choose your colors and fonts.

      Featured product: School Logo

  1. Simple Statement
    Sure, it’s simple, but this design has crazy-cute style!
    • The whimsical script text on the front can be changed to any color you’d like.
    • Those polka-dots on the back can be updated woodgrain, chalkboard and more.

      Featured product: Simple Statement

  1. Shining Success
    A classic foil-stamped design, this one has traditional design roots but feels ultra-modern.
    • Gold is forever a favorite, but try this one in rose-gold or silver foil for a twist.
    • Have a little fun by changing the background to a pastel like blush or mint. Instantly gorgeous!

      Featured product: Shining Success

Ready to create your Christmas Card? Good! That’s what we like to hear! Our team has been busy creating our own family’s cards. We each have our very favorite design selected and photos chosen but nearly every one of us hit a stumbling block when the time has come to actually write our card. A few samples of recent overheard conversations:

“I mean…do I really have to put my kid’s ages on? Don’t people know how old they are?”

“Is it weird to include an update on ME  or do you think people just want to hear about my kids?”

“I feel like I should say something about the dog dying but is that awful to put on a Christmas card?!”

“Can somebody write a closing for me?! I don’t know how to end this thing!”

As you can see, even we (the stationery experts!) struggle with writing our Christmas cards! So, let’s make this easy. Here are the 7 things you must cover on this year’s card:

  1. What You’re Grateful for this Holiday

Start your letter with gratitude! Offering up a bit of thanks is a lovely way to begin your holiday greeting. For instance – “Merry Christmas from the Hart Family! As the holiday approaches, we’re so grateful for the never-ending love and support from our friends, family and community. We hope this greeting finds you healthy and full of holiday cheer!”.

  1. Recap the Kids and Their Ages

This might seem basic, but adding you children’s ages along with a little blurb about them is something your friends and family will appreciate. And guess what? So will you! When you look back at your cards 20 years from now, you’ll love having their ages noted throughout the years.  A quick example  – “Riley turned 6 in April. She started first grade this year and has discovered a new passion for cooking. This kid is always in the kitchen! Mae is 14 months old and on move! She went from crawling to literally running circles around us. She loves avocados and her big sister”.  You can also note ages under a photo or in your letter closing like this – “Riley (6) and Mae (14 months) “.

  1. Include the Pets

If you have a furry friend (or scaly friend), be sure to give them a shout-out. “Our labradoodle, Sam, is everyone’s best friend and favorite cuddle partner.”

  1. Updates on YOU

Yes, your friends and family want to hear about what you and your significant other are up to as well! If you don’t have children, or your kids are grown, then by all means share everything you wish to! Be sure to cover any career updates as well as something a little more fun. For instance –  “I continue to live the dream as a project coordinator at Harmon Automotive! But for real, I love my co-workers and my job. Frank began his fourth year as a Kindergarten teacher at Redwood Elementary. We both stay busy with the girls but find time to pursue our own hobbies as well. I’ve discovered a love for knitting and Frank got his recreational drone license. Duck and cover, people!”.

  1. Major Life Events: New Baby, Moves, Graduation, Family Loss, Etc.

It seems obvious that you’ll include any news about a new baby or cross country move, but a tragedy? Should you write about that in your Christmas card? If it’s made an impact on your year, and you want to share it with loved ones, then yes. “We lost Frank’s mom, Silvia, in July. The loss has been heartbreaking for our entire family. We carry our cherished memories and deep love for Silvia in our hearts every single day.

  1. Vacations

If you took a fun vacation this year, mention it! Your loved ones will like hearing about your adventures. “In August, we took a family vacation to San Diego. The girls dipped their toes in the ocean and explored the zoo. It. Was. Fabulous!”.

  1. Wishes for the New Year

Declare what you’re most looking forward to in the upcoming year. This is also a great way to close your letter. “Our wishes for the New Year include nights of uninterrupted sleep, lots of snow days, a visit from the tooth fairy and…well, all the avocados”.


That’s it! Well, that’s almost it. Remember to sign your card with a heartfelt signature. Our favorites include:

with love and joy,

The Hart Family


all our love this Christmas and always,

The Hart Family


Blessings and peace,

The Hart Family


Now that you know what you’re going to write in your holiday card, have you considered when to send it? Be sure to order early so you have plenty of time to stuff those envelopes and drop them in the mail! Happy card creating!

Our team loves modern design and when it came time to create our religious Christmas card collection, we kept it contemporary. With heartfelt phrases and themes that range from farmhouse to minimalist, you’re sure to find a card that fits your family. These 7 favorites deliver messages of love, hope and faith, all wrapped in style that feels anything but old-fashioned.


  1. Beyond Measure Christmas Card

God has blessed you beyond measure! This rustic-themed Beyond Measure Christmas Card features your sweet family photo framed by dark rustic wood-grain. The message “blessed beyond measure”, accompanied by your personalized letter on the backside is a beautiful way to send holiday wishes to your loved ones.

  1. Adore Him Foil Trifold Christmas Card

The Star of Bethlehem shines bright (literally!) on this beautiful foil-stamped Adore Him Christmas Card. This folding card has six panels that let you show off eight photos of your happy family along with enough room to share a bit about everyone’s year! The phrase “O Come let us Adore Him” is stamped in real foil, making this Christmas card an absolute treasure.

  1. Praise God Ornament Christmas Card

A Christmas card that becomes a forever keepsake is one your friends and family will absolutely adore! This new Praise God Ornament Card will be hung on Christmas trees year after year! The phrase “Praise God”, your family portrait and personalized letter are everything you want to share all on one incredibly unique card.

  1. Every Heart Christmas Card

We love beautiful artwork paired with gorgeous family photos and this Every Heart Christmas Card delivers both! The phrase “Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room” is one of our favorite Christmas phrases and the watercolor greenery accents feel so sophisticated and seasonal. Add four photographs plus a custom greeting to the backside and you have one faith-filled card ready to send.

  1. God is Good Trifold Christmas Card

Life isn’t always perfect, but God’s love is. This farmhouse-style God is Good Christmas Christmas Card is going to give your loved ones all the feels! The saying “God is Good, All the Time, God is Good” is printed on the front of this folding card. Add two large family portraits and your personal Christmas letter to complete your one-of-a-kind greeting.

  1. Oh Holy Night Swatch Book Christmas Card

Talk about a stunning and absolutely unique Christmas card! Here at Pear Tree, creating cards in formats that wow our customers is what we love most. This Oh Holy Night Christmas Card features four separate cards held together by a silver grommet. The lyrics to the beloved Christmas hymn, O Holy Night, as well as four photographs are featured on the font of each card. On the backsides, you can add text and share all the highlights of your year. If you’re searching for a religious Christmas card that is totally keep-worthy, look no further!

  1. Joy of Christ Christmas Card

We’ve saved our favorite for last! The phrase on this charming Joy of Christ Christmas Card gets us every time. The saying “May Your Hearts be Filled with the Joy of Christ”, surrounded by holiday foliage and berries, will have you friend and family feeling the love from you and your crew. The backside of this faith-filled card features a whopping ten of your photos and a custom Christmas letter.

Christmas is fast approaching and you’ve forgotten to book your family photo shoot. Or maybe you don’t have several hundred dollars to drop on a family photo shoot. Or…maybe your three-year-old tattooed his face with a black sharpie as you were frantically curling your hair JUST MINUTES BEFORE YOUR FAMILY PHOTO SHOOT. Yup, that’s happened. In any case, do not fear. You don’t need professional photos to create a picture-perfect family Christmas Card. Grab your phone, and let’s get started.

Choose Your Card

Step One: Choose the card you want to send. We know…weird, right? Choosing your card before you take the photos? But we promise, this approach is the right approach. Take a peek through all our lovely Holiday Photo Cards and we guarantee you’re going to fall hard for one or two. Take some time to learn about the options available for the photo layout on your “it” card (we often have many options) and take notes about how many photos you need. We have cards that fit just one photo or as many as 20 plus! Also consider the format – vertical or horizontal, otherwise known as landscape or portrait – that you’ll need to capture for your chosen design.

Visualize Your Vibe

Step Two: Decide what kind of vibe you want your card to have. Are you looking for images that feel more like a photo shoot? Perhaps a nice family photo with everyone smiling (fingers crossed!) and individual shots of each of your beloved family members? Yes, you can do this with a phone! Or maybe you’d rather create a card that feels a little more like real-life. Candid shots of the kids being their crazy-selves and a quick selfie of you and your partner can come together to create a card that feels super genuine.

 Find Your Light

Step Three: Get the light right. This is the most important step in creating a beautiful Christmas card with photos from your smart phone. Find the light, and your photos are going to be gorgeous. Do not – we repeat – do not attempt to take photos in a dimly lit room or outside after dusk. Your photos will print dark and be the furthest thing from merry and bright! If you want to take a photo in your home, take a walk around the house during the morning, daytime and evening. Be on the lookout for soft, filtered light that often shines through windows in the early to mid-morning and late-afternoon to evening. Once you find the light, grab a willing model and take some test shots. You’ll know the light is right if your photo looks, well, like real life! The best way is to compare skin tones in your image to your subject to make sure you’ve nailed it. If you’d rather have photos outside, take these same steps to find the soft light. Early morning or early evening is your best friend and bright, direct sunlight is your worst enemy. Again, drag one of your kiddos outside and take some test shots. Try different angles and locations until your image looks spot-on.

Be Confident

Step Four: Grab your phone, grab your subjects, get into that light and be confident. You’ve got this! If you’re going for that more traditional, posed look, you’re going to want to prop your phone up and set the timer (assuming you want to be in the photo and you, mom, should definitely be in the photo!). All phones are different, but we promise it’ll be easy. If it’s not intuitive, a quick Google search will point you in the right direction. Gather your family to where you want them to pose and then find a place to prop up your phone. There’s really no need for a fancy tripod. Drag a chair over and use books to create the right height. Stuffed animals can also come in handy when trying to angle your phone just right. Set the timer, run to your fam and say “cheese!”. Don’t sweat it if you don’t get the perfect photo, just have fun with it! If the kids are uncooperative, start a tickle fight for a family photo that feels genuine and full of joy. If you want individual photos of your children or pets, pull them each aside into that pretty light. Now, get on their level. Bend your knees so your photo isn’t angled up or down, but pointed straight at that angelic little face. Then snap away. If you want candid shots, forgo the timer. Again, get into the light and then – and this is key – give the kids something to do. If you’re in the kitchen, bake a cake. Yes, it’ll be messy but you’ll love the images! If you’re in a bedroom, give them a stack of books to read. Maybe your best light is on the staircase? Get out the holiday garland and decorate away.

Easy Editing

Step Five: Edit your photos. If you’ve never edited your phone photos before, this can sound scary but don’t worry, there’s an app for that. Our favorite photo editing app is A Color Story. First, take a peek back at the Christmas card design that you chose. Look through your photos and decide which ones you’ll use on your card. Open your editing app and begin by cropping your photo. Next, play around with the Curves, Saturation, Vibrance, Highlights and Shadows until your photo looks just the way you want. If it gets away from you, simply start over! There’s really no “right” way to edit a photo. Just make sure that your photo is bright enough and has enough contrast between the colors so that it’ll print beautifully. You can also get creative with filters and effects such as flare, bokeh and other light elements. If the light in your photos didn’t turn out exactly as you wanted, these can help immensely.

Upload and Create

Step Five: Upload your photo and create your card. It’s that simple. Head over to Pear Tree, then click the “Personalize” button next to the Christmas Card you love to launch our editing tool. Then, click the “add photo” button to add all those gorgeous images. Finish off your card by choosing your colors and updating the text with your personal message.


And that’s it! Trust us you can create a beautiful Christmas Card using phone photos!

There comes a time in life when birthdays just aren’t what they once were. Gone are the days of inviting your buddies over for cake, ice cream and party games. No more slumber parties. No more gathering your besties for a night out on the town. Depressing, right?! We say, enough! Who cares if you’re turning 32. Or 46. Or 73. Let’s celebrate it!

Surprise Party – Birthday Party Invitation
We all have that friend who is selfless. They always say yes. Always help others. Always comes to the rescue when you’re double-booked and your children are stranded at their after-school practice without a ride in sight (not that this has ever happened to any of us…). There’s one fabulous way to recognize that friend and make them feel incredibly loved and appreciated. Throw them a surprise birthday party! We love this new surprise party invitation featuring a photo of the guest of honor. Change the colors to fit your vision, update the text and it’ll be printed zipped out to you in no time flat.

Forever Twenty-Nine – Birthday Party Invitation
We promise we’re pro-aging. We embrace our wrinkles, gray hair and our mom-bods. However…this invitation is Just. Too. Fun. We all have that girlfriend who declares that she’s turning 29 this year for like, the twelfth time. Throw her a party and invite in style that’ll bring a smile to each guests’ face the moment they open the invitation. Choose a photo, switch up the colors, fonts and text until its perfect for your friend who will forever be 29.

Perfectly Aged – Birthday Party Invitation
Do you have someone in your life with a milestone birthday approaching? Whether they’re turning 30 or 90, honor them with a birthday party that brings together those who love them most. We adore this new birthday party invitation that lets you invite and show off the birthday guy or gal through the years. Personalize the look with any color, font and text for a design that’s as one-of-a-kind as the guest of honor.

This Is It – Birthday Party Invitation
When those milestone birthdays approach, it’s natural to have “OMG” moments. As in, “OMG, there’s no way I’m turning 40 because I swear I just graduated from high school last year”. We know the feeling all too well. Take a moment to accept it and then, OWN IT. Throw yourself a bash and invite in your own signature style. This new adult birthday party invitation features the phrase “This Is Forty” (or whatever age you’re about to embrace) over the top of your photo. It’s also available in a horizontal format. You can even update the background on the backside to designs like elegant marble or farmhouse wood grain. The options are endless and the result is marvelous!

We are so excited to share the 2016 collection of beautiful, unique Christmas card designs straight from Pear Tree to you! This year’s line of holiday cards combines wintery colors with stunning details for greetings that are as individual as you are.

The collection features a variety of cozy patterns and lush textures sure to bring the magic this Christmas. We know that everyone will find something beautiful to customize from our 2016 line of cards!

Introducing the 2016 Holiday Collection

Photo gifts (especially the small ones!) make fun and unexpected stocking stuffer ideas. Our holiday gift guide features lots of photo gift ideas, but these are perfect for stocking stuffers.


Our custom phone cases include hardshell protection for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones, with or without photos, custom colors and/or text. Personalized ornaments make a nice annual stocking stuffer with a new ornament each year. And for a simple photo display for home or office, our 5 x 7-inch easel art tucks neatly into a stocking with no need for a picture frame.

personalized notepads
Everybody in the family can use personalized notepads, and our 4.25 x 5.5-inch size is perfect for quick lists or notes. Have fun customizing the text for different kinds of notes (i.e. To-Dos, Grocery List, Deep Thoughts) or just personalize them with a name or photo.

personalized childrens books

Tips for new moms
Props - add a soft or textured blanket

The emotions you feel when welcome your new little one into your arms are indescribably happy ones: joy, love, relief and pride in your accomplishment, followed pretty closely by a panicky, how-am-I-going-to-do-this feeling. The responsibility and the emotions can be overwhelming, so the moms at Pear Tree wanted to help relieve some of that stress by sharing their best tips for new moms. For bedtime, laundry days, play time, school days and much more, here are our favorite tips for new moms from 5 Pear Tree moms.

Michelle, mom of 1 little boy with baby #2 on the way, due in a few short months!

  1. Laundry Magic. Never have to match socks again! Use diaper pins, the ones with the plastic tops, to match socks before laundering. I liked it so much for my son’s socks that I actually do my own now too!
  2. Extra supply of “Liquid Gold.” Help Preemie Babies & Breast Cancer Research by donating if you have extra supply of breast milk. Learn more here.
  3. Food tip. Whole grapes can be dangerous to feed little kids. They can easily choke on them if they’re not cut in half. Use two plates to hold grapes and slide knife through. Cuts a lot all at once! (Here is a pin to help.)
  4. Handprint preservation. Use modeling clay to preserve their sweet little handprint! I started this when my baby was 3 months old and have made them up to 3 years old + counting. I love looking back at these! The other great part about it is, you bake them in the oven and they are non-breakable and flexible. Alex loves looking back to see how small his handprint was when he was a baby and playing with them! We even gave a few as presents. OR use an ink pad + paper – any way of preserving their handprint works for me!