To hand-address or print address labels? That is the question.

Hand addressing envelopeDo you hand-write the addresses on your Christmas cards, or print them on mailing labels? We thought this was a rather innocuous question, until we brought it up here at Pear Tree and a heated argument ensued.

To our surprise, some team members felt very strongly that using printed address labels instead of addressing Christmas cards by hand was a no-no. “Too commercial. Too impersonal,” they said.

“But wait,” said our product designer, who is very particular about aesthetics. “I don’t like how my handwriting looks. It’s not neat enough. I always do printed labels, and there’s nothing wrong with that.” Others thought the time savings was worth the trade-off and didn’t think twice about using labels. Hmmmm. It seems we have a difference of opinion here.

Maybe you can help settle the argument. Is the convenience of printed labels worth the trade-off in personal attention? Do you think one way or another, for better or worse, about a person who sends a labeled card vs. a handwritten one? We’d love to hear from you!


Dani manages social media at Pear Tree Greetings, which means she actively shares, tweets, pins and posts from her laptop or phone all day long, always stressing the importance of a handwritten note.

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3 thoughts on “To hand-address or print address labels? That is the question.

  1. I personally like to hand address my cards, although definately use labels for the return address. I do not think anything less of people who use printed labels-I know it’s quick, easy and neat. I like to craft, and taking the time to hand address my envelopes and add a cute stamp or embellishment is something that brings me joy, so I chose to go that route.

  2. I’m with @Amy above. I’d rather send fewer cards and take the time to hand address them and actually write a personal note inside, than send out 100s that are all pre-printed.

    I don’t actually care about the address labels being printed, but it does kind of annoy me to get a pre-printed card with no other note, etc. I love the photo cards, but at least write a little “Hi” or something on it?!

  3. Like your opinions – sounds like you guys are in agreement with some of our team about hand addressing the envelope. Also, including a little message on the card is a nice touch, too. Thank you for your thoughts!

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