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Finally! A wedding invitation that looks and feels as special as the wedding celebration itself. If you’ve been underwhelmed with the invitation options out there and you want something that’s out of the box but not completely over the top (in style or price), you simply have to take a look at Ribbon Booklet Wedding Invitations.

What are they? The ribbon booklet is a beautiful new format of wedding invitation using clever design that folds up neatly while still allowing all kinds of room for your photos and wedding details. A satin ribbon runs through the four-panel card, which folds up into a 4¼” x 5½” card, is tied with a bow and tucked inside coordinating envelopes to mail.

These incredibly unique wedding invitations come in a variety of designs with a perfectly arranged photo and wording layout. You can assemble them yourself with the downloadable assembly instruction or we can do it for you for the price of assembly.

Here are three of our favorites!

Just Us Ribbon Booklet Wedding Invitation – We can’t help but love the minimalist appeal of this ribbon booklet. The large photos and simple wedding date panel lend a modern look that opens to reveal more photos and wedding details.

Pure Simplicity Ribbon Booklet Wedding Invitation

A more modern feel for the contemporary couple, these ribbon booklets use a fun font layout along with your photos to create a trendy look the two of you will love.

Peony Dream Ribbon Booklet Wedding Invitation

So gorgeous! So different. These ribbon booklets combine the beauty of vintage floral artwork with the contemporary booklet format to give you the room you need for the photos you want and a stunning design you love.

Dear graduates who simply can’t settle for ordinary graduation announcements, we get you! Basic is not in your vocabulary nor should it be. You need something with soul, with heart, with attitude. Check out these graduation announcements that are as fierce as you are. All five designs feature inspirational graduation quotes that capture just how extraordinary you are.

Brave Wings Trifold Graduation Announcements
Grad Quote: “With brave wings, he/she flies.”

Bright and beautiful with a whimsical feel, these trifolds have lots of room for photos and wording with a design that stays true to the grad’s spirit.

Dream Higher Trifold Foil Graduation Announcements
Grad Quote: “Dream higher than the sky and deeper than the ocean.”

A meaningful graduation quote takes center stage on these trifold grad announcements. The quote is stamped in your choice of several real foil colors and the result is stunning!

Be Fearless Trifold Graduation Announcements
Grad Quote: “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

Graduates with the passion to follow their dreams will absolutely LOVE this announcement with its “fearless” quotation, four large photos and lots of room for details.

Be the Change Graduation Announcements
Grad Quote: “and off he/she went to change the world.”

The grad can easily add his/her stylish touch to these two-sided graduation announcements with faux gold foil quote on the front and choice of layouts and colors on the back.

Off They Go Ribbon Booklets Graduation Announcements
Grad Quote: “and off she went to change the world.”This quotation is actually all text so grads can choose their own inspirational quotation.

Ribbon booklet announcements are impressive by themselves let alone one with a graduation quotation announcing that this graduate has plans!

Mini grad invites might be small but they make a mighty big impact! Your grad will enjoy handing these party invitations out at school, and their friends will love them. Here are five reasons you and your grad will be smitten with the mini…

  1. Uniquely Stylish

Your grad will LOVE giving out these adorable, extra stylish invites featuring their choice of photo (or no photo), colors, fonts and wording. Printed photos and invites show just how special this occasion is and the variety of styles offered at Pear Tree make it fun for the grad to choose!

  1. Crazy Affordable

Mini graduation party invitations are a very affordable way to get that stylish photo invite your grad wants without spending a lot of money. Especially if you already purchased graduation announcements and just need fun and casual invites for something like open house invitations.

  1. Fun to Give

The mini becomes a great representation of your grad’s personality! It’s easy to hand out at school and a fun surprise for classmates and family.

  1. Alternative to Social Media

In a world where most students are living life in the open on social media, these cute little party invitations give them an easy way to personally invite classmates and keep the guest list reasonable.

  1. Senior Photo Op

Yet another way to use those amazing senior photos of your graduate! Mini party invites are the perfect size for keeping in wallets and purses, which makes it not only a great reminder for the party to come but also an excellent keepsake.

Little tykes that love puppies REALLY love puppies! It’s easy to understand why. I mean we all get a little soft and mushy when a puppy wobbles into the room. If your little boy or girl is obsessed with furry friends, we’ve got a few ideas to show you how to throw a puppy birthday party paw-fect for the kiddos.

Up First: Invite
Every party starts with an invitation, whether it’s by word of mouth, Facebook or in the mail. Of course, we prefer the real deal! You’ll find lots of party themes in our collection of Kids Birthday Party Invitations but we have our eyes on one very special design we think is perfect. The Let’s Pawty! Birthday Party Invitation has a brightly colored banner design and lots of cute little puppies running around. You get to personalize it with your child’s name and party details. Plus, this invite is great for boys and girls

Next: Activities
Encourage a little kindness with a Puppy Adoption pen. The one shown has a white picket fence made out of paper and cute little puppy toys inside. The sign tells kids (parents) that each child can pick a puppy, name the puppy AND take the puppy home. What cute party favors! Another fun activity would be to pre-decorate cupcakes with different colors of frosting and little pink tongues, then ask kids to add the eyes, nose and maybe a few other cute little details like a bow or tag to their favorite cupcake.

And Finally: Food!
A puppy birthday party is not complete with out some chow. We love the spread shown here with adorable “doggie containers” and dog bowls. Fill the table with all kinds of treats kiddos can feast on and make sure to throw in some puppy-themed items like bone-shaped biscuits and cookies.Of course, the cupcakes shown are adorable and showing several different kinds of dogs will really get kids excited.

Photo Credits: Puppy Adoption: via Catch My Party, Cupcakes: The Food Network, Toilet Water: via Catch My Party, Food Table/Backdrop:Etsy

Valentine’s Day is all about love and friendship but giving Valentines to classmates is an awesome opportunity to encourage kids to be extra kind to each other. Here are 3 Steps to a “Be Kind Valentine’s Day.”

  1. Have a conversation. Lead by example and tell children you’re choosing to treat Valentine’s Day as a day to show extra kindness to others and give extra compliments. You would like them to do the same and valentines are just one way to do that.
  2. Make sure everyone in your child’s classroom get valentines whether they’re a good friend, kind of a friend or not a friend at all. Be kind means be kind to everyone, especially the kids they don’t know very well.
  3. Give everybody equally awesome valentines. Sure, your child can give out special cards to best friends before or after school but the valentines they give out in the classroom should make every child feel awesome.

Here are our Top 5 Valentines that Encourage Kindness, and all five are great options for boys and girls!

Be Kind Classroom Valentine Cards
This cute valentine is straight to the point and sends a subtle message that being kind is on trend and “cool.”

Happy Heart Day Classroom Valentine Cards
A simple but friendly valentine that starts with a photo and custom message you and your child can create together.

Best Qualities Classroom Valentine Cards
An interactive valentine where kids get to check the quality they like most about the recipient, or check them all!

Sea of Love Classroom Valentine Cards
So clever, this valentine shows that a school has all kinds of different kids and that’s exactly what makes it a great place.

Wild Jungle Classroom Valentine Cards
Sometimes being kind is just encouraging everyone to have an awesome day and this super fun valentine does exactly that!

Pucker up, Valentine’s Day is gonna be here before you know it. While this super-sweet day is usually devoted to couples and sugar-fueled parties for the kids, we have a clever and heartfelt way to spread extra love to all your friends and family.

This year, snap a photo and send a Valentine’s Day card from your family. Whether you forgot to send a Christmas card, or are a stationery fanatic who loves sending custom cards for every occasion possible, our family Valentines are the absolute cutest!

Personalize yours with a family snapshot (or 12!) and even a custom letter.

So, snap a few sweet selfies and fill mailboxes with a bit of extra love this February. Here are just a few of our very faves…

1. Just Love

This one might give you goosebumps. The phrase “What the World Needs Now is Love” is a perfect message for 2021 and beyond.

Featured product: Just Love 

2. Shining Love

Snuggle up to take a few family selfies to make this photo-collage Valentine’s Day card absolutely adorable. The metallic detail on this card is foil-stamped in gold, silver or our fave – rose gold!

Featured products: Shining Love

3. Letterboard Heart  

This folded cutie puts your family’s love on display with a ton of photos and trendy style. Isn’t that letterboard detail just so cute?!

Featured products: Letterboard Heart

4. Love is All  

It’s a classic. All you need is love!

Featured products: Love is All  

5. Hearts

We love this Valentine’s Day card, especially for families with young kids. The message “Our Hearts Are Full” have never been so true.

Featured products: Hearts

6. Air Hugs

When you can’t see your loved ones in person on Valentine’s Day, air hugs are the next best thing!

Featured products: Air Hugs

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Are you putting off ordering holiday cards because you think you’ve got plenty of time? Or maybe you’re having trouble deciding what you want. Either way, tell us what you’re looking for in a holiday card and we’ll tell you which New Year’s Cards are perfect for you!

I want to…be efficient!
Internal Dialogue: “I barely have time to shower every day let alone write a far-to-detailed letter to my friends and family about my uneventful year.”

POSTCARDS are a great option! You can still add a few photos but the message can be quick and simple. You don’t even have to deal with envelopes, and postage is cheaper. You’ll love the stylish look of the New Year Tiding Postcard, and that it still has spots for three photos.

I want to…keep it classic!
Inner Dialogue: “I may have missed the boat on Christmas cards but I still like the look of a classic holiday card. Plus, maybe this way Nana won’t even notice that I missed sending Christmas cards this year…”

FLAT CARDS are perfect. They’re the standard holiday card size and you can choose from all kinds of festive designs. The Hello New Year Card is one of our favorites because you get to choose the layout and background design for the backside.

I want to…be unique!
Inner Dialogue: “Am I a bad person if I’m kind of over Christmas cards? Everybody with their impossibly perfect photos and super charming message. Seriously. I just want something different!”

TRIFOLD CARDS are an awesome way to change up your greeting card style! Pair that with a New Year’s design and you’ve got something totally different than what everyone else is sending. Check out the New Year Sparkle Trifold Card for sure.

I want to…get fancy!
Inner Dialogue: “Okay, the truth is I really want to 1-up my designer friend who designs her own holiday card from scratch every year and tends to get a little bragadocious about it.”

RIBBON BOOKLETS will knock the holiday stockings off of friends and family. The booklet style is super clever with lots of room for photos and message plus extra trendy artwork and illustrations you’ll swoon over. The New Year Confetti Ribbon Booklet is a beautiful example of just how awesome these cards are.

I want to…surprise people!
Inner Dialogue: “If I try to squeeze one more card on the super cute display wreath I made…ahem, I mean purchased, it is going to ruin all the time I spent perfectly arranging them so I can see at least one smiling face on every card…”

Magnets to the rescue! Magnetic New Year’s Cards are fun to receive, super easy to display and they’ll probably stay up for the half the year. Recipients will thank you for not adding to their Christmas card pile and for sending something incredibly convenient! The Best Year Magnet Card includes lots of photos and just enough room for best wishes.

At a time when life gets a bit more complicated, Christmas birth announcements combine two awesome things into one simple card. Now you can create a beautiful holiday message that shares your most precious gift with the world. Here are five different ways to tackle choosing your announcement.

You wantsomething simple and no fuss that you can whip together tomorrow because maybe you’re a procrastinator or maybe you just decided to send something on a whim.

We recommendcards with multi-choice layouts. The Best Gift Christmas Card Announcement is a great option because you can make it as simple or as elaborate as you want with four different word/photo combinations on the back.

You wantsomething unique but not over the top. Maybe a little more room than the usual card but not so much that you’re struggling to come up with photos and holiday wishes.

We recommendthe Joyful Holiday Birth Announcements. The very popular tri-fold design includes four photos and a panel for your personalization, which make this a card a fabulous choice for any family.

You wantsomething that’s beyond cute. You want to knock the stockings off of friends and family with something that’s truly unique.

We recommendthe Wrapped Holiday Collage in Plaid Birth Announcement. It’s cleverly designed to look like a gift and opens like one too. The design is finished with a sweet satin ribbon and gift tag you personalize.

You wantplenty of space for photos and something that’s just as elegant as it is festive to please absolutely everybody on your holiday list.

We recommendour ribbon booklets! They’re a huge hit with customers because they have lots of space and they’re beautiful. The Candy Cane Striped Ribbon Booklet is a great example.

You wantjust as much room to talk as to share photos. You’ve had a big year and you need holiday cards that have plenty of room for you to share everything that’s happened, plus some extra cute snapshots of your newest family member!

We recommendthe Folded Just Right Christmas Cards designed to let you give everyone the down-low on your year. A full photo on the front with four photos inside and several spots for wording make these a great choice.

Some people focus on photos, some focus on design but you’re focused on feeling! You want your Christmas cards to be filled with meaning, so we gathered five our favorite designs with all the feels.

  1. Faith and Family Christmas Card

Send Christmas cards filled with what matters most to you—faith and family. A collage of photos lets you share several of your favorites from your last family shoot or from the last year.

  1. This is Us Christmas Card

A stylish collection of several photographs with a short and sweet (but very genuine) design, “this is us” in faux gold foil and script lettering.

  1. Love Never Ends Christmas Card

A beautiful saying about family in faux gold foil is surrounded by a classic pinecone and evergreen design and accompanied by four photos. Classic, pretty and unique.

  1. Heart of Hope Christmas Card

Bold design, meaningful words, three of your best photos and plenty of room for your holiday message.Everyone is going to love these Christmas cards!

  1. Crazy Love New Year Card

Keep it real this holiday season with these sweet but funny new year cards! A faux gold foil design accentuates the fun saying on the front plus there’s room for five photos

Christmas cards are always fun to get in the mail but when is the last time you got something unforgettable? You know, the cards you just can’t convince yourself to throw so you keep them year after year. Pear Tree has a great collection of Christmas cards including super unique designs Santa himself would file away as a keeper!

Our collection of Magnet Christmas Cards is filled with stylish designs you’re going to love but what’s really great about magnets is that they are incredibly convenient. No worries about where to display these cards!

Pear Tree Favorite: Happy Howlidays Magnet Christmas Cards
A simple greeting card perfect for putting the spotlight on you and your furry friend(s). All you need is a favorite photo of your pet!

More and more people are finding that less is more, which is why postcards are a great minimalist approach to sending Christmas cards. You still get to add a photo, several photos in some designs! And you get to personalize the Christmas postcards with your own message.

Pear Tree Favorite: Modern Christmas Postcard
A simple letterboard look with a meaningful holiday message accompanies your photos for an easy holiday card that captures your personality.

Ribbon Booklets are as awesome as they sound! These folding cards are tied closed with a ribbon along the edge. The card opens to reveal several panels with your choice of photos, holiday message and personalization.

Pear Tree Favorite: Buffalo Plaid Ribbon Booklet Christmas Card
A festive design with a casual vibe, these ribbon booklets have lots of room for photos surrounded by a stylish buffalo plaid.

Slider cards aren’t just beautiful and full of holiday cheer, they’re an interactive design recipients will have fun opening. You’ll love all the room for photos and plenty of space for personalization.

Pear Tree Favorite: Wonderful Christmas Slider Christmas Card
A fabulous card with six photos on the front framed by greenery. “It’s a Wonderful Life” appears below in grey with one full photo on the back. The inner card slides out to reveal your personalization and three photos on one side and your holiday letter on the other.

You’ve never seen a holiday card like this! Photo cubes are mailed flat and the recipient easily assembles it into a stand-alone display. The cube features your favorite photos and a simple holiday message.

Pear Tree Favorite: Wonderful Whimsy Photo Cube Christmas Card
We love the rustic wood panel design on this photo cube with “It’s a wonderful life” framed in coral, aqua and white flowers. Five panels feature photos and one panel features the design shown with personalization.