Mini grad invites might be small but they make a mighty big impact! Your grad will enjoy handing these party invitations out at school, and their friends will love them. Here are five reasons you and your grad will be smitten with the mini…

  1. Uniquely Stylish

Your grad will LOVE giving out these adorable, extra stylish invites featuring their choice of photo (or no photo), colors, fonts and wording. Printed photos and invites show just how special this occasion is and the variety of styles offered at Pear Tree make it fun for the grad to choose!

  1. Crazy Affordable

Mini graduation party invitations are a very affordable way to get that stylish photo invite your grad wants without spending a lot of money. Especially if you already purchased graduation announcements and just need fun and casual invites for something like open house invitations.

  1. Fun to Give

The mini becomes a great representation of your grad’s personality! It’s easy to hand out at school and a fun surprise for classmates and family.

  1. Alternative to Social Media

In a world where most students are living life in the open on social media, these cute little party invitations give them an easy way to personally invite classmates and keep the guest list reasonable.

  1. Senior Photo Op

Yet another way to use those amazing senior photos of your graduate! Mini party invites are the perfect size for keeping in wallets and purses, which makes it not only a great reminder for the party to come but also an excellent keepsake.