Little tykes that love puppies REALLY love puppies! It’s easy to understand why. I mean we all get a little soft and mushy when a puppy wobbles into the room. If your little boy or girl is obsessed with furry friends, we’ve got a few ideas to show you how to throw a puppy birthday party paw-fect for the kiddos.

Up First: Invite
Every party starts with an invitation, whether it’s by word of mouth, Facebook or in the mail. Of course, we prefer the real deal! You’ll find lots of party themes in our collection of Kids Birthday Party Invitations but we have our eyes on one very special design we think is perfect. The Let’s Pawty! Birthday Party Invitation has a brightly colored banner design and lots of cute little puppies running around. You get to personalize it with your child’s name and party details. Plus, this invite is great for boys and girls

Next: Activities
Encourage a little kindness with a Puppy Adoption pen. The one shown has a white picket fence made out of paper and cute little puppy toys inside. The sign tells kids (parents) that each child can pick a puppy, name the puppy AND take the puppy home. What cute party favors! Another fun activity would be to pre-decorate cupcakes with different colors of frosting and little pink tongues, then ask kids to add the eyes, nose and maybe a few other cute little details like a bow or tag to their favorite cupcake.

And Finally: Food!
A puppy birthday party is not complete with out some chow. We love the spread shown here with adorable “doggie containers” and dog bowls. Fill the table with all kinds of treats kiddos can feast on and make sure to throw in some puppy-themed items like bone-shaped biscuits and cookies.Of course, the cupcakes shown are adorable and showing several different kinds of dogs will really get kids excited.

Photo Credits: Puppy Adoption: via Catch My Party, Cupcakes: The Food Network, Toilet Water: via Catch My Party, Food Table/Backdrop:Etsy