Valentine’s Day is all about love and friendship but giving Valentines to classmates is an awesome opportunity to encourage kids to be extra kind to each other. Here are 3 Steps to a “Be Kind Valentine’s Day.”

  1. Have a conversation. Lead by example and tell children you’re choosing to treat Valentine’s Day as a day to show extra kindness to others and give extra compliments. You would like them to do the same and valentines are just one way to do that.
  2. Make sure everyone in your child’s classroom get valentines whether they’re a good friend, kind of a friend or not a friend at all. Be kind means be kind to everyone, especially the kids they don’t know very well.
  3. Give everybody equally awesome valentines. Sure, your child can give out special cards to best friends before or after school but the valentines they give out in the classroom should make every child feel awesome.

Here are our Top 5 Valentines that Encourage Kindness, and all five are great options for boys and girls!

Be Kind Classroom Valentine Cards
This cute valentine is straight to the point and sends a subtle message that being kind is on trend and “cool.”

Happy Heart Day Classroom Valentine Cards
A simple but friendly valentine that starts with a photo and custom message you and your child can create together.

Best Qualities Classroom Valentine Cards
An interactive valentine where kids get to check the quality they like most about the recipient, or check them all!

Sea of Love Classroom Valentine Cards
So clever, this valentine shows that a school has all kinds of different kids and that’s exactly what makes it a great place.

Wild Jungle Classroom Valentine Cards
Sometimes being kind is just encouraging everyone to have an awesome day and this super fun valentine does exactly that!