Your child’s birthday is that one time a year you get to go all out and make them feel extra-extra-extra-special. Whether they’re turning the big one or you have a new teenager on your hands, throwing them a party to remember should be fun for all. Kick off the planning by choosing a birthday party theme. We’re here to inspire you with six of our very favorite party themes! Read on, there’s something for every little!

  1. Pancakes and Pajamas Theme

This kid’s party theme came on the scene recently and we are huge fans! It’s adaptable for almost any age (um, we even know a few moms that would like to use it for themselves) and can be simple or extravagant. First, kick off the birthday fun with our new Pancakes and Pajamas birthday party invitation. For a toddler, throw this party first thing in the morning. Yes, we’re talking at like 9:00am. What? You know you’re up anyway! The kids will still be in their happy morning mood and the moms can have mimosas. Win-win! For older kids, turn it into a slumber party. Create a fun pancake bar with toppings like whipped cream, sprinkles and fruit.

  1. Puppy Theme

Has your kid gone through the phase where they’re obsessed with puppies yet? No? Just wait, it’ll come. If your little one is loving all things furry and friendly, consider a puppy or dog themed birthday party. Our Let’s PAW-TY birthday party invitation gives you a great starting point. Now, let’s talk activities. Choose a few simple dog themed party games to keep them busy and be sure to have plenty of doggie themed treats ready! Puppy chow – the human version, not puppy version – will be a hit with kids of all ages. This dog-themed birthday cake looks like it could actually be do-able too.

  1. Camping Theme

Does your son or daughter love the great outdoors? Our team lives in Minnesota and our kid’s literally live outside in the summer months. We all agree this camping theme birthday party invitation would be a total hit with kids of all ages. Make it a real campout (backyard style) for older kids. They can even roast hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire while your kitchen remains mess-free! For little ones, avoid a real fire and instead create camp-themed snacks and activities that will keep them busy for hours!

  1. Art Theme

Calling all miniature Picassos! An art birthday party theme is SO fun. It’s also SO messy, but that’s all part of the charm. First things first, this art party themed invitation can be customized in any color, is super modern and just plain cool. Our best advice for an art party theme is to host it somewhere other than your home. Call around to your local studios that market wine and canvas painting for adults. Most will host parties for kids too, sans wine. Another great option is hosting your art party at a paint-your-own-pottery studio. This activity is always a hit with kids and the activity becomes their favor too!

  1. Dinosaur Theme

This one’s a classic: Dinosaurs. Young boys and girls alike simply have a thing for dinos! We love this dinosaur party invitation with its classic design and slightly vintage, or perhaps prehistoric, vibe. Use it as your starting point to plan your roar-riffic party. Now, let’s keep these little cave-people busy. These dinosaur crafts are easy, fun and, cheap and will keep your little party-goers happy and occupied. Our hands-down favorite dinosaur party idea is to create your own dig. Gather up a few plastic kiddie pools and fill them with sand. Then, hide dollar-store plastic dinosaurs and let the kids hunt for them. This activity and party favor in one is sure to be a total hit.

  1. Slumber Party

Ahhh, the slumber party. It’s our favorite kind of birthday party and our slumber party birthday invitation will give you all the inspiration you need to build a theme around the entire day…and night…and morning. Kids that are of slumber party age often find their own fun, but unless you want to take the “more party, less slumber” theme literally, we advise you make a plan. We like this formula: dinner, presents, free-time, craft, movie, SLEEP. Maybe you tween doesn’t need fussy decorations or themed party food, but surprise your birthday girl or boy with a star light projector and set it up before the movie. Trust us, they’ll love it!