We definitely have a soft spot for our four-legged friends, and we know plenty of our Pear Tree peeps out there do too! We have a great collection of pet-themed holiday cards to help you celebrate your fuzziest of friends this holiday season.

We believe there are really two styles of pet Christmas cards in the world: cards designed for pets and cards designed for their humans. We have both! So if you’re looking for something that’s totally pawsome or prrrfect, we’ve got it.

If you want family Christmas cards that include your furriest family members, well we have no shortage of those! Just check out our complete collection of photo holiday cards and customize with your choice of photos and wording. We’ve included some Pear Tree Favorites below.

Featured cards: Furry and Bright Christmas Card, Meowy Christmas Card, Joyful Paws Christmas Card and Bands of Gold Christmas Card