Family photos are a cherished keepsake that captures moments of love and joy (and maybe a little craziness) with your family. Year after year, they document your growing family beautifully. Framed on your mantle or shared on your Christmas cards, your family portraits become a gift to yourself and the rest of your family. 

Whether your family photos are a casual outdoor shoot, or more of a formal session, choosing the right outfits will make or break your photos. And if you’ve been through this before you know – coordinating your family’s photoshoot outfits can be totally stressful. But, we’re here to help with family photo color schemes.

Pretty Pastel Palette: Sky Blue + Baby Pink + Cream + Taupe

If you love a light and bright look, this outfit color palette is the one! Curate a captivating family photoshoot look with a soothing pastel palette anchored in cream and taupe. Add delicate hints of soft pink and faded blue to create an aura of serenity and togetherness. This look is best for a spring or summer photoshoot, and pairs so well with a lush green backdrop. 

Cream and taupe serve as versatile base tones, allowing soft pink blue accents to pop elegantly, so focus on neutrals first. Don’t be afraid to dress one or two family members in neutrals only. Then, add in soft pastels. A soft pink dress, well-worn denim, a patterned button-down; these are all perfect picks for this palette.

A Serene Palette: Seafoam + Navy Blue + Blush + Brown 

Choosing a serene photoshoot palette in moody blue-greens, earth tones and a hint of blush creates a sophisticated look, perfect for a sunset session near water. 

Mix in a couple patterns, such as stripes and playful polka-dots, to add some extra interest. Denim, gauzy cotton button-down shirts and lightweight rompers are perfect picks to pull together this palette.

Beautifully Neutral Palette: Beige + White + Apricot + Nutty Brown

If you’re looking for a polished photoshoot palette, this is the one. A harmonious neutral color palette conveys a sense of harmony – a perfect theme for family photos. 

Start with a base of timeless beige and crisp white. Infuse warmth and vibrancy with accents of apricot, adding a touch of playfulness that complements any season, and is especially ideal for a fall photoshoot. Complete the ensemble with nutty brown accessories, lending depth and grounding the palette. This thoughtfully curated wardrobe is simple and timeless, ensuring your photos will stand the test of time.

Cozy Vibes Palette: Cream + Gray + Berry + Ink + Mushroom 

Craft a cozy family photoshoot aesthetic with a harmonious blend of cream, gray, berry-colored red, deep ink-blue, and mushroom brown. This palette is a favorite for a winter photo session and ideal to share on your photo holiday cards

Infuse comfort into the ensemble by starting with a neutral base of cream and warm gray. Elevate the warmth with pops of berry red, invoking a sense of intimacy and love. Introduce depth through ink blue and mushroom brown accents, adding a touch of depth and creating the cozy feel!

A Holiday-Themed Palette: Red + Hunter Green + Navy Blue + Black + Snow White + Taupe 

If you’re having a family photoshoot and intend to use the photos to create a collage style Christmas card, embrace the season! Create a festive family photoshoot ensemble that captures the essence of Christmas with a merry color palette. 

Embrace the holiday spirit by dressing your family in rich shades of red, hunter green, and navy blue. Add in crisp, snowy white and neutral taupe, to add a touch of elegance to the festive attire. Keep the looks casual by choosing pieces like plaid flannel, puffer vests and cozy sweaters and stocking caps.

Feeling inspired? Book that family photo session, then get shopping! Sending wishes for smiles, laughter and a stress-free photoshoot.