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The Class of 2021 is getting ready to graduate and parties are on! The parents of 2021 grads are certainly looking forward to celebrating their graduating seniors. After all, these kids have enduring the longest senior year ever and deserve one awesome party.

But, we know that parties might not be quite back to normal. Throwing a Covid-friendly grad party is possible with a few easy adjustments…

1. Throw an Outdoor Celebration  

The great outdoors is better than indoors! Throwing an outdoor graduation party is a must in 2021. Make sure you note on your graduation party invite that your celebration is outside.

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Then, get creative with these ideas:

Have Graduation Party at a Park

If you don’t have adequate outdoor space at your home, throw a graduation party at a local park. Most city offices will reserve park shelters for free or a small fee, making this a cheap way to throw a great party!

Be sure to deck out the park space with fun grad party decorations. Plastic tablecloths in your grad’s school colors will give picnic tables instant style. Scattering photo table confetti will spice up the tabletops and people will love looking at memories from through the years. And balloons are an easy and cheap way to decorate! Simply stake helium balloon bouquets right into the grass.

Get Creative with Your Space

Take a look at the outdoor space around your home. If it feels tight, expand your view.

Could your driveway be used? Look past the boring concrete or asphalt and imagine long table banquet tables lined up instead.

Grad parties are usually tucked away in backyards, but this year, consider spreading the celebration out to the front yard too. Rent some tables or set up some lawn games to encourage your party guests to spread out.

And finally…the garage. Utilizing your garage as a party space IS possible! And bonus: it’ll finally make you clean out everything that’s been accumulating in it. Set up a couple tables and line the walls with photo posters to draw guests inside.

2. Add a Drive-Through Option

Make sure every guest can celebrate in a way that feels safe to them by offering up a drive-through option, even if you’re having an in-person party.

Set your drive-thru area up curbside and rope off an area where guests can park and wish your grad well! Display balloons and stake a Honk for the Grad yard sign nearby to encourage drive-thru well-wishers to announce their arrival.

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3. Spaced-Out Arrival Times

Having a huge guest list can be problematic this year. To manage crowd-control, throw an open house with staggered arrival times. Use your graduation party invitation to assign times based on last name.

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Enjoy your grad parties, Class of 2021!

The graduating Class of 2021 has had their senior year turned upside down. If you’re the parent of a high school senior, we understand the heartache that this year has delivered for students, teachers and parents.

Even though the pandemic has sure changed your grad’s senior year, their graduation should still be celebrated; maybe even more-so than any graduating class that has come before them.

Whether you’re throwing a big graduation party or opting for a smaller or virtual celebration, don’t forget to announce their achievement to everyone who has cheered them on throughout their journey.

With these very special seniors in mind, our team has created a collection of graduation announcements especially for the Class of 2021. Some will make you smile and others might bring a tear to your eye. One thing is certain though – these Covid-themed grad announcements will highlight your grad’s perseverance with an eye on the future!


Here are our very favorite designs for your 2021 grad!

1. Much to Celebrate  

This trifold announcement is just SO FUN! The phrase “(still) so much to celebrate” is a wonderful reminder that even during a global pandemic, there are great things happening!

Featured product: Much to Celebrate 

2. Looking Up   

If your grad has a sense of humor, this is the announcement for them! The phrase “Things Can Only Go Up From Here” has never been so true, right? Perfect for inviting to their grad party with a funny twist, the color palette on this design can be updated to any combo you’d like!

Featured product: Looking Up

3. Wonderful Joy  

If you’re searching for a Covid graduation announcement that puts faith first, this religious design is perfect. The phrase “Be truly glad, there is wonderful joy ahead” from the bible verse 1 Peter 1:6 is an amazing message to accompany your 2021 graduation announcement.

Featured product: Wonderful Joy

4. Future is Bright

If your Grad’s eye is firmly set on the future, this cool design is a great choice. The phrase “the future is bright” is foil-stamped over your grad’s photo in the metallic color of your choice (yes, rose gold is an option too!). Such a cool design and reminder that great things are in store for your senior.

Featured products: Future is Bright

5. The Best

The past is in the past and the best is yet to come! This faith-filled graduation announcement features the bible verse “the best is yet to come” alongside your senior portraits. It’s enough to make your tear up, isn’t it?

Featured products: The Best

6. Letterboard Grad

It really was the longest senior year evvvvver! This cute letterboard style announcement feature any phrase you’d like, and we love the proclamation that you’re “finally!” done.

Featured products: Letterboard Grad

Happy creating, Class of 2021!

A new baby is on the way…but mom-to-be is far away. What to do if you can’t celebrate in person? Throw a long-distance baby shower! Whether it’s a global pandemic that’s keeping you apart or loved ones who live from coast-to-coast, you can still throw a baby shower. You just need to get a little creative.

A Real Virtual Shower Invitation

If you’re throwing a virtual baby shower, send a real invitation. It might feel counterintuitive, but receiving a paper baby shower invite in the mail will make the guests take notice and mark their calendars. This new Virtual Shower invitation features the cutest phrase and can be personalized in any color palette or with any wording.

Be sure the add baby registry information and remind guests to have gifts delivered before the celebration.

Set a Color Palette

Even if most of the shower guests are calling into Zoom, set a color palette! Enlist any in-town guests that will be with the guest-of-honor in person (or mom’s partner) to add a few decorations.

We love this monochromatic navy and robin’s egg blue color combination. It’s the perfect gender neutral choice. Don’t skimp on the treats either! Have a mini dessert, this like this cute ombre cake, delivered to the mama’s house just before the celebration begins.

Let’s Zoom

Because of the 2020 pandemic, we’re all Zoom pros, right? To throw a virtual shower, set a time for guests to log into Zoom (don’t forget to send the link a day before!).

If you’re hosting the shower, put together a shower agenda to follow to keep things moving along. It might include:

  • Introductions: Even if everyone knows each other, give each guest a minute to introduce themselves and say hello. You can even ask them to answer a set series of questions like:
    • Tell us your name, how you know mom-to-be and where you’re calling in from.
    • Share the story of the first time you met the mom-to-be.
    • Tell us your guess for birthday, weight and length (the host can keep track of this and share the “winner” out after baby’s birth).
  • Games: Think you can’t do game via Zoom? Think again! This cute virtual baby shower games bundle is absolutely adorable! If you want to send prizes, consider sending small gift cards to coffee shops that can be purchased and sent online.
  • Gifts: Have mama open her gifts toward the end of the shower. Everyone will adore seeing all the cute little things


Photo Credits: Banner: Mommy Slay! , Booties: Etsy , CAKE: For Your Party, Virtual Shower Games: Etsy, Mama Sash: John Lewis, Decor:  Renee Hollingshead Photography via Kara’s Party Ideas.

Let’s face it – 2020 was a tough year. And unfortunately, the winter of 2021 is shaping up to be equally hard. But – if there’s one bright spot about the pandemic, it’s seeing all the special ways people have come together while staying apart.

From dropping surprise treats on doorsteps to reading bedtime stories over Facetime, we’ve learned how to adapt and bring joy to those we love by connecting in ways outside of the box.

We see one very sweet holiday on the horizon that’s sure to get more love than ever! Valentine’s Day is going to look different this year, but sending wishes of love is about to get a lot more fun.

Snap a photo and create a Valentine’s Day card from yourself, your kids or heck, even your dog! Our newest Valentine’s Day cards were designed with Covid in mind and let you send a little socially-distanced love from coast-to-coast.

1. Air Hugs  

Until there are real hugs, there are air hugs! Add a cute photo to this pandemic Valentine card to create a greeting that will have everyone feeling the love.

Featured product: Air Hugs

2. In Our Hearts  

Commemorate the winter of 2021 with this super-heartfelt Valentine’s Day card. The phrase “6 feet apart but still in our hearts” is displayed next to your own family photo. On the inside of this folded card you can add even more photos and a custom letter to your loved ones.

Featured products: In Our Hearts

3. Distanced Love  

This February, send a little love from a distance with this cute Covid-themed card. There’s really no better greeting for 2021 than “sending (socially distanced) hugs and kisses”, right?

Featured products: Distanced Love

4. Love is All

A little sparkle is always welcome, especially this year! This cute Valentine’s Day card brings all the feels with the phrase “all you need is love” stamped in real metallic foil.

Featured products: Love is All 

5. Big Squishy Hugs

Don’t we all wish we could give REAL squishy hugs and slobbery kisses?! Everyone’s gonna love this totally adorable photo card.

Featured products: Big Squishy Hugs

6. Just Love

The world could use a little more love right now and this design is a sweet reminder. The quote “what the world needs now is love” accompanies your cute little ones on this beautiful Valentine’s card.

Featured products: Just Love


Happy Valentine’s Day, all! xoxo


If there was ever a year to send out a New Year’s card, this is it! It’s time to leave 2020 in the dust and usher in a shiny new year. 2021, we’ve been waiting for you!


So, snap a photo (or five or twelve!) and create a New Year card that boldly declares farewell to 2020 while delivering big laughs. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out…

1. Our Year

Understatement: 2020 wasn’t your year. But…2021 just might be! This funny New Year photo card will make your loved ones chuckle and has custom color options too.

Featured product: Our Year

2. Up From Here

If you don’t know whether to laugh or cry over 2020, this just might be the perfect New Year card for you. The phrase “things can only go up from here” greets your loved ones in super-cute style. And, the folded format is unique and lets you add tons of fun photos.

Featured products: Up From Here


3. Send Wine  

Some might call it a cry for help. You call it your New Year’s card. Who knows, maybe someone will come through and a bottle of pinot will magically appear on your front step! A mom can dream…

Featured products: Send Wine


4. Dumpster Fire

Welcome 2021 by commemorating 2020, a real dumpster fire of a year. We’re not responsible for anyone snorting coffee through their nose when they open this card.

Featured products: Dumpster Fire


5. Setting the Bar Low

Sigh. If you’re a realist, here’s your holiday card.

Featured products: Setting the Bar Low


6. Recall the Year

Why not say good-bye to 2020 with a holiday card with a slight political spin? After all, anything goes this year!

Featured products: Recall the Year


Happy New Year, everyone! Bring on 2021!


Christmas cards have sure gotten creative recently. Our clever team loves designing unique cards with styles that range from funny to heartwarming. But, every year, we come back to the good ‘ole classic saying – Merry Christmas.

Featured product: Merry Snaps

A photo card that simply says “Merry Christmas” is about as traditional as it comes. But…that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun creating a design that reflects your family’s personal sense of style.

1. Send a Simple Merry Christmas Card  

We’ll begin with a forever-favorite. All you need to create this card is one great photo of your family. If you want to share extras though, you can! The backside has options to add up to six more photos, making this card super versatile and easy to make.

Featured product: Christmas Greeting


 2. Send a Unique Merry Christmas Card

If you’re looking for a holiday card with a traditional message, but also want one that’ll stand out from the crowd, we’ve got you covered. Our unique cards are soooo fun to send and receive!

From cards cut into shapes to designs that you can hang from the tree, these are the ones that‘ll surprise and delight.


3. Send a Card with Merry Christmas Song Lyrics  

Warning: you’re going to have Christmas carols stuck in your head after reading this…

Sending a card that features a heartfelt Christmas song lyric is a sweet way to share your wishes for a Merry Christmas.

Featured products: Merry Christmas to You

4. Send a Bold, Foil-Stamped Merry Christmas Card

To make your Christmas wishes shine extra bright, send a Christmas card that’s foil-stamped in shimmering metallic foil. Our cards are pressed with your choice pretty foil color.


5. Send a Card with Nature-Inspired Details

Nature and Christmas go hand-in-hand, so it’s no wonder that these designs are some of our most popular. From rustic details to flourishing holiday flowers, our nature-inspired Christmas cards bring together gorgeous design and your own beautiful family.


Featured products: Botanical Glow, Christmas Spirit


6. Send a Playful, Whimsical Design

If you’re wanting to send a card that’s playful, cute and full of whimsy, choose a card with a bright color palette. Think cherry red, kelly, aqua and even pink!

Featured products: Bright and Merry, Cheery Tree


Merry Christmas to everyone and happy card creating!

Another year, gone in a blink and once again, it’s time to celebrate Hanukkah. This year, delight your friends and family by sharing family photos on a Hanukkah card that’s perfectly personalized just for you.

Our newest Hanukkah cards are beautifully modern, full of custom details and star the cutest family around – yours!

Shine Bright (Literally!)

You’ll notice a theme of light, love and peace on so many of our newest card designs. Our foil Hanukkah cards are stunningly gorgeous and available in traditional metallic colors like gold and silver, but also can be customized in three different shades of blue. Cobalt, cerulean or teal – it’s impossible to go wrong when choosing one of these foil colors.


Pure Simplicity

If simple (and easy!) appeals to you, you’ll love this simple Hanukkah card. Add your photo, write a message to your loved ones and you’ve created a one-of-a-kind card that’s simple, but bursting with style.


Happy Chrismukkah

We’ve had so many requests for Chrismukkah cards! Whether your family celebrates Hanukkah and Christmas, or you’re looking for an inclusive (and funny!) cards, this Chrismukkah card is the one for you!


Packed with Photos

Everyone loves receiving a Hanukkah card that’s packed with photographs. Share snapshots off your camera roll, or create a picture-perfect card by using images from your family photoshoot. Our folding Hanukkah cards are perfect for packing in a million photos.


Modern Tradition

If you’re looking to honor tradition, but want modern style, this menorah Hanukkah card is our top choice. The menorah illustration, sweet message and your photos come together in perfect harmony.



Featured cards:

Peace Love Light – Foil Hanukkah Card

Holiday Light – Foil Hanukkah Card

Hanukkah Greeting – Hanukkah Card

Happy Chrismukkah – Christmas Card

Hanukkah Wishes – Hanukkah Card

Menorah – Hanukkah Card



The holiday season is soooo busy. The hustle and bustle is r-e-a-l.

From gift giving to office holiday parties to school Christmas programs…sigh. The list goes on and on. Don’t get me wrong, I love it all! But, it does often feel like this – the season of love, joy and togetherness – is also the season of total disconnection.

I want to see all my loved ones and really connect with each and every family member and friend. But, it’s often hard to find the time. That’s why during this busy season of life, I make it a point to create a family Christmas card that’s personal, unique and lets me share my family in a genuine and heartfelt way.

After all, who doesn’t love getting a beautiful Christmas card in the mail? It’s so much more personal than a social media post or text message. My holiday motto: long live the Christmas card!

There is, however, an art to creating a unique and personal Christmas card. Here are my best tips making a holiday greeting that makes each recipient feel the love…

1. Include Photos From Your Year

I often hear from friends that creating a picture-perfect Christmas card is overwhelming. They don’t have time for a family photoshoot and the thought of getting all the kids dressed and smiling for the camera sounds impossible.

The answer to this dilemma lies on your camera roll. Don’t take special photos just for your Christmas card. Instead, choose candid pictures from throughout the year and upload them to a collage-style card. I adore these cards because they’re basically a scrapbook of your year.

2. Share a Joyful Message

Kind words can make even the biggest holiday Grinch feeling the Christmas spirit. A lot of our cards have room for you to type a custom message of your own, but if you’re not feeling creative, we’ve got your back.

Our collection of Christmas cards with quotes and heartfelt sayings are absolutely beautiful. With phrases like “believe in the magic of Christmas” and “treasure the moments”, you’re sure to find a card that fits your family.

3. Send a Christmas Card That Can be Displayed

Fact: I love displaying Christmas cards. And I LOVE creating a Christmas card that’s unique and lets my friends and family display it in a fun way.

My favorite types of unique formats to give and receive are:

Trifold Christmas Cards

These fun cards have three panels that fold and stand up on their own for easy, adorable displaying.

Ornament Christmas Cards

Paper ornaments cards can be displayed year after year. I love the idea of making these cards an annual tradition to create an entire collection for your family.

Hanging Christmas Cards

These are similar to ornament cards, but a bit larger. They are so cute hanging from doorknobs or coat hooks!


4. Share Your Family Photoshoot

Okay, yes…I know I sang the praises of candid photos in my #1 tip, however I do LOVE a beautifully styled family photoshoot. If you spent the time and money (and tears, I’m a mom too and know there were tears), then show off those gorgeous photos!


5. Write a Christmas Letter

There’s nothing quite like getting a Christmas card that includes a thoughtful letter. If you want to write your own, but feel overwhelmed, we have lots of examples of what to include in your Christmas letter.

My best tips to writing a genuine letter is to touch on:

  • Life Changes: If you’ve moved, had a job change or welcomed a new family member, share it!
  • The Little Things: Everyone will love hearing about life’s small moments too. Did you learn to make the world’s best chocolate cake from scratch? Tell everyone! Did your child give themselves a home haircut? Include that too; you’ll get bonus points for keeping it real.
  • Even the Hard Things: Understatement of the year: life isn’t easy. Don’t feel like you have to bright-side your holiday letter. Sharing struggles – job loss, illness and even the death of a family member – is appropriate if it feels right for you.

We have examples of how to write about big life events, good and not-so-good, as well.


6. Share Your News (Big and Small!)

If writing an entire holiday letter seems daunting, no worries. Instead of penning a whole recap, add in small snippets of your year. Choosing a Christmas card that has room for quick updates is fun and easy to customize.

Newsletter Christmas cards have room for photos and room for a sentence or two spread throughout the design. So cute, right?!

Here are my favorite ideas of things to include in your family newsletter:

  • School Recap: Include the grades your children are in and mention their favorite (and even least-favorite!) subjects.
  • Sports: Have a family full of little athletes? This is the place to brag about it.
  • Milestones: From baby’s first steps to your teenager’s first time behind the wheel.
  • Birthdays & Ages: It’s up to you if you want to include the adults too!
  • Vacations: Share your vacation photos and any tidbits about your adventure.
  • Future Plans: Have anything big planned in the New Year? Tell everyone about it!

Merry Christmas, all!


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Christmas Tree Snaps
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It’s that time of year again…are you ready to create your family Christmas card? If you’re not sure exactly what to say, consider using a quote. From humor to heartwarming, these are the holiday card quotes we love the most!

Sweet Quotes for Family Christmas Cards

“The Simplest Things Bring the Greatest Joy”

If you missed the family photo shoot this year, don’t worry! A candid photograph of your family doing an everyday activity like playing outside or baking cookies is sometimes even sweeter. Pair your snapshot with this heartfelt quote to create an aww-worthy card.

“Hold On To The Magic”

This is a great quote for families who have small children. It’ll remind your friends and family about the joy that the holiday season bring us all.

“Together is Our Favorite Place to Be”

Family life is busy, but when you’re together, it’s the best! This family quote is one of our most popular for photo holiday cards. Add a photo of the entire family to create a Christmas card that’ll put a smile on everyone’s face.

Religious Quotes for Christmas Cards

“Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room”

We love this unexpected quote on religious Christmas cards. It’s so much more than a quote too – part bible verse and part Christmas hymn, this phrase will stir emotion in each recipient.

“Glory to God”

This religious holiday quote is so simple, it’s perfect.

“Let Heaven and Nature Sing”

Name that song! Send your religious Christmas card with this quote and everyone will be humming the tune all day long.

Funny Quotes for Christmas Cards

“The Nice List is Overrated”

This funny quote is best used on Christmas cards for families who have small children. All you need is a few mischievous smile to complete the look.

“Obligatory Christmas Card”

If sarcasm is more your speed, this funny quote will get a few chuckles!

“All is NOT Calm”

All is calm…all is bright. Does that quote make you shake your head? If you’ve got a bustling family that’s anything but calm, this holiday card quote just might be a winner!


Traditional Quotes for Christmas Cards

“What a Wonderful World”

A beautiful message to spread, especially during the chaos of the holiday season.

“May Your Days be Merry and Bright!”

This cheerful quote is a forever classic! Create a card with a bright and whimsical color palette to complement this happy phrase.

“Christmas Blessings”

This versatile phrase can be used in so many ways. Pair it with your photo, use it as a header on your Christmas letter or a simple closing with your family name underneath.


Featured Cards:
Greatest Joy – Trifold Christmas Card
Prepare Him Room – Trifold Christmas Card
Nice is Overrated – Christmas Card
What a Wonderful World – Ribbon Booklet Christmas Card

There’s no place like home for the holidays, and no one knows this better than realtors. If you’re a real estate professional, sending a Christmas card is a must! Not only will your clients and business partners love receiving a card in the mail, but it’s a great way to network and remind everyone you’re ready to buy and sell in the New Year!

Our newest collection of Christmas cards for realtors is so fun, the only hard part is choosing which design to send. What you might love most is that you can customize them yourself with tons of options, making them totally one-of-a-kind:

Add Your Business Logo

Yes! You can add your own logo to your Christmas card! Simply upload your file while personalizing your design.

Change the Colors

Want your holiday card to match your branding? Go for it!

Share Photos of Your Team

Most of our realtor holiday cards have options that allow you to customize the backside with a photo, or series of several photos.


5 Best Christmas Cards for Realtors

1. There’s Gnome Place Like Home

Seriously – how cute is this gnome-themed Christmas card?! The little gnomes, plus that clever phrase. It’s sure to spread cheer from mailbox to mailbox.


2. Home For The Holidays

It’s our favorite holiday saying, because it’s true…especially for your clients who have a brand-new home this year! This house-themed Christmas card brings winter style and will warm the heart of each recipient.


3. Home is Where the Heart Is

Can I get a collection “awwwww”? There’s no place like home and this sweet holiday card, with its twinkling night sky, is a perfect choice for real estate professionals and brokers.


4. We are Grateful

Your customers are everything to your business – express your gratitude with this beautiful gratitude-themed Christmas card.


5. Realtor Photo Card

Your team is the face of your business (literally!) so putting them front and center on your Christmas card is a fantastic idea. This photo Christmas card is ideal for realtors, agents and brokers alike.