It’s that time of year again…are you ready to create your family Christmas card? If you’re not sure exactly what to say, consider using a quote. From humor to heartwarming, these are the holiday card quotes we love the most!

Sweet Quotes for Family Christmas Cards

“The Simplest Things Bring the Greatest Joy”

If you missed the family photo shoot this year, don’t worry! A candid photograph of your family doing an everyday activity like playing outside or baking cookies is sometimes even sweeter. Pair your snapshot with this heartfelt quote to create an aww-worthy card.

“Hold On To The Magic”

This is a great quote for families who have small children. It’ll remind your friends and family about the joy that the holiday season bring us all.

“Together is Our Favorite Place to Be”

Family life is busy, but when you’re together, it’s the best! This family quote is one of our most popular for photo holiday cards. Add a photo of the entire family to create a Christmas card that’ll put a smile on everyone’s face.

Religious Quotes for Christmas Cards

“Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room”

We love this unexpected quote on religious Christmas cards. It’s so much more than a quote too – part bible verse and part Christmas hymn, this phrase will stir emotion in each recipient.

“Glory to God”

This religious holiday quote is so simple, it’s perfect.

“Let Heaven and Nature Sing”

Name that song! Send your religious Christmas card with this quote and everyone will be humming the tune all day long.

Funny Quotes for Christmas Cards

“The Nice List is Overrated”

This funny quote is best used on Christmas cards for families who have small children. All you need is a few mischievous smile to complete the look.

“Obligatory Christmas Card”

If sarcasm is more your speed, this funny quote will get a few chuckles!

“All is NOT Calm”

All is calm…all is bright. Does that quote make you shake your head? If you’ve got a bustling family that’s anything but calm, this holiday card quote just might be a winner!


Traditional Quotes for Christmas Cards

“What a Wonderful World”

A beautiful message to spread, especially during the chaos of the holiday season.

“May Your Days be Merry and Bright!”

This cheerful quote is a forever classic! Create a card with a bright and whimsical color palette to complement this happy phrase.

“Christmas Blessings”

This versatile phrase can be used in so many ways. Pair it with your photo, use it as a header on your Christmas letter or a simple closing with your family name underneath.


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